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  1. 4 of the names have been released, however a few have not. All will be posted on the website once all is finalized!
  2. Royal Family Contribution Artworks: ^^^ By: @subway244 ^^^ By: @Dilsea

    New Good Times Community Discord:
  4. New Good Times Community Discord:
  5. Better dead than red. (BDTR) (ANTI-COMMUNIST)
  6. My views are both Conservative and Liberal, in real life I consider myself an Independent because I have views on both sides of the spectrum. However, to answer your question, IF I WASN’T A CANDIDATE OR PARTY FOUNDER I would grant my support to The Hamilton Party, Joel Keys and The CCU. I am always willing to work with others, that is a pillar of my character and why this topic has elevated to its current stature. Would I ever back out of the race? No, but I find it wise of the Identity community to have more collective support towards one individual or party, such as myself. I’ve always been a fan of DEMOCRATIC monarchy and looking at CCU...I like them to an extent!
  7. If enough people would be willing to be a part of it, I’ll draft up a synopsis of it.
  8. I have an idea, and it’s just an idea, but hear me out! A lot of individuals start groups, whether it be gangs, businesses, political parties, but all those groups are forced to have a single vision. No one really has their own “Identity”. What if we formed a neighborhood. A group of people that could be themselves and yet still be a part of something together. No jobs or anything, just a group of people that live life.
  9. I’m happy that I’ve built an energy within this topic that people feel the ability to be open and say things that don’t necessarily concern my campaign. I wanted people to feel not only connected to “Mr. Times the Governor Candidate” but also just plain ol’ me! Again, I’m glad that sort of energy exist here in this topic. The Good Times Community topic seems to have the same energy...or in @FatherOfTimeswords - “culture”!
  10. Well, we’ll be sure the culture and environment is something you’ll be happy to be a part of.
  11. If I wasn’t they’d doubt me!
  12. Could we be Presidents ??

    The government is small and very restricted for the mere purpose of not ruining the game for everyone else.
  13. Could we be Presidents ??

    Exactly, that’s why they decided it’d be a Governor rather than President.
  14. Could we be Presidents ??

    We will have governorship not presidency.