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  1. JObs

    jobs like Police,emt,fire dept.You can get salary. they are public servants,state pay them. but i dont think for others jobs.
  2. JObs

    Maybe this method can be an option for private servers?
  3. Some questions/ideas

    thanks a lot!
  4. Some questions/ideas

    Drivers Cannot shoot even the vehicle is stopped?
  5. Some questions/ideas

    7.While a driver is driving a car can do gestures? or passengers? biker can do gestures too? and what about passenger? 8.Will be there EMS motorbikes? 9.Can a motorcycle slip while driving? and driver fall over? e.g at rainy days roads are dangerous and motorcycle can slip. 10.At the traffic stop can a driver (if he have a gun) start shooting at police while he is stopped and inside of the vehicle? will be there an animation when he is unholster the weapon? @HairyGrenade
  6. No need to be survival game to have hunger or thirsty bar, These 2 features are basic for a life simulator game too.
  7. Some questions/ideas

    Yeah but can Dispatch (as a players) call back at caller? e.g to take more information. @HairyGrenade
  8. Some questions/ideas

    1.Will be there pharmacy? and can be owned? 2.Will be there internet cafe? and can be owned? 3.Police Chief can ban a driver license or any other license that have to do with traffic for e.g 4 hours? or more.And player cant go to buy it again for 4 hours.. 4.Police dispatch can call back to a person? 5.Police can have access to public cameras? e.g to collect evidence after a traffic accident,see about criminal activity,suspicious things..etc.. 6.At the snowy days can drivers put snow chains to their vehicles? and if someone dont is there any possibility for the vehicles to slip? Thanks,There are questions but it can be suggestions too.
  9. Damaged traffic signs

    Yeah but i am going to call the road assistance if any sign get damaged i am not gonna ignore it, and they have to consider things for the future to make a game not boring but interesting and playable. All the jobs are going to be interesting,we know that the most people will join Police and Criminal career but that doesnt mean that Devs will not add great things and stuff for other jobs/careers. They should't think like that. All the jobs are going to be important. Hope Damaged signs will be realistic too and its really not boring there are people who like to repair damaged signs,as a police officer i found it reallly interestinh feature for road assistance job. i hope they will add it.
  10. Damaged traffic signs

    yeah thats why i suggest that because the auto respawn its kind of unrealistic thing,and the job of road assistance can do more things and get more calls.
  11. Can a damaged traffic sign get replaced by a road assistance service/or tow truck company? Its gonna be like IRL?
  12. God bless identity team for making our dream come true! Well said Gianni