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  1. will do!
  2. rp

    "okay so there's a cult we could, wait who's this? Suarez I told you" Not Here says looking at the man in the white mask "Boss that warehouse we were gonna hit. He has the money!" "Oh shit really! you white mask who are you" Jack asks looking at the man in the mask "I'm The man in the white mask" he says looking Jack dead in the eye making him uncomfortable "okay... I'll just call you Walter, so what have you come here for?" Marco asks "The cops are all distracted tonight, i say we do something big" Walter tells a very surprised and exited Marco "I know just the thing. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THE DANK MAFIA GET YOUR VANS, MASKS, AND MONEYBAGS READY WE'RE GOING TO ROB SOME BANKS!" Marco yells his voice echoing to every corner of the safe-house "Oh and thank you Walter" Marco says as the roar of vans starting up starts to fill the safe-house "Red Army, Walter, Tuscan YOU COME WITH ME!" Not here yells to a running Red Army And Tuscan and a walking Walter Not Here jumps into the van with a tiger painted on it once everyone is in he drives off at a remarkably fast speed for a van (Decided the man in the white mask was to long to say every time I call you)(The Dank Mafia has no clue what they are getting into but Marco trusts the man as he got them a lot of money)(Marco knows a little about the FBI as he hacked the servers once for a job {but he can't remember which one} so he knows a little about @Norway174 and that she is hunting the man in the mask)
  3. are you Kek?
  4. shit ain't tryin to start no beef i'll leave
  5. rp

    driving by in a black Mercedes SL500 a dark man is a all back suit observes the fire "Oh shit that's the chemical warehouse!" he exclaims worried for an explosion and driving away he pulls out his phone but instead of calling the cops he calls his friend "Hey 'Red Army' man it's 'Not Here', the chem warehouse we was gonna raid is on fire looks like it might blow!" *shit man nuthin we can do about it now. Meet me at the safe house* the man hangs up and drives to the safe house he goes inside, there is a white man dressed in a all white suit waiting for him "Fuck Marco what we gonna do this weekend then" the man says "I dunno call that nigga you knew mike or somethin" "Mickey yeah he could have something he needs done" Marco grabs a Mountain Dew from a mini fridge "Yeah but some strange shits been going down recently and I dunno what to do" Marco says as he opens the soda "just hope that white mask nigga don't show up" (little backstory Marco "Not Here" and Jack "Red Army" are heisters for hire and were going to raid the warehouse for meth ingredients"
  6. rp

    how do i join this?
  7. awards

    I nominate @LuciousTimes for political awards
  8. velocity logistics

  9. i agree well said
  10. i do my own thing but i tend to make enemies that i don't want
  11. more creative than the family
  12. velocity logistics

    did you make these pictures?
  13. ya come for me ya dead
  14. the family? couldn't get more creative
  15. Dank Mafia well you either came down the wrong alley or the right one. so what'll it be, guns drugs or someone dead? oh information, your not a cop are you? ah hell i get paid anyway. what do you want to know? EVERYTHING! *sigh* fine but it'll cost you 4 bucks. Our Leader Goes by many names, Pain, Not Here, Nick, Mr. Heist, but, nobody knows his real name or who he is not even us. some say he's Mexican, others think, New York. what he does is set up heists, and raids that involve money, gold, drugs, or guns. Backstory our little "Mafia" started when a man named Luka got a call from a guy with a voice changer telling him that a delivery was made to a mall in his town. Luka made his wad to the mall and was instantly approached by a man taking donations. Luka told the man that he didn't want to donate and the man said he's donating to Luka. the man hugged Luka and told him to look in his back pocket. Sure enough there was a small bag filled with cocaine, and that's how it started. Hierarchy first its Not Here then a man named Street then a select group called "the Golden Ones" who do the most important jobs then nominees for The Golden Ones then standard muscle Money How much you make is dependent on how good you are and how much you do for Not Here. you start with only a 3% cut but as you progress that goes up until you get to "even cut" (ex. team of four even cut = 25% always get more if you play with players) the more dangerous the job the more your paid 20% ALWAYS GOES TO NOT HERE ALWAYS 20% Rules Ahh my favorite part, actually that's money 1. Mic required 2. must be capable of learning (no age limit but constant failure = BAN) 3. it is okay to suggest jobs to Not Here but he has the final say 4. don't take jobs on your own, that will result in your termination 5. do not do any drugs we steal that will result in termination 6. if you want to join pm me