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  1. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Out of general developmental curiosity, what's taking the last UI item so long to complete? Or is it a bunch of aspects of the UI combined into one single task?
  2. Mobile Phone Plans

    I would say not necessarily, because a phone can always be used to calculate basic maths, take one's personal notes to keep on hand, and can always be used to access the internet (simulated) through certain radius of connection. I feel as though the ability to text, or ability to call and more, could either be implemented as a very small microtransaction that doesn't cost much at all, or it could be done with in-game simulated stores that just add time to your service based on your payment, and you could have mailmen deliver said bills, which would only increase the amount of jobs we have available. Obviously we have delivery-men, but a post office and actual mail workers and delivery drivers with routes to individuals, couldn't hurt. Such as small packages etc.
  3. Emotes/Simulation

    At this point I have to speak on this, due to the fact that I'd rather not forget. I have some ideas for cosmetic implements and other things of that nature Emotes: (Specifics involving idle things) *Smoke (typed in chat as /smoke) - Rather you're a shipping manager, delivery driver, a cop off duty, or a customer service rep of sorts, we all have that point in our lives where a "/Smoke" break is in order. Standing idle, leg out to one side or leaned against something, slowly puffing on a cigarette (with the emote perhaps lasting long enough that the cigarette burns down and the emote finishes with a flick of the butt on the ground That one is my personal primary want, as I am a smoker, and I feel like that is an IDEAL ways to AFK for five while you do things irl until your break at work is over or etc.This accompanied by perhaps being able to visually see the used {Drugs} or {Cigarettes} smoked as they would be in real life, rather than just have the a-typical item representing said drug hanging out of one's mouth as though they are the Crimson Chin. Idle emotes make an essential ambient that sits well with RPers all over, and even if not an idle emote, one can casually walk around puffing a cigarette or otherwise. If one is able to smoke while performing actions, then at that point the emote would cease and the cigarette would remain in one's mouth, specifically whilst that interaction would be performed (with the exception of sitting on a bench, or another interaction that still allows both hands). Also, if a user has their in-game phone out, I'd hope that this is shown as a device in their hand (mayhaps adding different models and types of phones with different functions so that we can have a phone store). We all know Craigslist, OR Ebay, or Amazon etc. What if the simulated computers bring up an online store accessable through browser tabs that let you use said online market simulation for players to post their items up for sale, or other things of that nature, as if it represented a similarity to the letgo app, mayhaps, AS WELL AS : If a user decides to recklessly post something shady and very illegal, it can be investigated by detectives and/or police and action can be taken to enforce justice upon the crime.
  4. Does SSD stand for Senior SENIOR Developer, like you hit 94, blew out the birthday candles, and now you're not senior citizen, you get in the pool for FREE? I like that. I like that a lot. That should be in The Office.

  5. Dear Identity devs....

    If I can't cook nine small chicken bits from Tyson in under 2 1/2 minutes, then they're doing pretty good so far. One thingy left to go: WE GOT THIS
  6. What is this shit

    So just to squash anything that people are using as leverage in regards to "time" as a topic: One simple statement can be made: Look at the years it's taken for them to release GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2. If GTA VI is in the making by any means (GTA 6), then it's sure taking some time, as GTA V was released years ago. Why does this not strike anybody's attention? Because they announced it months before release, not years prior. Asylum Entertainment has great people behind it, wonderful representatives and employees that continue to remain dedicated to all of this regardless, and they're doing a wonderful job at paying attention to detail more so than other game developers care to with their games. This being said, this is a small team, developing a HUGE project, and SUCCEEDING! Ask yourself before you use time as a constraint (I have been following this dev tracker for quite some time now) how many employees and designers Rockstar Games has driven between Rockstar North and Rockstar Games. Then return with some politeness to the efforts that 12 have made versus hundreds that don't pay the same amount of attention to detail and customization. Just to scale it up for you: NO: You cannot expect 20,000 pieces of clothing, advanced physics with COMPLETED vehicles with extreme amounts of detail in paint and interior, with valid functioning components individually coded and hex-applied, and entirely functional buildings with open movement customization with frame by frame model animations for every single minor and great interaction, in a blink. It takes hours to perfect a piece of clothing. Take up game development, and study it a good bit, and you'll understand it.
  7. Purchasing with prepaid cards

    Hey, so I saw this and figured I'd make some sense of it. I just wanted to help a little by saying it's often this way with packages such as this, considering business cards aren't cheap, it would be absolutely wasteful to release pre-payed cards in stores for temp packages, and certain gift cards are widely used for money laundering scams considering that people use vanilla visas all the time to illegally sell modded and hacked accounts on games, which is simply RISKY AND WRONG. So with this I do say that pre-paid cards will most likely be an occurrence when the game's released and the player base is large enough to be widely local, such as Gamersfirst cards, they'll have something like an Asylum card I'd say, this being to apply account wide points or currency to purchase premium items such as a special membership token or bonus cosmetics.
  8. Karma System

    In my opinion, I do agree that this would be a good idea in something that doesn't already carry a justice system, because with too many restrictions on crime, given that there are punishments and investigators on job for that purpose, it'll be quite the jumbled up mess. I understand the logic though, seeing the KARMA system that was placed within Fable and the series itself as a whole. The reason why is because if you're restricted as to crime, yet you have people who need to stop criminals to make a living, it gets a bit odd if all the big name criminals are dropkarma foolios with the incapability of causing harm, yes, yes you can troll, yes you can kill someone for a stupid reason, but since there's already a prison system in place that forces you to actively play as a prisoner until you are ready to become a good boy, you might as well just let it be and make sure that those criminals can learn the hard way behind bars.
  9. Entry Level Jobs

    I do like that, I really do, I wonder how that'll work though, considering with hiring, and firing alike, as well as applicant denials, there's a lot to take into consideration such as the conviction, and I do believe when someone applies, they should be counted in an AI system that prevents, perhaps say, a felon from getting into the entry level police/security professions where-as someone who does carry a minor crime under their belt can still work behind a register or cart things from place to place as a delivery person, as they deliver to safe zones and sit behind a register. Interesting to see how it'll play out, I truly haven't seen anything like this to this degree of intellect being made until now.
  10. Individual/Community Rating System

    I feel like this may be a stretch, but at the same time, hear me out, because this GENERAL topic does in fact trigger my utmost interest as an upstart networking student and developer myself. Consider perhaps, PAYDAY 2, or PAYDAY and how their system works with marking cheaters with a spade and red name. So perhaps, apply that to a more complex scale. Players can have an inspect page with a general RP bio of known things about the character at first glance or easy to find information, all within their profile, as well as their amount of followers, kind of like a social media click. However, those players can be reviewed and or marked by others with a personal review that does not personally effect their ability to play. Such as the quality of their RP, marked under that page with a colored RP symbol, as well as combat, and job reviews from coworkers and supervisors of different kinds, gauging your teamwork and effort as a person, and your social interactions, similar to that of how profiles get a display of how good they are to play with with the XBOX account reviews.
  11. Holstering/lowering firearms

    As it stands, due to how realism is a strong point in the game's immersion, I would think they'd have something like that, and as a criminal especially, having to keep those big old cartel weapons locked up in the trunk seems more logical than pulling the whole gun out of your lower extremities.
  12. Scam?

    I'm quite a bit more fond of cars, or even just dune buggies in the games I play, because god oh god I HATE RAIN in games, makes me feel like I need to not be outside (I played a lot of games with survivalists)
  13. How will in-game moderation work, Motown? I'd really love to be one that plays just like everyone else, but with the ability to make the place better for everyone!

  14. Robbing houses.

    They really don't want to risk that, the whole rob inside your house thing, because of the need for safe zones and a good place to rest and AFK and whatever else.
  15. Requirements

    Get a stock Patriot HBX, for around 500-600$, then spend about the other 500$ on a new CPU, a 500W power supply, and an AMD RX480 Graphics card, 8 gig graphics cards are best, you would ideally want about 16gigs RAM, however, at I do wish to say that there are in fact different variations of the gaming laptop the Razer |BLADE| which for a little bit of a chunk in price, roughly a grand, you can have a hellishly powerful piece of gaming equipment on the go that kicks out much more than any standard intel laptop.