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  1. It's not gonna happen for a long time or it won't even happen. Good luck lmao
  2. I've had a request on Paypal for almost 2 months sending reminders every so often through the week nothing. It's fine I don't mind waiting as long as I can eventually get a refund
  3. Just wondering if they're done handing out refunds, been about 2 months almost waiting for a refund haven't gotten anything back. Any answers anything?
  4. Yeah been waiting a month and some now so rip
  5. Don't really like the wait and really haven't seen anything posted in the last couple months about anything. Maybe I haven't looked hard enough but once the second module is out I'll just buy it then.
  6. It's been 16 days since I emailed/asked for a refund and I've emailed him everyday since.
  7. People will request refunds if they need one or want one it's not up to you.
  8. No idea different paypal maybe idk?
  9. Did you actually get a refund and if so how? I requested on Paypal and emailed them Wednesday I think.
  10. It will hopefully be out before January.
  11. You forgot the most important bit, you won't be able to own a server until the game has fully been released.
  12. You're dyeing to start one up?
  13. This whole thread is just amazing... Really shows the great variety of amazing people in this community.
  14. Using NASA's top scientists we were able to decode some of your messages and from what we decoded you're just spewing bullshit.
  15. $150.00 keep saving up more and more until the game is out and donate more.