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  1. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    The items purchased should still appear on the website when he's logged in. Tvoybatya, post in the support centre, not here if you want account help.
  2. Request for an opinion

    A light in your house doesn't work. Probably the bulb. Change that and it still doesn't work. Nothing you try works until you have nothing left to try, but re-wire the house. Sounded like a simple problem. The solution isn't always. A 2 minute job has now taken you 2 months.
  3. You own it, it's all on you...

    Why would they want to refund it after you have claimed it? By doing it through Steam it gives them a sales portal, deployment method and change control, but its not free. Under normal circumstances with sales via Steam, they pay a percentage to Valve. By giving us our keys through Steam, it is likely they have to put a value to that product and give Valve a cut. Blocking you and refunding you even though you didn't follow Steam's terms means a loss for them, as Steam aren't going to give their cut back if a refund is given outside of their terms. Whether the game suceeds of not, we will see. I am happy to leave the money I pledged in the project and see what happens, because I didn't buy a game. I bought in to an idea, and I have to wait to see if it pays off. I can understand people getting impatient and don't blame them for getting frustrated. When it comes to the refund side, its up to you to understand the policies. It's not out yet. There was no reason to rush to add the key to Steam. If anyone is unsure and thinking of asking for a refund, don't carry on trying to get access to the product. Why add it, knowing its not finished yet, and then cry refund a few days later? People doing that and calling it a scam is the BS.
  4. Possible Problem with Identity Emails?

    It sounds like they are doing them in batches. It doesn't do anything yet, so no hurry!
  5. Much upgrade higher prices now

    Log out and then check the price. It's $150 dollars to me when no logged on because it assumed I don't own anything already. You are looking at the price to upgrade from that pack on the old price to that pack in the new price.
  6. The build has to be verified. They can't do that until its done. It will take about a week.
  7. dont think this game will ever come out

    I am sure they will welcome that week to get extra servers sorted etc. ready for us all trying to connect at once. There is a lot more to it than just uploading a client. Its laughable all these people coming on here mouthing off about how they think things should be done. Just because you put you small drop of money in a project, doesn't give you any right to dictate it. I have shares in major companies. I don't get to dictate their business because my small share doesn't matter. Nor does yours here. They want to achieve a successful launch as it could make the difference between them gaining more players or disappearing in to obscurity with all the other failed games. That matters more than you getting access to a small proof of technology a week earlier.
  8. dont think this game will ever come out

    Yeah, it would be much better is they just put in on dropbox or something quick and shared it with us all..... Like all those other professional games companies do....
  9. Yeah, just short of 40. It's all downhill. Have been massively in to music of all types all my life. DJing, writing and listening. Sure at some point a bar in game could have the capability for live gigs or DJing. In game radio stations too.
  10. I used to years ago (I'm old, so was around in the 90's illegal rave days....). Do the odd track when I get motivated. Hardstyle or Hardcore though nowadays.
  11. Town square info

    How long is a piece of string? We don't know what they are testing. It could take 10 minutes or a month. Depends what's involved.
  12. Are They Even Working On The Game?

    DAGTAG is right. The town square is a tech demo, not a game. I would rather they concentrated on the game as a whole, than pull everyone off to rush out a demo that is only a small part of the game we are waiting for. If the community wasn't pushing so hard for something playable, we might have the actual game we backed a lot sooner.
  13. They have to finish it before they can get it up there, otherwise they then have to queue the next update.
  14. If a game of this scale was at beta in the relatively short time its been since kickstarter, I would regret funding it. Its 3 years since it was funded through kickstarter, for a new small company to establish themselves and develop a very ambitious game. Yes the original estimated release date should have been much less optimistic, but I wouldn't blame them for worrying that no-one would crowd fund a project 4 years off by a newly forming team.
  15. Getting it up on Steam takes a week doesn't it? So a week after all the tasks are complete if the payment company don't hold them back more.