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  1. Voice Loud Speaker

    Loud speakers confirmed.
  2. True, I never liked safe zones,its really an unrealistic thing for games,in real life we dont have safe can do a crime everytime,everywhere. But some people liked it for games,thats why ON/OFF will be an option
  3. Guys relax safe zones will be on/off option for servers..
  4. Tasers in game ?

    Tasers will be in game yes,confirmed.
  5. Estimated Release?

    this month.
  6. [FAQ] Police Department

    Play what? the game? if you mean the game you can play it at 23rd of April,in 6 days,but you need to have the founder pack,or above.
  7. Freelance Graphic Designer

    Good job!! i hope they will check your work! and if they need any help then choose you.
  8. Nudity (Not PRON!)

    You just call the police if someone is naked outside,just make it realistic..there are still rp..
  9. Hostages

    Yeah you can take hostages. this is a basic thing for a game like this.
  10. Yes you can have your own server,but rent method only.
  11. Police Equipment

    I assume most of them will be in game.
  12. if you forget your veh unlock,they can steal it,i think this is what BB told me.
  13. faux cops

    i think this can happen in privates.
  14. Undercover(Police)

    i think you can have undercover police for private.. not sure though.