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  1. Why Is identity so delayed?

    What youtubers are calling this a scam? If it was a KickStarter scam then they wouldn't have gone this far with it. And Saying that every game that only releases small bits a scam is calling allot of games a scam, like Destiny I saw ads for Destiny years before its release. And I also remind you that No Mans Sky was talked up at every game event until its release but they didn't have a working game when they where talking it up, Identity Isnt being talked up because they might not have a game worth being talked about yet.
  2. i just got the beta package

    Hopefully soon but this is a startup and a very big game luckily it now has allot of funding granted they need to make it perfect now.
  3. I beat a .io game

    I just did it again.
  4. I beat a .io game

    Yes i have a bad username but im always king so I use it to trigger people.
  5. Hey

    Hey ~Hey~ -Whopper
  6. @winampw Ill help you fight crime in Identity if its like super troopers. ~Meow~ -Whopper

    As much as I disapprove of this and Im sure we all get strikes for advertising or something. http://vy.tc/dOxKU72
  8. What? "...not going to customize my car..." as a car person Im legally required to ask. No offense. ~Best of Luck With A NON Car Life~ -Whopper
  9. Doubt about Buy

    @LuckyDuck So will we get access to the alpha modules or just the beta next year?
  10. Doubt about Buy

    Here is the Q&A but I bet that the BETA will be In the form of a launcher and that we will connect to the games dedicated servers and not private servers. We will probably be notified about the beta and will get a launcher like the won used in minecraft where we log in and so on. But I could be totally wrong, Im not making the game. ~Luck~ -Whopper
  11. I imagine It would be like GTA 5 if you buy it from rock start you get a launcher that dose not require steam to be open If you buy it on steam you get a launcher that Is in the steam folder and It requires steam to be open. Either way both launchers are the same and you can still play with non steam users if you are on steam. ~Luck~ -Whopper
  12. Fake money and Credit Cards Stolen IN-GAME

    I bet its like apple pay with all money actions either over phone or like GTA 5
  13. Hello; New Guy. Lots of Things To Talk About

    I didn't read any of that because Im lazy. Hello. ~Best of Luck with that Vet school thing~ -Whopper
  14. Like the title says. Post the songs you like most here. Ill start. PS Ill give you a point if you can geuss the YT channel that I think of with Ivan B Sweater Weather.