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  1. No update for 2 month??

    The Steam reviews are negative, to simply say "Well they should've known it's a module" is a sad cop-out. People can complain all they want and they have the damn right to. Devs stopped having the luxury of "it's an alpha" or "they're a small team" once they decided it was okay to add MICROTRANSACTIONS to the game, when they decided you can pay a few hundred dollars for a house and a car, once they BROKE THEIR PROMISE of the alpha being NOT WIDELY AVAILABLE but just to the BACKERS. You can defend the devs all you want, and people can call them out for what seems to be like a cashgrab. They earned a million+ already and what have they really given us so far? Microtransactions, microtransactions, broken promise, microtransactions, broken module with absolutely nothing to do. THEY decided to RELEASE it on STEAM for EVERYONE, they could've waited, they could've done better with communicating. Sure, calling them names and being absolutely toxic towards them is not helpful, harassment and all that stuff is ALWAYS BAD. People are allowed to critize, and yes, people are entitled to it, especially those that gave up 50+ dollars. 2 months since any update is terrible, and it only makes people hate the team, hate the game more and more. They made promises, and if it's something they can't deliver, they shouldn't have made them. Hell, telling the community: "Listen, we get we promised this and that, but we simply aren't good enough at creating what we wanted. WE will still work hard to finish the game, but some things like X and X are simply unachievable. To compensate and show goodwill, we will remove some microtransactions like paying real life money to edit shirts and put logos on them, now you can unlock that with ingame currency only at launch!" would be met with backlash, sure, but at least they would show the backers that they are being honest. Again, idk if it's the case, but what my point is, is that they should communicate and be honest. It's a two way street, devs need to communicate, and the backers need to stay civil.
  2. This is legit bad business practice

    Does this mean you have to keep buying the IRL 5 dollar token from the site? Or will you be able to create custom shirts (in full release) without having keep shilling out 5 dollars per custom design? If this is the case, that you don't have to keep paying 5 bucks per custom design and custom shirt or shoes etc, that would make it better. Mainly because I like creating stuff, so if you allow me to create stuff, I can overlook 90% of things I disagree with. Thanks for your reply, I do appreciate you taking your time
  3. First off, you miss deadline after deadline, then you are extremely horrible with communication. Then you start selling BS like "Pay 5 bucks and you can create a custom shirt!" Something which SHOULD BE FREE. Dogs, cats, houses all that nonsense all money grubbing. But now NO DEDICATED SERVERS? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Only RENTABLE servers? This is DayZ level cash grab. I beg the devs, don't do this to the costumers. This shit is anti consumer as hell. Stuff like this honestly seems like this game is going to be just another cashgrab poor asset flip game. I honestly hope to god i'm wrong, hopefully some devs or mods can correct me if I'm wrong. With this, I would gladly be wrong, I honestly do. I've been looking forward for this game for so long, and if this is honestly the route you guys are going, I feel very, very, very let down. Many already said this game is too good to be true, and shit like this makes me think this might be the case. If this is all correct, this is honestly EA style bullshit. Edit: I recall that I've been TOLD by MODS a few months ago, that there WOULD be dedicated private servers eventually, looking through my history if I can find it. I am 100% certain though. If you can indeed create custom shirts and stuff without having to pay REAL LIFE money, then I'm okay with it. Then I can live with rent only server shit, even though I still hate it as a business practice. I get the devs want money, but to milk out every creative endevour and everything is beyond messed up.
  4. SCUM the next step in gaming

    Yeah, no. " this game is what Dayz,PubG, and Arma all wish they could have reached. " That's litterally what they said about all those games. Scum will unfortunatly be another generic game, with hackers and spawn campers. Game will likely die within the first 3 months of it's release. It simply doesn't look like it's really something special or unique. No doubt that there will be players having fun, but I don't think it will be as big as you are hyping it up to be
  5. Fellow Game Developers

    I'm actually currently busy with a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game, that I'll be releasing on Android, Amazon and IOS. Will have an open alpha in the coming weeks actually. I have dabbled with ORPG engines as well, 3D engines and such, was fun to do, but never became something serious
  6. What will you RP in identity?

    I'll keep it clean mostly, I'd probably punch people roleplaying as communists though, because those people are disgusting anyway. Probably pizza delivery or something. In games like IMVU I always created clothes and designed stuff. I hope I can still do that here for free. If I have to pay 5 dollars to upload a logo every single time, I probably won't do it, because that's just a cash grab which I won't do, unless I can earn irl money from it, like with IMVU
  7. The shop confuses me

    I got the founder pass which I paid 30 bucks for. Now I see that the Ride t-shirt thingy is also 30 bucks. So I assumed, I would get that one for free now, but apparently, to get that one, I need to pay 30 bucks extra? So it's cheaper to upgrade to the cabbie pack? I don't fully understand
  8. Steam Verification Process

    Source: https://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/1666776116200553082 You're the one who seems to not know much about Steam. Everything is pretty much okay, unless it's "Trolling" or actually "Illegal". Porn, etc is all okay.
  9. Heya! I had a question. Are nazi symbols allowed for parties etc? The reason I ask this, is because I have seen some "Communist" flags here and there. I'm pretty sure this also means that the Nazi flags or variations of it are allowed, would be stupid to allow one thing, but ban another obviously. The reason I ask, is because I'm curious if we'll see a weird party like "Gay Nazi Party" or something silly like that. Thanks!
  10. Steam Verification Process

    Everything is legal for steam now. Porn games, school shooting sims etc. Just FYI
  11. Heya, So I see that with different pledges you get stuff. Appartments, cars cash etc. But here's the thing. What's the point? If you pay $500 for an expensive pledge, you'll only get those things in official servers, so if you go to a private server you start with nothing. Or will you have those things in private servers as well? If this is the case, does it mean that private servers are "Shards" instead of actual private servers? And if so, does this mean things (guns, ammo etc) you have in one server, carries over to all? Just wondering
  12. Showing people around your pledged apartments?

    Isn't that just on official servers? Like if you go to a private server, you won't get the stuff you pledged for, right?
  13. Identity Map is bigger than the gta 5 map

    Bigger =/= better. If it's dead and empty, then it has no point. It's cool that they have a big map and all, but I'm tired of seeing games with maps that are HUUUUGE!! But then end up being as deep as a puddle
  14. Trust = Gone

    I don't think so. You can hate the slow progress, but one thing the devs and mods have done so far is not censor too much. They did censor my post about Nudity, which is retarded af, but if they start censoring opinions, I'll pull my money back
  15. Surprise Surprise

    If they start closing threads because they are negative towards the game, it shows to potential buyers that the devs are not to be trusted, and are against free speech. If you take your fanboyism glasses off and put on your critical thinking hat, you'd understand. You don't have to agree with the negativity but you can ADD to the conversation instead of shutting it down