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  1. If you had searched the forum, you wouid see that a countdown was already made:
  2. Well I know you can buy these things with in-game money, but the point is that it takes someone a lot of time to get these things and some people can get it instantly. Besides, isn't the whole point of the game to make money? to work for it? so when you are driving in your expensive car people can see that your a succesful business owner for example, not that you paid real life money. This can be really dangerous for Identity and can be a major setback for people that want to buy it. Why spent money on a game and have to grind while other people can buy everything instantly. @Paratus @Motown
  3. At 8:00 they talk about microtransactions, this is pretty dissapointing and could hurt the game, look at SW: BF2. "Just " clothing vehicles and houses, isn't that the goal of the game, make money and buy better clothing vehicles and houses. But then some rich kid can skip all that work and buy the best things in the game instantly. :(
  4. I got founder because I want to work up. I feel like it will be more rewarding when you buy a nice car.
  5. And there will be taxis!
  6. Welcome back! (You double posted, probably click two times on the post button)
  7. Keep in mind that the Town Square also is the foundation for the rest of the game, so the modules after Town Square will be released faster.
  8. They'll probably update it soon but when you use your phone horizontally it's not that bad!
  9. I'm not sure but I think this is the apartment you'll get for free.
  10. Nothing "should have been out by now" they miscalculated how much time it took and with the bigger funding probably wanted to add more things to the module than was originally planned.