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  1. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    And we welcome it
  2. Hi-Fi Audio in our homes and apartments

    I love the idea. I just hope that we can have our own music playing, like, hook it up to soundcloud or spotify or one of those fun ticks. I just believe it would be fun to have a music platform accessible through Identity to be able to play real life music.
  3. Trade System

    I do like this system, don't get me wrong. I'm just thinking that maybe it could be a system where they actually place it where it's meant to go? Like, the house-interior cutomization?
  4. Trade System

    that would be a simple and easy way to do so. However, since the game is leaning more towards the realistic i think it'll just be an inventory drop system. I'm honestly not sure.
  5. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    Well, the police don't find out in the first place. However, in the worst case scenario the place is lost and we find another property within the area. In complete worst-case scenario we may insure the client to get them their valuables. And send a cleaner team to find who's responsible.
  6. So, as a recap... Every monkey in my stomach is growling at a banana with Hillary Clinton she loves Appleā„¢ so hard that our baby elephant is buying drugs but I decided to fist pump my walrus. Next victim will be Jon considering his short reach and tight grip on cocks. Hello its me Rick has a potato head the cheese wheel is not gluten free or nut free because the farmer puts weed inside his wheels. That guitar is dead. Jonathan(!) Fritzel burns me. New sentence: Murder
  7. Platinum Divinity

    ...I feel like this turned into a Pixar movie or something.
  8. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    They have to contact us first and we run a quick check to see if they are true businessmen or not. If not, then we don't talk to them, if so, then we arrange a meeting point for the deal.
  9. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    "--and that's frowned upon in most societies." -Willy Wonka (in the remake)
  10. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    Clients who want a safe house come to us, we arrange them a property, they give us the money, we give them the keys, simple. Anyone making a name for themselves we will approach for a deal; Anyone wanting a place to stay we will approach. Simple clean business.
  11. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    I don't even really follow My Little Pony so I was not aware that the term 'Elysian' was a name of a character. I was more referring to the 'Elysian paradise'. However if this becomes a problem then a name change will be in order. And moreover, if you don't like MLP, why do you know the names of the characters?
  12. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    Short Answer: True Remember, This is all a rough draft. We don't even know if the legal system will be based off of that of the United States, however, I do understand what you are saying and we will have to consider that in our line of business. Our safe-houses are hidden and if needed will be moving locations, I doubt that the police will be able to know where our properties are, unless of course one of our clients rats us out, in that case then we have some friends to lay some bricks.
  13. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    Rememinder, we are hiring, good pay, see exotic sights, meet exotic people! For more information message Vohnde
  14. The Safehouses- Now Hiring!

    Sweet lord that looks good.