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  1. thanks for stealing my idea, nut def a colt
  2. I just assumed based on your profile picture...
  3. Dark City

    an orange Pinto rolls up to the 7/11 Not Here and Red Army put their masks on Remind me why we're doing this N I feel like Walt is going more psycho than usual, they got him up in that asylum. But that shouldn't hold him long. So after he's out what? He's a liability, sure he's good at distracting but, the cops came anyway. And he's a clear anarchist, in order for there to be banks and jewelry shops to turn over, there needs to be a government. So... we kill him. there's a short pause Not Here says casually Yeah. they step out *BANG BANG* OH FUCK GET TO COVER! The two run behind the 7/11 Not Here grabs his phone TUSCAN PATCH ME THROUGH TO THE CONTACT
  4. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    Can I get a uhhhhhh
  5. Dark City

    The man on the other side of the phone has a voice distortion device and is using a VPN. When traced or called back the number goes to a Hispanic sounding lady. Hello Agent Simms. I have a request, a deal if you may. This of course regards the white mask. I've heard about your loss and I'm terribly sorry. I think you know what has to happen. but first, some ground rules refer to me as "Not Here" refer to my assistant as "Red Army" when you meet us you will be searched for wires. and most of all be willing. meet us at the 7/11 near the burned warehouse. bring a mask the man hangs up camera cuts to Marco Okay, D you wanna come with? Nah man I'm gonna sleep Alright Jack come with me. We need a car with fake plates, Suarez you still got those? Sure do boss Okay get them onto the a getaway. who we meetin M Hopefully a fed who was at that bank.
  6. International Waters

    I meant that if you go far enough out (like a in game day or two) you can reach a point where maritime law takes place.
  7. Player Store Clerks

    I heard that NPCs will be manning stores, but what if you can apply for a "Part Time" job at a place to be their clerk. then you can go out and work your real job and stuff like that and when you're offline your player character will do this, and this could be an income to pay rent if you're going to be offline for awhile (like if you're getting your computer repaired ect.)
  8. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    but it does look stupid
  9. if the people want communism then we will support it
  10. okay now that you put it like that, sure.