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  1. Favorite Car?

    Oh jesus I'm just busting chops, don't get ur panties all twisted. Personally, I don't particularly care what other ppl drive. People want to drive nice 4 bangers, that's your perogative, It don't bother me none. Learn to take a joke...
  2. Favorite Car?

    You can pretty it up all you like, u still can't turn it into a race
  3. Favorite Car?

    On top is what others see...The bottom is what I see.
  4. Favorite Car?

    My car is the Mustang...I like it but, EVERYONE and their brother has one. My favorite car in the world, for my budget, was the Lincoln Mark VII LSC. It pretty much has the heart of Mustang, and they arent a dime a dozen. But no one wants to work on it, that I knew, that could do it right and not pull my pants down. So I got the GT. Now I have no problem getting stuff done to it, lots of options as well. If I ever strike it rich I will get another one and have it done up really nice. If you google Lincoln Mark VII LSC they have some really nice examples of what they can look like done nice. The one thing I really like is having 5 speed instead of automatic. Heres a couple of nicer ones I found quickly
  5. I had quite a few ppl tell me that a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC, is overkill for Identity. Are we sure about that? I just got Ghost Recon: Wildlands I'm running it @4k on mostly ultra. I have 2 minor settings at very high instead of ultra. And I dropped my resolution scaling to .80 from 1.00, It can go up to 2.00. I HAD to do that, to be able to run 4k at between 35-50 fps, while I'm playing. But the benchmark put me lower than that. If I put those options up my frame rates dropped to the TEENS! Uh horrible...I was wondering, Identity is going to run 4k as well right? If I want to run Identity @ 4k at ultra settings I'm gonna need another GTX 1080, especially if I want to stream? I honestly dont know why anyone would want to play these awesome looking games in anything less than ultra. Im so in awe of the extreme detail these games have nowadays. I grew up playing Atari and Nintendo. So I know how far gaming has come in the last 30 years. I'm playing Wildlands and I'm just in awe. It's like playing a movie. The level of detail is insane! If Identity is going to have this level of detail, And so much more to do than Wildlands. Then I'm gonna be looking at optimal requirements, not minimal or recommended. I had alot of negative posts about my my rig, that i was excited about getting, and wanted to share my excitement with ppl that could relate. Cause I told my wife, and her eyes glazed over like I was speaking like Charlie Brown's teacher. And I wanted to make sure I made good choices on the components I got. Some ppl took it as showboating. I've seen alot more put into WAY nicer systems than what I have, and showboating wasn't my intention. All I really wanted to do was help the people like me that know nothing about PC's and were a lil overwhelmed, as I was, because there is ALOT to learn when it comes to gaming on PC's. I have stated many times that I'm a total PC Noob. But if i was gonna go to PC i wasn't gonna half step it. I was gonna do it right. The level of detail they are planning for Identity will require a really nice rig to run optimally. In Wildlands you cant use you blinkers, or wimdshield wipers, you can turn on your headlights, but if they break, the lights STILL shine on the ground Lol. You dont leave tire tracks in the mud, and theres a few other issues...but imo it's a really small price to pay, for the level of detail we get in exchange, for those small sacrices. But it also makes me wonder...What kinda requirements will be needed, for not sacrificing those small immersive details, for graphical Utopia? This is the benchmark I ran thru Wildlands
  6. I say PC Nation, for that exact reason. We are all just trying to play games, right? I used to think like that, but then I realized, it's all about the gaming. I have ALWAYS been a console gamer, and the major reason I never got into PC. Because I spent most of my life struggling to get where I am now. When ur living on the streets for most of your adolescent years. It shouldnt be a suprise that things shift, on what takes priorities, And academics took a back seat for street smarts. Now, I can barely remember, a majority of the stuff I knew in school. I WAS extremely smart, academically, I shoulda went to college when i was 16, but I wanted to be a kid. So i missed that opportunity because I was a hard head, like most kids that age, but I didn't have my parents there to guide me, and put a foot in my ass when I made a mistake. So, I made a ALOT of bad decisions, that were compounded by my animosity for the shitty way things were goin. Up until the last 8 years were tough and took its toll, so I appreciate the little things now. And when I found out my credit was good. I jumped at the chance to get a good build, and only pay a couple a hundred a month for it. Anyone who has struggled would jump at a chance like that, to finally have something nice, especially when your used to always getting the raw deal. PC is only better , to me, in the sense of their power, more layers, more memory. Higher resolution I'm really thinking that Identity will be more demanding than wildlands. But, I'm by no means saying this is the case. I'm assuming, by how much more immersive it will be, while being extremely detailed. I will try to remember to add the paragraphs and fix the punctuation when I finish a post before I submit it. I type out what I want to say, rough draft, then go over and add all the puncuation and fix things...It takes awhile sometimes, its alot to do just to save everyone a few seconds, so they dont lose their place...But I will do my best to remember
  7. Lol no it's always been my biggest problem, I hate structure. You dont have to quote that whole thing dude who else could you be talking to or a simple @ woulda sufficed. Your lucky u get the structure I can remember to put in there.
  8. And any other time I'd be on console cause I know couldnt afford a pc, hence why I've always been a console player. You can see the benchmark, I don't make the pc components, and sell them for what they go for, but even still it runs between 30 to 50 or so fps. And we are talking about Wildlands which is like one aspect of Identity. Drug dealers Vs The Law. And I didnt have 3k just in between my couch cushions. I got my credit back to good, after many years, and applied for my 1st credit card, cause I thought it was high time to finally get a PC...and if I was gonna do it I wasnt gonna buy something the equivalent of a console, that's why they make consoles. You PC Master Race guys give us console guys crap cause your PC's are gods of gaming...Then I get crap cause I join PC Nation and I get a better PC then some of you PC Master Racers...That would be like me getting pissed because other ppl have more money to invest in their cars, than I do. I can't win for losing...I may not be experienced in PC's but why am I gonna switch from console to PC for medium graphics...I can get that on console and save even more money...But like I said if I was gonna do it, then I was gonna do it all in and if I really want the True PC Experience. Then what I have still isnt good enough, because I'm pretty sure it will drop to lower FPS once I try to start streaming at higher resolutions. Identity is goin to be a massive game. With so much in it. I was also playing offline which, I would think, going online is alot more load on an already maxed out graphics card. I'm just here waiting for the same game, hoping I get to see my investment pay off. I would love nothing more than for Idenitity get exactly what it deserves and take off and redefine the genre as it's known. I hope I dont have to spend another 600 for another graphics card. But goin by that benchmark, I'm gonna have to. And I got a PC because I wanted Identity, and for other things now that I have a PC, but not just for Identity. I've already gotten Wildlands, Dead By Daylight, & The Hunter: Call of the Wild. That will keep me occupied till modules and Identiry release. They are all co-op and all very fun to play. And I'm glad I get to experience all the benefits of having a solid build. If anyone has any of those 3 games and wants to play gimme a shout. I'm all about the teamwork, and I have a mic. Like taking down multiple targets in coordinated attacks
  9. I wonder, since ppl can actually live off the land, will there b a career option for the survivalists to teach people how to survive off the land?
  10. Hunting & Living in the woods

    I would say get a pledge that is within your budget, and what you feel shows your love for what you hope Identity can become. They need all the help they can get. The more pledges they get the more they can accomplish, to release the experience we all know we want it to be, more pledges can also translate into more developers which means delegated work which gets things done faster. Look at each pledge and see what works for yoi, and how much of a headstart you want when Identity releases
  11. Purchasing with prepaid cards

    If i had family or a trusted friend, that lives somewhere that could use paypal, I'd get them to make a pledge for me, give them my account info, they can sign in and pledge for me and i can work out how to pay them back...
  12. Reliability of developers

    I was definitely very wary as well. I'm a console gamer, and the moment i seen Identity, I HAD to be a part of it...I spent money i didnt have, to get a really good gaming rig, and made a hefty pledge to do as much as I can personally, to help Identity come to fruition. I havent been this excited for a game since my socom days. I'm dreading learning to operate a pc, but I'm that excited about Identity. It's a big risk I'm taking, but sometimes you gotta have faith. If there was ever a time to take a chance...I would say Identity is a good bet...
  13. I did a search for energy bar or damage system, and got zilch, so hopefully this question is in the right place...How will the damage system work. Will it be shot in the leg, die, same as shot in the head? Or will a leg shot make u run slow, or with a limp, or not at all? If your running while shot, will it spin u around, or different kinds of weapon/bullet impact animations depending on where ur hit? Will there be a health bar? Or like a life like damage system, depends on where and how many hits, and if its all soft tissue damage or organs are hit. I mean i know it can get crazy to implement. But if you got hit 4 times one in each limb, and no major arteries were hit you'd be in a lot of pain but survive...with proper medical attention
  14. How will damage be taken

    Im talking more along the lines of impact animations, or if it doesnt affect movement...for instance...If I'm being roobed at gun gun point and i run, and he shoots me in the right shoulder, will i just keep running till my energy bar is depleted? Will that shot spin me, or influence me to fall to the ground? Falling while your running can be a cool animation, especially if its influenced from an object traveling at high speed
  15. Ok so its pretty much same as this one lol
  16. How will damage be taken

    @SkinnierSteve that was pretty cool for just one guy, if he had more ppl working on that he could have more realistic animations for when he shot that guy, and he just dropped lol. Hit him with a shotgun and he drops. That woulda lifted him off his feet from thay but yea maybe not with all the pressure and blood meters but that was pretty cool.
  17. I know they said they would like to get to that level of immersion, but right now it's too much as they would have to model all aspects of clothing with every body type, which is alot.
  18. Fingerprints

    I wonder if your robbing a bank, or convenience store can someone try and pull off your mask, or take your gun
  19. Fingerprints

    If you want to leave no evidence at a crime scene, don't forget to "police your brass"
  20. Anything For Backing

    Yea i got what your saying, but imo after they stated that having high end cars was gonna be a more special thing, so u feel like it means something. I just think i will feel like it takes away from my sports car. If theres alot of ppl driving the same one around...and to solve the problem of getting a car you dont like, and someone gets one u do, in the same pledge group. they could have a 2 or 3 car multiple choice, pick one of 3 cars from your pledge group, so everyone could get the car they like, and it would still make it feel more special. I'm not saying your wrong, just wishful thinking
  21. Anything For Backing

    Like if you pledge for 250 there could be 1 of 3, or whatever number from a certain tier. And 500 pledge gets 1 of however many from a higher tier
  22. Anything For Backing

    Well i know theres gonna be ALOT of pledges lol... so it woukd kinda take the special away a little bit. If theres only one car for the 100 pledge, instead of one random out of 2,3,5, or whatever vehicle for each pledge. Like hopefully all the ppl getting old dirt bikes arent riding the same exact one, same with all pledge packages...
  23. @HairyGrenade i dont know if this i a mistake, but there is a box before u check out the pledge prices, that says These pledge prices will be available for purchase until the release of the town square module, and then they will be no longer be available. Prices are also heavily discounted at this time, in not so many words
  24. Yes they will be able to hear you talking, if they were close enough and u can have your phone on speaker, Probably them too. As your voice will carry and be muffled or louder depending on your environment. If your in a room talking and the door is open, you can hear. But if the door is closed, it will be muffled and harder to hear. I wonder if there will be call waiting and caller ID? Hold on I got a beep...
  25. Anything For Backing

    I dont know if there will be a specific reward either i mean i know they want cars to mean something so i hope everyone wont get the same car reward