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  1. Dev Blog #007 Here:

    if i was a betting man, July 1st. but i could honestly see them doing a weekday release since less people would be able to get on since alot of people work during weekdays, would be easier on the servers without knowing how they will handle
  2. Dev Blog #007 Here:

    just be patient, it LITERALLY started to roll out and they probably have thousands of emails for their system to send to, make sure you are subscribed to receive news letter and just wait. i havent gotten mine yet but others have
  3. Dev Update

    until i see it, no trust is given to them atm. i got my emails infront of me will see if they follow up with it this time,
  4. Dev Update

    the more you try and understand it the more confusing it gets,  just sit back and wait for it, nothing they say can make me trust them on when they release it, only me seeing it will.
  5. Dev Update

    the devs dont account for leap years and stuff, so they a couple days behind us.
  6. Dev Update

    next dev blog should come out June 9th, 90% sure of it at least.
  7. Delays And A Not So Happy Pedger

    release now with some broken features, and update as you go would honestly keep alot of people happy and at bay. continue to make us wait, and release still with some bugs, people will criticize every game they will make for the rest of their lives.
  8. Delays And A Not So Happy Pedger

    except if they take this long to release it, if it has a bunch of bugs or a broken game, that will ruin them even more for taking this long to release a buggy game module.
  9. Delays And A Not So Happy Pedger

    if i cant count on their 90% as a promise than we got bigger problems for this game than just a dev blog.
  10. Delays And A Not So Happy Pedger

    or they will make us wait 5-6 months PAST the original deadline, release it and could flop due to bugs or not enough content , because anything could trigger this game to flop when you make people wait half a year past a deadline, you expect it to be as polished as they keep saying it will be.
  11. Why Is identity so delayed?

    i never said its a third of a game, but if you ask me its probably alot less than a third since this is a walking simulator between buildings. they still need cars, jobs, more buildings and houses for the rest of the map, list goes on. all this will be is some customization of apartments ( already done judging by videos) character customization, and buildings.
  12. Is this taking too long? Poll

    there's to many poll posts asking if this is taking to long? care to share some links because this is the first ive seen....
  13. Delays And A Not So Happy Pedger

    i dont want everything right away, i just want things when they are promised to us... like 3 months ago... or a dev blog 3 days ago.... or anything for that matter.
  14. Delays And A Not So Happy Pedger

    good luck with that, i asked for a refund over a month ago and still nothing, refund is unrelated to the game but more personal life reasons, will see if i ever get one.
  15. Why Is identity so delayed?

    like a friend told me, its taking them this long to release a town and get it to work, this game wont be out until like 2020