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  1. • QUESTION: Starter Items?

    Some say apartment because if you got the package that offers it than you will get one. If not than hotel at first.
  2. previous announcement via ermail

    Gorgeous, that's the one i was looking for was the actual screen shot version, i seen that post on the dev update but was just the copy and paste version.   thanks friend!
  3. a little while ago the devs made an announcement over email regarding some of the updates of the game and such. this only went to people who have purchased a pack or was part of the kickstarter, i purchased my pack however after that email went through. i waited to see if maybe they would post it on the forums but it appears they will not.   so my question is, can someone post that email they received here, i seen someone had shared it somewhere but i cant remember on what random post that was and I'd like to actually take a read at that email. I'm dying for any little update even if its from that email , some small sign of life.   Thanks
  4. • QUESTION: Starter Items?

    depends on the pack, i got the vip one so im starting off most likely in my 2 bedroom apartment with a full set of hair, clothes in my closet and nice car in the garage.
  5. be careful, you might want to be a little more respectful of others, as well read a little more, he said the question was dumb. to some that could be a dumb question and to others maybe not, but it is true to do a little research in game development and servers. identity wants people to own homes and condos, for them to build 10,000+ homes and apartments would just be impossible and to render own individual homes with furniture. you cant compare something of that magnitude against a game like World of Warcraft that just has a massive map, some cities and mobs. its also quite low graphics compared to this.   again, be a little more respectful.
  6. Tags

    that is based off comments / likes, those aren't tags for pledging to the game they don't have those here.
  7. NCA?

    He isn't really asking per say if there are any undercover cops , but more asking if there would be anything in terms of special departments, maybe a drug enforcement agency or crime prevention.
  8. I want to be a stripper

    its a good thing i read the post again before posting, i thought you said you wanted to be a sniper, dont ask me how i got that lol. however i will totally hire you once i get my bitchen pad
  9. Pay to play

    only reason i got the 500$ pack was for the apartment that i can rent a room out for, and the race car. the cash will help furnish that apartment I'm sure or at least hoping. so decent advantage for sure.
  10. New Video

    The title of this post made me hate this morning, here i was hoping a new video was released, thanks lol
  11. game requirements

    internet connection has nothing to do with your computer specs but everything to do with your provider. that has nothing to do with your original post. if you want to know if your internet can run it maybe provide some up and down speeds so we can see.also it shows the min specs to run it and you can download a program that will tell you if you can run it and how well, if you meet min specs than obviously you can run it.   so what is your internet provider speeds since now that seems to be a concern of yours as well
  12. When start BETA?

    no worries man,  just making sure everyone is on the same page lol, excitement is brewing to play this game
  13. game requirements   go on the website and see if you can run Arma 3 on your computer. they don't have specs so anyone who is asking wont really get a definitive answer until the Devs make an official post. as of now the only answer anyone ever has gotten is if you can run Arma 3 and GTA V , than you will be able to run this ( just maybe a little lower settings)
  14. When start BETA?

    it does come off as saying its a Beta. that's why when i made my reply i made sure to say that Modules are Alpha, they are not Betas better known as modules, they are Alpha better known as modules.the original poster seems that his first language is not English with the way he posted and that's alright, but if that's the case we cant confuse him with minor wording.
  15. Character movement, walking/running animations

    i would assume that they would at least have different walking animations for male or female, however i cant imagine they would go to much in depth for the Alpha, but could be wrong. from the video i seen the walking is pretty generic but there's always room for improvement.