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  1. Btw they should hear and other opinions too. and Yeah we cant do anything about it, only to hope to see it in the future.
  2. Why not.
  3. Welcome Matt!!
  4. Dont find any good reason not to add heli, because the 'map is small'? so what? heli should be added even the map is small or big.
  5. i see it more realistic if you have the option to despawn it or not to despawn it,or parking it to police parking slot.
  6. I think so,if vehicle dissapear from parking slot that mean we got a bug in the game ,if you mean that someone will stole it,i dont think someone could stole a vehicle from police parking slot,No way.he will get caught 100%!
  7. If you got the money to buy one why not. i am pretty sure they will add heli in the future,one reason is police cant work well if they dont have helicopter. suspect can escape pretty easy without police heli.
  8. Not exactly.Its not like garrys mod when you kill officer they never catch you.If you stole a gun from the body of police officer you will have to use it,and this is the reason that you stole it. First of all you killed an officer so you wanted,its not easy to escape and hide from police. if you use your gun against them and they catch you they will seizure everything that you to kill a police officer its not easy decision just only for the gun or uniform.
  9. In the future safe zones will be as an option enable or disable for private servers. There will be slots to the police station to park your vehicle its not exactly garage.
  10. There is difference in my opinion,police vehs at police stations cant be damaged or stolen easy.
  11. Good but i dont find safe when a officer can ownership a police car and have it to his garage, and he cant choose other vehicle to drive,because he got already one.and there are officers that they dont have garage..
  12. Yeah true,but if every police officer take his car to the home then we need a lot of cars... but lets devs decides.
  13. But 90-95% of crimes can be catched,i said if the criminal doing the same thing all the time he will got catched. Yeah this is what i am talking about,its should be an option to enable or disable an then all bodies can be looted even cops,or not looted.
  14. i dont think its a good idea to take it to home,because can be stolen easily. and its unrealistic because police vehicles owned by the state. and you dont have the choice to choose other vehicle but you will have the same for all time.thats why i dont want too see ownership for police vehs.
  15. Not fow now,maybe in the future!