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  1. RP encouragement (RDM,VDM and Fail RP)

    What if I wanted to become a serial killer and murder everyone is it still RDM?

    It honestly looks like a cartoon game like Fortnite
  3. I'd assume for question 1 there is going to be a Anti Combat logging system in place like most games that combat logging is an issue. As well as for question 2 I think it's pretty obvious that you won't be able to go underwater for an infinite amount of time that just wouldn't make sense. For question 4 an idea for putting down protocols, contracts and or if you want to fill out logs for the day for your company, you might just have to use google docs and have something like that going on for your company if it isn't in game.

    You're an actual nutcase lmfao
  5. Prison Life

    Anything over 45 minutes isn't out of the question and I'd bet on that a major part of the community agrees that Gunplay isn't going to a major part of the game.
  6. Pledged but Didn't?

    Yeah has been for a long time.....
  7. Infobroking in Identity: Is it worth it?

    Is there an official law/rule book for the official servers released yet?
  8. Price of the game

  9. Pledged but Didn't?

    I bought the $30.00 package then got a refund a few months later bought the $50.00 refund never got it refunded. I'm still receiving the Devblogs and can't go looking through my paypal history atm.
  10. Pledged but Didn't?

    Oh okay
  11. Pledged but Didn't? I donated the $50.00 but it says I haven't donated any bit confused.
  12. Town square estimated release date!

    I think they've flaked on like 4-5 due dates lmfao
  13. I request a refund

    It's not gonna happen for a long time or it won't even happen. Good luck lmao
  14. Done with Refunds?

    I've had a request on Paypal for almost 2 months sending reminders every so often through the week nothing. It's fine I don't mind waiting as long as I can eventually get a refund