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  1. Experienced Police Officer

    Kracken I agree completely that being a police officer today is FAR more dangerous. Not only from violence coming from entitled young shitbag millennials who think they don't have to obey the law but from lawsuit happy minorities who will sue you for saying "hello" to them. Ive done this for a long damn time down here in Texas and its gotten so bad that im actively looking into other careers.
  2. Experienced Police Officer

    Howdy Kracken. Ive been a police officer since getting out of the Marines in 2003. Maybe I can help you teach these eager young whelps a thing of two. Welcome aboard. What the hell is wrong with you? You don't ask questions like that to people who have actually made a difference with their lives.
  3. Who here has law enforcement "experience?"

    Ive been a police officer for over 12 years.
  4. How do we become cop and is there an age limit?

    Whoever told you that life is fair lied to you.
  5. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    Sooooo.... you are NOT from the US? How do they "come to you"? And whats stopping the police from coming to you too?
  6. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    You don't live in the US do you?
  7. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    Thank you Vix. SMH
  8. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    Im a police officer. IF any devs are reading this - can you please clarify what country the game takes place in?
  9. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    If the safe houses move around (which im pretty certain you wont be able to do in the game) then how will your "clients" find them? And if your clients cant tell their bastard punk trash waste of skin criminal scumbag friends about your business, and you naturally cant advertise, how are you going to get NEW clients?
  10. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    Two problems here: 1. The dollar sign goes BEFORE THE GODDAMN NUMBERS! 2. Your businesses would be registered as a hotel or hostel. That makes 4th amendment laws a little different. in the supreme court cases of United States v Katz and United States v Cormier it was decided that police could enter a hotel room without a warrant if they heard or smelled something that could endanger public safety or gave them probable cause to suspect something illegal was happening inside (such as harboring a fugitive). Also in United States v Domenech it was decided that the expectation of privacy (the cornerstone of 4th amendment law) does not extent to hotel rooms registered under a false name or alias, so unless your "guest" plan to use their ACTUAL names then they are busted. Hell, speaking of warrants, if your facilities are known to be a hiding spot for wanted criminals how hard to you think it would be to talk a judge into issuing a blanket search warrant for the premises? We would be ransacking your places ever damn weekend and arresting anyone who got in our way! Good luck with your business when you have THAT kind of reputation!
  11. Your Identity

    Thats true. And in my opinion they look like circus freaks.
  12. what server will you play on?

    So my post gets deleted but Sicario's post bashing on Americans is allowed to remain? Cool story bro. I guess its clear where these forums originate.
  13. Your Identity

    Thats true. Pierced ears on a woman is attractive. ANYTHING else and you look like a side show FREAK.
  14. Your Identity

    Glad I could help!
  15. Who else plans on being an Police Officer?

    I don't want to patrol with any of you. I don't want to hear you bitching about the radio station or me smoking in the car. That and I don't like any of you (unless you're also a police officer IRL).