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Found 1 result

  1. *Disclaimer: Not enough information is known for more information* Introduction: Hello, my name is JT or BlueJ, I am the President of SoarRP. I have been with the Identity community for about two months and am looking into starting my own Hardcore-Realistic RP. You must be 15 years old, or older and have experience with the community, and roleplaying. More information is below about how you can become part of the community, what it takes, and our government careers. Government Careers: - Police [In-Development]: Rank Structure: Explanation: The police is a complex system composed of nine ranks that you have the potential to climb up on! Cadet is required to go through training before a Police Officer. When you have been on the force long enough, and have served your duty, it is the Chief's pleasure of ranking you up to Master Police. You earn to get promoted. Each job does have a salary depending on hours, and what rank you are. Good luck Cadet! Sub-Divisions: As a police officer, you are opened to many opportunities such as K9, Swat, Traffic Unit, CID. In order to join one, you need to be a Sergeant+ and contact the Chief of Police to see if you are qualified! - Fire Dept. Ranks [Rank/#Open Positions]: Fire Chief (1) Assistant Chief (1) Captain (1) Lieutenant (3) Firefighter (5) Volunteer Fire (N/A) Explanation: The Fire Department has 13 open, full time jobs. You can start out as a volunteer from your off time at work! Or you can go through harsh training to make you a better person! What are you doing? Go get your boots on! - Medical Ranks [Rank/#Open Positions]: Paramedic (3) Advanced EMT (3) EMT (4) EMT-Basic (4) Explanation: The First Responder medical field is a system of trained professionals. They take on task of responding to the ill or the wounded. The job is stressful, and can lead to a tragic death. Become a Medical Responder and save the wounded. - Politics: Positions [Position/#Open Positions]: Governor (1) Explanation: The Governor will set the default state laws for the server/city! Governor political position must be voted upon by citizens! - Executive [Staff]: Staff Ranks [Position/#Open Positions]: CEO (0) Head Administrator (1) Administrator (2) Founder (N/A) Explanation: The Founder's position is not a true staff position, it basically means that you supported our server early on, and you get bonuses for doing that! You can become a founder by donating or contributing greatly to the community early on. The Staff's job is to protect the server from trollers, or hackers. They also help Citizens out by eliminating the people not trying in our Hardcore RP. If someone is bothering you, that is against the rules, contact an administrator, they will get the job done. Co-Founder is the CEO's second hand man in making big server wide decisions, also working with other staff members in making the community better! - Citizen: Opportunities [Position]: Farmer Business Owner Worker (Casual Citizen) Criminal Explanation: It is your choice in what you do! You have no limit in being citizen, but watch out, the law will stop you if your a criminal. The RP possibilities are endless on this server. Want to be a meth dealer? Want to be an upper class citizen with a rapid growing business? Or do you want to be a Farmer, who works the fields in hope of becoming rich? As a citizen you will be able to vote for who you want in our SoarRP government, you break the law and you don't make the law. Join the Community! To be involved in the community, reply that you want to join. If we get enough support and feedback, we will kick off this amazing server! We are not currently hiring for positions until enough support is given that we start our very own discord server. Our Plan: Getting a discord server up and running is our number one priority, if we have enough support for this server! Getting a forums up for questions and applications will be later in the future, with a bigger community. A server up and running as soon as possible will be great! Server Location [US EAST] Updates/News: A community forums will be up soon for temporary usage and some, applications. *This is a temporary plan for a massive server that will come in the future. If you wish to support this idea, feel free to leave a comment that you want this server to be a thing! Sorry if any misspelled words occur. Thank you...*