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  1. Ok so were all mad

    That's certainly a . . . unique complaint.
  2. I've been waiting on a few of the bugs to be fixed (like the elevator) so there's still a few things I want to do, apartment decorating etc.
  3. Art in Town Square

    Love the Tailspin one!
  4. Might I suggest

    haha I'm lucky in that this sort of "works" with both my female characters, because of their backstories, but I can totally see your point.
  5. Prices on stuff

    I'm 99% sure that they will eventually cost money. Currently they are all free because I don't actually think there is currency in the game atm.
  6. How can people still defend this game.

    I've been keeping an eye on this game for the past year (not as long as a lot of you, I know) and I bought it this weekend on Steam. I totally knew what I was getting so there haven't really been any disappointments for me. I'm in love with the idea of what this game could be, I wanted to support that and I don't regret doing so. Besides, I'm actually having fun running around in the Town Square. I'm going to keep hoping this game continues to develop and, if the worst happens and it doesn't, then at least I know that *I* supported something that I believed in.
  7. What will you RP in identity?

    My long term plan is to be somewhere out in the rural areas, mostly. Possibly farming, being a hermit, maybe growing a little weed on the side, occasionally coming into town for supplies/to sell stuff. In the short term:
  8. [TOOL] Identity Signature Generator???

    This is fun, thank you!
  9. Anyone Else Unable to Play Identity on Release?

    I'm in this club too. BF and I are at a comic con all weekend. Will be able to have a first look on Sunday night though.
  10. Start playing

    Aaaaaand I'm away for the whole weekend.