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//  ABOUT US  //

Mob-Mechanix is a high-quality mechanic industry. We focus on putting the customer's service first. Our president, SummitsEdge, and our vice president, Kryptonix have both been working very hard to make this company what it is. The company was founded by both SummitsEdge and Kryptonix in 1956. Ever since then, they have worked long and hard to make Mob-Mechanix what it is. Some say our mechanic work is like a drug and we take that as a compliment. Unlike any other mechanic company, we try to have connections with our customers. We get to know them. we hope that some time you will come stop by and have a chat with some of our amazing mechanics.



Mob-Mechanix is currently hiring employees for its company. If you would like to apply for a position, please message the president or vice president of the company. I'm sure that they would be glad to hear from you. If you'd like any more information on the company or have any questions concerning the applications feel free to message any of the workers, managers, or staff employees. A list of the company ranking is below. Ready to fix some cars?



President: @SummitsEdge [MAX1]

Vice President: @Kryptonix  [MAX1]

Chief Executive Officer: N/A [MAX1]

Chief Operations Officer: N/A [MAX1]

Chief Financial Officer: N/A [MAX1]

Board of Directors: N/A [MAX3]

Managers: N/A [MAX5]

Workers: N/A [MAX∞]

Drivers: N/A [MAX∞]



President: The president handles all operations in the factory and company. He/she is the final chain in all decisions made by the company.

Vice President: The vice president handles all operations while the president is away, and also helps make final decisions on the company.

Chief Executive Officer: The CEO handles all business operations. He/she handles all business opportunities, decisions, and choices.

Chief Operations Officer: Handles most operations. Supervises choices, decisions, and takes over for CEO when he/she is away.

Chief Financial Officer: Handles all financial decisions, he/she also manages financial issues, financial choices, etc.

Board of Directors: The BoD handles issues with the company.

Managers: Manages the factory and employees. Supervises all things in the factory and store.

Workers: Workers can do anything from managing the cars, fixing the cars, selling the car parts, etc.

Drivers: These players drive the cars/parts/etc from the store to the destination.


//  REMINDER  //

If this business could not exist in the game, the company will be changed to something else (i.e. Jewelry store) 



The customer is always right - We will deliver to anywhere - We do not release any customer information - Every employee must follow the chain of command if any decisions are wished to be implemented - If you fail to pay for our service upon arrival the authorities will be contacted



Investors will always get 5% of the profit. All investors are listed below, if you'd like to invest in our company please message the president, vice president, or CFO.


Company Name: -----

Company Name: -----

Company Name: -----



Edited by SummitsEdge
(4/9/2017-1:33:19) EDIT: Name Change.
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Wow, now that I understand I am very interested into what you have to offer, I will be sure to apply.

very clever.

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5 hours ago, Cuuka said:

Great idea, and nice logo ! (a little dark) but well designed :)


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Now remains only the game to come out and everything will be alright. We heat the pan, but the fish is still in the sea. ;)

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