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Found 1 result

  1. The Safehouses Need a safe place to hide? Running from those pesky police? Need to lie low for a day, week, month? Then we're here for you! The Safehouses are a series of properties and buildings scattered all over the area of Identity meant specifically for your hiding needs! From the hottest shore to the highest mountain, our properties are here to keep you secure! Whether you're running from the mob, police, or random security forces; for a small fee, we'll protect you! We shelter both sides of the conflict, and client confidentiality is our number one priority. Whether you're a hitman, security guard, robber, or militiaman, if you have money, we'll take you in! Our high security facilities offer the highest protection, whether you want a place to lie low, be it a fortress or a beach house, we will provide! Rates (minimums): (note, rates will fluctuate due to how 'sought after' you are, and where you're planning to resort) 1 day- $500 5 days- $2200 1 week- $2800 2 weeks- $5000 For more rates please consult with our experienced agents! Now Hiring: Realtors Agents Caretakers Contractors Please contact Vohnde for more information.