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  1. Some questions

    i Really wish we are gonna see a system like this,like IRL.
  2. i think there will be Coast Guard.
  3. im Really found more interesting if the rdm not auto reported,i like the witness system makes it more realistic.And if there are not witness,then try to find any camera near the area,search the area,and investigate the area. hope they will add the option enable or disable for private servers.Because with this auto system all killers will be caught by police. Really didnt like this...
  4. 2 things that i didnt like 1.Murder will be automatically reported and2. that you dont have to eat and drink,maybe in the future could be an option to enable or disable for private servers. And good job Dominic thanks for the helpful note!
  5. System

    Sure better!
  6. Ranking systems

    Thank you @LuckyDuck
  7. Ranking systems

    And for private servers admin will choose right?
  8. Ranking systems

    And who will be the police chief?
  9. btw Gta v its not life simulator... Of course Identity.
  10. Blinkers

    Many traffic accidents have happen for not using my opinion private servers should have the freedom to decide to use tickets for not using blinkers or not.
  11. Blinkers

    So i cant change that to my server? to change the traffic law.
  12. Blinkers

    oh really? hm... as i know in america you can get warning/ticket for not using your headlights at night,or not using blinkers right? this game not based in UK as i know...