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  1. Rip me I was gone and missed the release

    Well I am downloading it right now. Are there many players on?
  2. Meh it looks cool but really the manifesto is not that great of a book to learn about Communism it just talks about how Communism is inevitable. And that Capitalism was needed to get rid of the monarchy. Das kapital is a better book to read for Communism.
  3. Yea I will be active soon but my pc is broke right now when its fixed ill be on
  4. Manus Terminal Newswire: Top 5 Businesses to Watch

    hey thats pretty good
  5. FOIP (Face over IP)

    Hey I just watched that video last night I agree they should do it though
  6. Application: Full Name: Ka ayapahk Mahihkan Current Occupation:N/A Former Occupation(s):N/A Residence/Address: N/A Reason for joining: I am a Communist and want to overthrow the bourgeoisie
  7. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Man I am actually getting impatient but I would prefer an non buggy game the identity team should just use all of their resources and time to be fixing the bugs and getting it ready not work on another module or prison do that when the town square module is out.
  8. I am a Marxist-Leninist but I don't blindly follow Communism I believing in what is most logical and scientific. For a while I left the movement due to sjw's but I came back now that I see they are a very small minority that the conservative propaganda new stations just like to show as the entire left.
  9. What will you RP in identity?

    yea so what Communists can be elected. back in the early 1900s my city elected a communist mayor.
  10. What will you RP in identity?

    I plan on joining the PRP
  11. Here just watch this video and it will explain how they were not state capitalist besides china
  12. What will you RP in identity?

    I will definitely be a revolutionary Communist probably try to revolt and start a militia maybe have a newspaper but when town square is out ill try to debate right leaning people and people against Communism because I love to do it.
  13. I like a lot of things your party stands for but I am against some statements you have said like when you said the ussr and cuba are state capitalist there is no evidence they were and could you please explain to me why you think they were because that makes you sound like what most american communists are... Social democrats.
  14. Smh, Cuba is a democracy if you actually did research and not just spew propaganda that you have been told your entire life you would know that North korea isn't even socialist it has a system called juche the soviets had democracy to not a dictatorship but yea the Chinese are just capitalists that like the colour red.