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  1. good luck with that. anyone who wants a refund technically has no right to their money back, the devs are doing it ( or said they are i dont see many getting refunds) under their own discretion. when you selected the package you wanted, it says donate not purchase. you cant put anyone on the case for donations,
  2. houses - own only 1. can rent it apartments - can own multiples. can not rent them.
  3. talk is cheap. they been talking far to long with little to no action.
  4. on top of it being CND for you at the time, even if it wasnt at least 2 years ago the dollar was somewhat ok. when i got it there was a stupid $200 difference. even going to vegas in May 600 USD cost like 880 CND was crazy
  5. I never said I thought it was a scam I'm still excited for it. I had unexpected costs to pay but I managed and decided to keep the pledge of 500. That's why I don't have a request for refund anymore
  6. 500 USD. Aka 740cnd.
  7. the one thing that im not a fan about when it comes to playing games that are 18+ and kids play, is the language barrier. i swear every other word, and its an 18+ game and rollplay as well. so i'll play as a swearing trucker who eats at gas stations and swears. i should never hear the words " you shouldnt swear to often kids play this game to" if they are playing a mature game, they should be able to take in the 18+ content.
  8. nope in August we will get a new estimate of when it might come out.
  9. some people are in the months now of waiting , im honestly not sure if he lost the password to that email or if he gets millions of spam, but its a long wait.
  10. i did the 500, and most definitely regret it .
  11. if i was a betting man, July 1st. but i could honestly see them doing a weekday release since less people would be able to get on since alot of people work during weekdays, would be easier on the servers without knowing how they will handle
  12. just be patient, it LITERALLY started to roll out and they probably have thousands of emails for their system to send to, make sure you are subscribed to receive news letter and just wait. i havent gotten mine yet but others have
  13. until i see it, no trust is given to them atm. i got my emails infront of me will see if they follow up with it this time,
  14. the more you try and understand it the more confusing it gets, just sit back and wait for it, nothing they say can make me trust them on when they release it, only me seeing it will.
  15. the devs dont account for leap years and stuff, so they a couple days behind us.