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  1. SWAT

    Thank you all for your input. I understand you are all trying to help and I very well understand how police and SWAT work in real life. However I was looking for a clarification on how the developers were going to integrate this into the game and how it was going to work, not just for me but for all of you as it seems you are all in the dark as much as I am. To be honest I looking for an answer more from moderators and developers rather than equally blind players. Don't take what i said into offence, i may have worded it wrong, I'm very tired lol.
  2. University

    Im currently a university student so maybe i can teach a thing or two about a thing or two
  3. What are roughly the hardware requirements

    Anyone know what i can do with this processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5
  4. Robbing player owned houses

    How many people will be able to afford any of that? Most people will be starting off as citizens with a 30$ package. In any case, police have to respond to robberies considering weapons will be hard to acquire. I hope politicians will make similar guns laws to Canada.
  5. Robbing player owned houses

    Has anyone thought of a implementing a security system? Guard dogs?
  6. How does jailtime work?

    There is a prison system in the game. So theres a whole community in prison. It would be fun. Sentencing, from what I've seen, will depend on the crime. There's jail then theres prison. Assuming you're talking about jail, you're looking at no more than an hour of jail time. This will vary from 5 to 45 minutes in jail for petty crimes. Prison is another thing. You commit murder, armed robbery etc, you're looking at prison time for a matter of hours. If you read through the forums a lot is uncertain but from what I've read, thats the direct they're headed in.
  7. i will arrest everysingle one of you!

    Except I'm an auxiliary cop in real life..... so not exactly like you
  8. i will arrest everysingle one of you!

    it aint genius either lmao
  9. i will arrest everysingle one of you!

    Well you just revealed your plan so when they look back to these posts that i screen shot, they'll know what you're up to. Its okay man maybe when you grow a bit older
  10. i will arrest everysingle one of you!

    You gotta pass the test and application before becoming an officer. Good luck with those ideas
  11. i will arrest everysingle one of you!

    I hope it won't be just chases and shootouts. I'd be down to just have a pull over, or a frisk or a nice and sweet arrest.
  12. So i noticed my rank changed my immigrant to citizen, what exactly is that? And what is reputation points and how do we get them?
  13. Joker here

    I hope you don't take it too personally if i arrest you then just don't blow up the police station
  14. Body Guards?

    Haven't read everything but maybe being on good terms with police will help.
  15. Hi From Canada

    Hope to see you there.