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  1. Yes we are still active. Untill Module 1 comes out. We are just lurking
  2. Release Date

    At the end of the day, they still notified us on the problem they came across. They need this launch to be perfect or they will lose alot of people. They are still doing the 2x weekly streams to keep us informed/updated. They have even put out a tracker. I mean what more do you want from them. They are trying the best they can do. If you cannot support the devs for pushing back to try and make the game a little more perfect then i suppose this isn't the community for you
  3. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    Well Done
  4. Game Release Question

    It will be a steam key. Once the TS is released i think they will make the game visible for pre-purchase on steam. Not sure tho.
  5. It's worth the wait tracker was updated

    I just hope it will be on a day that i have off again
  6. It's worth the wait tracker was updated

    The game is worth the wait
  7. Vague tracker

    http://www.identityrpg.com/info/modules/townsquare/ Tracker is under Module 1
  8. This still Active?
  9. Need A GFX Designer

    Looking To Hire Someone To Help Create A Logo. Please PM Me For More Information. Your Prices and A Portfolio. What I currently Have I would like to take some Concepts first before i commit to one Artist. Kind Regardsm WilsonPlays If this is against TOS please delete this thread.
  10. Good Question, I will be doing Apps and Quick Interview to talk with people to see what they want to do with their ‘New Identity’ and to check the voice for false age. People will be able to sign up to the website regardless but have to place an application to join the server. Once it is whitelisted. I will update this thread with more information within the next to days
  11. I agree on what you are saying. But until i have finished the site and have something to work with i can have applications out in place.