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  1. rp

    Fuck shit fuck... Suarez the fuck? What happened. That guy you brought here. he was fucking right. Marco starts getting nervous Someone followed him? Yeah oh fuck. fucking fuckcunt. start in the moving processes.
  2. rp

    A man in a black suit and Chinese dragon mask walks to the warehouse and sees the warehouse What the fuck is going on here he hears the speaking from the warehouse he recognizes it Wait is that "W" he gets closer and sees the gaurds he pulls out his USP and puts a silencer on it the man sneaks to a door on the side of the warehouse Smells like B.O. in there he picks the doors lock and proceeds to enter he finds Kevin it's me "M" follow they both walk to the door and exits they get into Kevin's car and the man takes off his mask Marco takes off his mask what are you doing here I could ask you the same I was coming for you. now it's your turn. I came to that address Kevin shows the slip of paper and Marco Oh fuck wrong address here this one is right He checks it quickly and they drive over there (Back at the safehouse) Kevin and Marco pull in Welcome to the safehouse, over there is the kitchen, through that door is the basement where we have a weed op and the armory we also have an underground server farming bitcoins and a laptop with access to the dark web, there is vehicle storage and free nitro tanks, a cupboard full of ramen but just ignore that, above we have a planning room and surveillance for the entire neighborhood. any questions? (sorry for the misunderstanding guys. the door is still unlocked but i doubt anyone will notice. @BarrettSimms where r u m8?)
  3. rp

    Marco runs to the Mustang and gets in I heard you're a good driver... prove it now. Sirens are heard and Kevin speeds away. (Once we get to a safe location Marco will give Kevin a slip of paper with the address 212 Loui Ln.)
  4. lemme get some classic franku ravioli
  5. Name: Marco Kyle Love Appearance: 6' 0, Black hair, light penciled beard, slight muscle Race/ethnicity/nationality: Half Black Half White, Mom is Italian but his dad is from NC Personality: Surprisingly sociable, especially for a bank robber. loves his money, and his power. Education: Bachelors in criminology Sexuality: Straight Misc Facts: Always wears a mask when doing ANYTHING illegal Background: Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down. in Raleigh born and raised... y'know what this shit ain't workin. ahh fuck, hi I'm Marco K. Love otherwise known as Not Here. I'm the one that robbed an armed truck in NC awhile back. I don't want to disclose anymore info. bye...
  6. rp

    There we go. here take this Marco hands Kevin a balaclava and a gun We'll go in there and hold it up JACK GET OUT OF HERE Jack speeds off Wait for me outside Marco puts on his mask and runs into the 7Eleven to hold it up
  7. rp

    Jack stands leaning on a dumpster (wearing his signature all white suit) as Marco seemingly appears from the shadows (wearing his signature all black suit) I see... 10% and I'll raise it if you prove to me that you are a valuable asset Marco says Jack freaks out at the sight of Kevin's car Daaaaaaamn son that S14 is the shit This guy is the kid who came down to your shop. JACK! Yes Quit looking at the car and get over here. I am Marco Love by the way. Marco waits for a response
  8. rp

    Not yet your not Jack says wearing a fake nose and contacts to a very pissed Kevin I have an offer I suggest you consider, we need a designated getaway driver, you'll get 5% of our cut. Meet me in the alley behind the 7Eleven if you say yes. Jack walks to his 94 Toyota Supra and drives away blasting Johnathan
  9. rp

    ((Damn sun))
  10. rp

    *Marco dressed in a leather hoodie comes out the bar talking on the phone* The fuck you mean he's dead... a cliff... yeah we can keep the cut *he walks back to the Black SL500, now with new chrome rims, and drives home* *Jack is still at the bar doing shots with Tuscan* So Tuscan what you gonna buy? A boat, probably, something we can take on the lake and go fishing Okay I'm gonna get my car tuned up and customized Yeah, *Tuscan glances at his watch and jumps up* Shit I got to be at work tomorrow See ya man *Tuscan rushes out the door to his bike and speeds off*
  11. oh, yeah that would be cool.
  12. I'm thinking the more cops are on the more money is in the vault. I'd like to plan out my heists too. PM me if you're looking for a crew.
  13. 89%

    it is manually updated so there is progress but they haven't updated
  14. rp

    ((Who gonna start?))