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  1. btw Gta v its not life simulator... Of course Identity.
  2. Many traffic accidents have happen for not using my opinion private servers should have the freedom to decide to use tickets for not using blinkers or not.
  3. So i cant change that to my server? to change the traffic law.
  4. oh really? hm... as i know in america you can get warning/ticket for not using your headlights at night,or not using blinkers right? this game not based in UK as i know...
  5. Dont know for uk,as i know the game based in USA and the laws are different.Btw depends in the server,in my server driver will gets ticket if he not using his blinkers,or having the headlights off at the night.
  6. Its in the traffic laws to use your blinkers before turn,if you dont and police officer see you he can write you a citation.And traffic accident it might happen if you dont use them.
  7. Its a system that called police database,and you can add your own notes as you said and other officers can see,write citations,check driving license,suspect informations,update your currently status(available,unavailable,off/on duty),check out for callouts,add callout. see the historical about a person as you said how many warning does he have etc... we really need to see this to law enforcement.
  8. oh he wrote 'doubt' sorry ,it would be nice if you could suggest it to the team lucky!
  9. he said that maybe will be added.. haha really its gonna be a helpful feature! if we see it ingame.
  10. thanks
  11. Probably,lets see what @LuckyDuck have to say
  12. Even if swat drop the gear to the ground?
  13. Can we drag bodies? e.g Police officer drags injury partner to safety.
  14. on my server yes whats your problem? in my server police will be more than every other job. i will be the police chief so i can control everything at police.i am just talking for police equipment not for military.
  15. Look, every cop decides if he want to patrol alone or get a partner. This is our system here in Greece. You have the choice to drive solo. its not a law that every cop MUST drive 1 by 1.Btw the case of thread is loot police bodies and we are talking about cops per veh haha 6:17 Not even 2 cops..