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  1. Are they any screenshots of initial release? This is current though, I opened console and typed "open townsquare" to get in.
  2. Town Square Therapy Anonymous

    Not at all, ha. Kickstarter Terms of Use says that if the developer doesn't give a high amount of effort (no), communication (hard no) and openness with what the money is used for (maybe), they're subject to legal action by backers. Look up the terms of use of Kickstarter and scroll down to 4 for refrence.
  3. I can put down an entire 0.005k (five dollars) down right now. I'm dead serious
  4. A big mismatch in numbers...

    His point is that the citizen number was from the old site, where there wasn't a $5 item in the store.
  5. Facepunch lets their employees work from home (across the world) or in the office. Why is asylum different?
  6. Do we have the rewards on every server?

    Wow, that seems a bit pay to win. Thanks I guess.
  7. Do we have the rewards on every server?

    Even community ones?
  8. dont think this game will ever come out

    It doesn't really take an Einstein to know it'll never be released, I don't even know what I expected anyway
  9. Science/engineering?

    It's possible. But if you refer to their arma 3 servers, it won't be likely. It's a bit of a weird reference but in ww2rp servers on garry's mod they had a scientist class that could research certain projects which would give more health and better guns to the resistance, that could definitely work for the Police or the other 'teams' in the game.
  10. Prison Suggestions

    I will leave and join another server if I get a sentence longer than 20 minutes, even if I can play duck duck goose with other prisoners or shank them. Along with that, if there's community servers you can bet that a lot of them will give 'reduced' sentences for server donations. And even worse, this'll just make the actual dedicated players - who would go as far as wasting time in a virtual time-out corner - ultra-blood thirsty and make them wipe out every cop that gets close.
  11. Please tell me those aren't the final animations...

    They probably won't be changed. Unless they've given up on their tracker, there was no animation changes after the game play stream, which showed the jump animation.
  12. Devs are still testing...

    Wasn't the jump animation fugly since the last stream and was going to be changed? Why wasn't that listed on the tracker at the time?
  13. What's the point of acting like the Module isn't coming out anytime soon? They'll just use it as an excuse for their shoddy work.
  14. The "Development Tasks Remaining"

    They aren't great programmers, they haven't made that much progress and the little they have isn't that good, but you can't do anything about it so it's best to just act like it isn't like this or leave and 'wait' until the game / anything comes out.