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  1. Website update

    It's certainly another step closer, honestly I can't say it would be much more than 2-3 weeks before we can get our hands on the TS module, if not sooner.
  2. As for as I know, for the launch of the Town Square module, all the items are available for free. Therefore, there is no need for any sort of gifting / trading However, after the launch of the full entire game, if there are such thing as 'rares' that you cannot purchase in something like a shop, I'm sure there will be some form of trading, however I am unsure if there is any sort of rare items or cosmetics that can be found outside of things like clothing stores.
  3. ?Pulse Websites?

    Yup I talked to beach more about it, for now I am just going to leave this business aside and sort of abandon it, I'm assuming it's going to be very user friendly which means it's close to impossible to make a business like this. For now though I am hoping to wait until the game is launched and take a look a closer look at exactly how players can make websites, so for now, its back to brainstorming
  4. Screenshots of the Police Station

    Looks good to me!
  5. Which cars do you want to be in the game?

    Definetely the Zentoro
  6. ?Pulse Websites?

    We may end up using a software like bootstrap studio or something, after some thought I decided if we were to get a high volume of clients, this could take loads of time, so using a software is most likely the best way to go.
  7. I think he is asking if players can purchase VIP for perks, kind of a way to keep a private server running. It's sort of like how the Garry's mod donation system is. (Question two)
  8. ?Pulse Websites?

    Starting from scratch!
  9. ?Pulse Websites?

    ►Pulse Websites◄ Please note all pricing is not finalized due to the game not being released, after the game is released we will have a more accurate pricing for a services. About us We form professional websites at the expense of the in-game currency. Packages will be available on our website and you will decide what you want and how you want it. Additonally, we will hire 1-2 more people to help aid in our website making process in order to make these sites more proficently. You can find a google forms link below in which you can apply. Finally, below is a list of the businesses we currently support. ▶Shipping ▶Restaurants ▶News Sites ▶Night Clubs ▶Clothing Stores ▶Security Related ▶Furniture ▶If your business does not correspond to anything above, message @Pulse we may be able to working something out◀ JOB APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/NhzgGDeuARFaRkbs2 WEBSITE: PULSEWEBSITES.PROXRP.COM DISCORD: DISCORD.GG/SM4JGbC
  10. So my understanding right now is that when Module one is released, nothing will happen until Module two is released. Is anyone aware of what will happen in module one in terms of updates, if any? I think I heard something related to a shooting range but I'm unsure.
  11. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    Where United States At Though
  12. In the town square

    I don't plan on spending much time on TS Module, only to check out what the foundation of the game looks like. However as the game becomes more and more updated I plan on participating more an more, specifically when Module two is released.
  13. Name Change :)

    If I could have my name changed to "Pulse" That would be great!
  14. rip xxxtentacion

    What's your guy's thoughts regarding xxxtentacion being shot?
  15. When will the second module be released?

    Given that module one was literally the game itself practically, I'm gonna go ahead and say module 2 should take significantly less longer, I'd give it ~2 months if that. Then again that's my opinion and I'm in no way affiliated with them and it's just my guess.