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  1. I have faith the devs will get it out on time. I really doubt that they would delay it this close to the date to be honest.
  2. @LuciousTimes A bit late, but the poster you made earlier this month looks great! Also good to see you have a counsel, you are clearly ahead of the game (no pun intended )!
  3. What worries you? POLL

    Hope so!
  4. What worries you? POLL

    I am worried about character movement because from the game play videos we have seen, it is really unnatural looking in my opinion. I really hope the have put a lot more effort into the new one, because that one thing can ruin immersion. I also fear bugs and glitches for obvious reasons.
  5. Hey everyone! I want to see people's thoughts on this poll's question. Feel free to state your answer and why in the comments .

    @punisher25767 You might want to better organize your advertisement so people will take you more seriously.
  7. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    I like your attitude. I am sure you will be a formidable opponent in the elections.
  8. Realistic Crime Map /Nice Areas

    I have given this idea some thought, and if I understand what you are saying correctly, I think this idea can be tweaked to become a challenge for the governor! I don't know much about how crime works in Identity, so don't take this too seriously. My idea is that if a criminal commits a robbery, it should cause property damage to the city. These property damages would be payed for by the government. The amount lost in damages would increase the longer law enforcement takes to arrive at the scene. Now, here's where the criminal map idea comes in. "Nice" areas can be robbed just like "bad" areas, but they cause more property damage per minute (or whatever unit of time). Keep in mind that the government has to pay for these losses themselves. In bad areas, property damage would be less. This prompts law enforcement to respond quicker to nice area crimes. Why? Because if the government loses more money (which would occur with going to bad area crimes reported first over nice area ones) their funding could be cut. The governor has to find out a good way to split up law enforcement efficiency for different places, to minimize damage and maximize satisfaction. Now, this whole thing makes a lot of assumptions, so take it lightly .
  9. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    @BrianHamilton I am very sorry to hear about that. Nobody should ever have to endure that kind of pain. I am glad you appreciated what I said, I was going through my old comments and saw the one on this thread. I thought it was a bit rude so I just wanted to let you know I changed my mind. It's good news that you are doing well. I hope to see you in game, maybe even as a supporter . Hey, second place isn't too bad .
  10. Instagram fan page

    @polydorou I don't think you will have much original content until the game comes out, and what you do post now will already be seen from the developer blogs. That being said, this isn't a bad idea, and I will take a look at your page when the game comes out!
  11. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    I guess I was wrong @BrianHamilton! Honestly really cool to see your support grow, and I might look into your party a bit more! Good luck!
  12. Metro system of some sort

    Hey thanks! I guess it won't be in the game unfortunately
  13. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    Easy to say that when you are the leader of the Hamilton Party.. Maybe so, but the top candidates in the poll have been here for months or even years, so I really doubt they'd be the ones to just drop out.
  14. Updated List of Candidates & Poll!

    Honestly anyone below Bobby Cruz has no chance.
  15. [UK][S.R.D.] The Social Reformative Democrats

    That poll sounds a bit one-sided... Also, corporate tax of 28% is a bit much.