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    I appreciate your comment. Do not worry; the Seraphim Network will build [as implied] a network of businesses like this one. All meeting the Seraphim Network standard. - The Seraph

    Same details, just transitioned onto the official account - The Seraph
  3. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Very Ninja-y. I'm Excited. -The Seraph
  4. Payment Option

    Harry Potter... Just yes. - The Seraph
  5. Anyone here from New Zealand?

    I'm from New Zealand too. - The Seraph
  6. anyone else not like the new site?

    I need to clarify. I am still in accordance with the one account per person policy, but my business also has a forum account of its own as many other businesses on this platform do. I apologise for your misinterpretation. - The Seraph
  7. anyone else not like the new site?

    I do indeed
  8. anyone else not like the new site?

    I am also finding it difficult to login and log out of my forum accounts
  9. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    It says potentially Thousands; using a plural variant - The Seraph
  10. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    Thousands brother, Multiple thousands. - The Seraph
  11. A lotta gang activity in Identity

    I don't know if this is a confirmed announcement; if you look at the Dev Blog #005 - An Expanding Worldit says that SpatialOS will be powering the servers behind the game we are all excited for! This means, according to the post, that "Instead of 300 players in a single server, we could now potentially have thousands." This is an exciting aspect as it means that the economy and social structures will be more intricately designed making gameplay extremely immersive. Excitement Peaking -The Seraph

    A SERAPHIM NETWORK™ PROJECT: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: All aspects disclosed in this piece should not be taken at its word. Changes and edits are inevitable as more information concerning game mechanics become available to the public. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MESSAGE FROM LUX™: We at LUX™ know how passionate the citizens of Identity Island are about cars and racing; thus LUX SPORT was born. We have formed a derived brand that has the ability to accomodate the passions we all have for vehicles. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR MISSION: We recognise a common passion - for vehicles - that radiates through all Identity citizens and as enthusiasts ourselves we strive to craft vehicles that impress the hard to please. At LUX SPORT we have a focus on speed; thus the models you will see produced from LUX SPORT will be sleek, elegant and modern. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARS: LUX SPORT provide a variety of cars all with differing styles. The images shown below are real car models that have been adapted; displaying similar features to what LUX SPORT hopes to achieve. [Pre-adapted images provided through Google Images] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOTORBIKES For those who want speed in a more compact form we are designing motorbikes. LUX SPORT will design along two alternate themes. The first theme follows a modern look. They are sleek and abstract; for those whose style includes clean and precise. The second theme is a very classic vintage vibe. This was designed to accomodate the many motorcycle clubs that I'm sure Identity will grow to have. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPANY OWNERSHIP: LUX SPORT™ is a sole proprietorship, owned by the Director of the SERAPHIM NETWORK™, codenamed THE SERAPH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPARTMENTALISED SYSTEM: The structure of this derived business is extremely similar to LUX™; for a more in depth description follow the link. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESERVATIONS: As we do not have sufficient amounts of information concerning market pricing reservations can be made instead of preordering systems. Reservations let us know that you are interested in buying a certain product, but does not have the official certainty that preordering has. If you are interested in reserving please click the link below. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE DETAIL WILL COME WITH TIME

    Maybe there should be a council of sorts assembling representatives different sectors of the economy; representatives from gangs, the party in power, businesses and the police force. This would make sure that important decisions aren't partial; preventing acts based upon bias perspectives to interfere with the compartmentalised systems that work cognitively toward the functioning of one economy. Just a thought. The Seraph