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  1. Refund

    I'm not sure what gave you that impression but I never said I was.
  2. Refund

    i will highlight my reasoning's in the email i send out   Thanks
  3. Refund

    Thanks for your Input, even though I did not ask for it. As for the donations portion of your argument, they contradict themselves when stating "buy now" when selecting the package. I was confused when it said donate when I hit buy now as I was under the impression I was buying it ( what the definition of that would be , to purchase something)  but again your input was not asked for.
  4. Refund

    Good day,   who would be the email to contact to get a refund for my purchase?   thank you in advance,
  5. Payments

    Negative, and even if he did i wouldn't want him to tell me since i have a big mouth. and i like knowing the progress to much to jeopardize that lol
  6. i was told earlier this week that it should be out in 2-3 weeks, by the sounds of it they are testing it to make sure all runs smooth and nothing breaks. however if they do find issues that could always push back and that's what makes this an uncertain time frame. i would put my money on a June 1st release.
  7. Payments

    Even though it says donation when you "buy it" ( and i didn't like that at all especially getting the VIP packages, but i have no self control) they have been offering refunds. however once the town square comes out i believe they said they will stop doing that . so if you are having second thoughts on getting the game in fear of scam i would just ask for one now and just buy the game when it releases , but i have a friend that talks to the devs occasionally and they sound ambitious asf so i went ahead with the 500$ package.

    from what Ive been told they are pretty much done with the town square , they just need to test it out and make sure all works as planned before they can go ahead and release it. I'm still predicting 2 weeks , and that's also what I'm hearing to.

    you got lots of time, I'm predicting 2 weeks from what I'm gathering of town square release.
  10. this is the issue with in game spending. i have no fucking will power to say no. Archeage had so many things you could get for real cash that by the end of it, i had nearly spent 1500$ without realizing it. don't get me wrong i had lots of fun and many hours into the game, however for this game, the 500$ is the only thing i am letting myself spend lol, so go big or go home. also I'm Canadian so that 500$ USD turned into 750$ pretty damn quick
  11. damn, not many of us VIP's out there
  12. • QUESTION: Starter Items?

    Some say apartment because if you got the package that offers it than you will get one. If not than hotel at first.
  13. previous announcement via ermail

    Gorgeous, that's the one i was looking for was the actual screen shot version, i seen that post on the dev update but was just the copy and paste version.   thanks friend!
  14. a little while ago the devs made an announcement over email regarding some of the updates of the game and such. this only went to people who have purchased a pack or was part of the kickstarter, i purchased my pack however after that email went through. i waited to see if maybe they would post it on the forums but it appears they will not.   so my question is, can someone post that email they received here, i seen someone had shared it somewhere but i cant remember on what random post that was and I'd like to actually take a read at that email. I'm dying for any little update even if its from that email , some small sign of life.   Thanks
  15. • QUESTION: Starter Items?

    depends on the pack, i got the vip one so im starting off most likely in my 2 bedroom apartment with a full set of hair, clothes in my closet and nice car in the garage.