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  1. Will the modules stay?

    Hi everyone! Been a long time, huh? I know that even the Town Square module hasn't been released yet, but from what I've read the Town Square module will be a social one. Well, I like to sometimes play games where you can talk to people who also play games instead of shooting everyone in pieces (like I do in GTA). So my question is: Will the modules stay after the Beta and the full game will be released? Thanks for reading (and/or replying)
  2. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    I didn't expect the Lambo would appear on the half of the 2nd page... by the way I'd wish it'd appear in the game or at least it's parody. And if you can add Bugatti (or it's parody) then please do!
  3. System Requirements

    I didn't know that there was an extended FAQ. Thanks!
  4. Dogs / K-9's

    I think in Town Square there aren't gonna be any dogs because Paratus said that they're focusing on humen, but who knows, maybe they'll put them in the beta, or the final release.
  5. System Requirements

    I know that Identity haven't even finished it's pre-alpha but I wanna know if my computer wiłł survive a game I waited so long for it's release.
  6. Welp, you were wrong :I
  7. Translation

    Hello, I have one question for you: WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSEEEEE?!!1! No, but seriously I want to translate the game in polish language, because I know both polish and english language, so I want to translate it. What can I do to help translate the game?
  8. Character creation, Hair, & Clothes

    Yep :3 Im a fan of Undertale PS "There's a 99.9% chance I am TIRED" - the sentence on the shirt
  9. Death and respawn

    That would be very raging if life would start all over again. Mostly because everyone wants criminal in Identity and they will shoot everybody.
  10. Death and respawn

    I was looking for a topic like this and BOOM. It's on the main list!
  11. Modules

    Deja vu
  12. Modules

    I think April/May is too early. I would say it'll be May/June because it would be a dream! Also the third module is Races.
  13. Stamina

    (From where you got these answers?) (Because I think it's not from Twitter)
  14. Underwater

    Ok, thank you.
  15. Skate

    Itz_Tenacy, you can answer to someone's post by clicking "Quote" under his post. Try it on me. But if you know that already I'm sorry.