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  1. Id like to see what ideas people would want for vehicles in the game; Things like different variants of cars (muscle, tuner, super, luxury, vintage...) Motorbikes (naked, sports, supersports, cafe racers, vintage...) Personal use vehicles (skateboards, longboards, roller blades, hoverboards...) Work vehicles (trucks, tractors, construction vehicles, airport vehicles...) Aviation (personal jets, private jets, corporate airline, service helicopters, military...) Personally, i'd like to see these incorporated in this game in one way or another and I would love to hear other peoples suggestions as vehicles (i believe) are a big part of any game.
  2. Vehicle ideas - modifications

    what do you think about the dealerships and used car lot ideas? i know theyve got 1 car and 2 car garages already but something like this would be cool
  3. In the UK during WW2 tunnels were created for evacuation, leading to air raid shelters as well as thousands of subway systems and tunnels all underground. Although, tunnels would be easy to get lost in. IRL underground all signals, connections and GPS are lost.
  4. Vehicle ideas - modifications

    Another thing id love to see incorporated in the game is the use of garages, mechanics and dealerships. This idea came up to me when I thought of Test Drive Unlimited 2 and the way they used dealerships and used car lots to buy and sell customer cars. Images are for reference from TDU2 The first image is a high end dealership which sells super and hyper cars. I think a layout like this looks clean and shows the cars designs very well rather that a drop down list, also giving you freedom to view, testdrive and inspect the car before purchase. The second image is a reference to dealer modifications and optional extras. I'd incorporate this to keep cars unique to the user. The third image is a used car lot. Running low on cash? Sell your car and other users could have a chance to purchase and own it with the exception of dealership optional extras. Since its a used car dealership, cars could be modified to the previous owners taste. This could be changes from the rims, paintjob, engine mods, running gear, decals, exterior and interior. This would only be possible with a car tuning shop (chop shop) to improve and style vehicles which is another feature i would love to see. A motorbike and other vehicles dealerships could also be used in the game. Thanks
  5. Actual gameplay(firefights)

    From what i'm hearing, this game will be innovative and amazing. #ggGTA
  6. Actual gameplay(firefights)

    Can't remember where and when I saw this, but i think it was on youtube on the dev interview.
  7. Actual gameplay(firefights)

    well, they did create altis life
  8. What is your Account ID?

    any positives for the first 1k users?