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  1. Show me your apartment

    Working on the therapy office, i will add more details when they fix some of the clutter objects.
  2. Psychiatrist

    @Matyoz sent you a pm. Hope you visit my office once the town square is released =)
  3. Psychiatrist

    Guess i won't be the only one taking that profession =P, there are many needs to cover in game so there will be plenty to do related to mental health and i hope the community help us by contacting our services.
  4. Discord

    This is the official discord During the week you can chat with the community manager and ask the moderators to give you a role depending on what you wish to do in the game later on.
  5. Cooking?

    Here is an old topic about being a chef in game. In summary there will be a cooking type of crating included but it won't be a specific job.
  6. Interested in Roleplay?

    We are still looking for people who could be playing on EST time zone and are aiming for a great role playing experience. Those interested to join please answer the thread or send a pm to sleepysadkid or me for the link.
  7. Hairstyle builder

    Yeah but every hairstyle I've seen till now hasn't been modular. It's a big change in terms of the use of assets (it's not the same to say lets create 10 hairstyles for each model than 10 pieces per area to combine), so i want to at least suggest it before everything is written on stone when the game is released. Here are the hairstyles i could find around in the forum
  8. Hairstyle builder

    This is just an idea that i think it would be cool to implement in the future to create more diverse characters. The basic concept is to provide the players with a set of front/back/sides hair pieces they can combine to create their own hairstyle. I will add some pictures to illustrate the concept. Please take into account i used already made art (females:Pichichama // males: PrinceOfRedRoses) so your ideal hairstyle could not be represented.
  9. News Reporter?

    These are the two with more information on the topic of news and broadcasting in game Hope it gives you the information you are looking for =)
  10. Cellphone notifications

    The problem with the idea rather than the privacy, is that you can't call back an unknown number. Another issue is that many people (including me) tend to ignore unknown numbers irl and that practice would probably translate in game. The best option i can think of is to have the sms (in game version) with an option of blocking the number, that way you can send your message and remain anonymous.
  11. I was wondering if there would be a notification system in case you miss a call. If you added the person to your contact list then the name would be displayed, otherwise the number of the person who called, that way you can call them back later. Also it would be nice to be able to send a prerecorded message in those scenarios, however, i don't know how demanding it could be for development so i leave it as idea.
  12. Interested in Roleplay?

    I think its an interesting idea. I know what role I want to play but it's a bit unorthodox compared to other people so it would be good to have some friends before the beta. Please send me the link if you create it =)
  13. Marriage?

    Add divorce lawyers and you close the circuit
  14. @Hipik47 there was a post some time ago related to what you ask if you want more details.
  15. New Devblog

    Here is the link to the last dev blog.