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  1. Amen! *Drops mic*
  3. These are not new designs, these are the current ones.
  4. twitch

    They were probably not able to because they were moving office.
  5. Nothing's confirmed or said about this, but maybe eventually we will be able to get on the back of a motorcycle. The best way would be with a invitation of some sort.
  6. Awesome! I agree.
  7. I'm sorry but I think you're expecting a too high level of detail, all this would be awesome but it sucks to be dissapointed.
  8. What is this Discord used for? Just gaming together or discussing Identity?
  9. Are you a dev on Identity? If so what do you do?
  10. 1. No, not this much level of detail. 4. Only a few NPC's behind the counter in shops
  11. Look into the dev blogs and the new screenshots! (UPDATED) topic
  12. Did you pledge?
  13. Awesome! Nice to see where the funding is going.
  14. faq