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  1. What is this shit

    @Honeybadger Totally agree with you Deny it or not Devs this statement is %100 true An 'expected' release of Summer 2017, now nearly 2019, with virtually no hope for a module before then, with almost half the content we were promised it would have over 2 years ago. I know your trying to deny it so much but its clearly true, Like ive said if the features are not included at launch why put them on the Town Square's Features include section.
  2. What is this shit

    @LuckyDuck Obviously you cant, it was never going to be post launch, It was going to be in the TS, All them features listed are displayed to be in at launch. Theres even a tab which says "Plus additional content added regularly! The great thing about Identity's modules is that it lets us share some of the cool and fun stuff we create before Identity is ready itself. We'll continue to expand the Town Square with new content and games all the time, right up until Identity hits the shelves!" If the barber and tattoo shop are in updates after launch why is it included in the FEATURES INCLUDED IN TS, and then the above is stated AFTER. That creates a clear impression that all the things above the last point on the page (which is the statement in ") are included at LAUNCH, If they planned to include it in an update after launch why didnt they tell us before than in the last gameplay video. I just dont get it, It was clearly intended to be in at Launch, however recently they've decided lets scrap it out and put it in after.
  3. What is this shit

    @LuckyDuck There were no after launch talks 2 years ago. It says the TS features INCLUDE a barbers and Tattoo Shop. It doesnt say they are coming in later update's. It literally says "After creating your character you'll find tattoo parlors, barber shops and more to help achieve a unique look". Not you can customize your character but then also achieve a more unique look when the barber and tattoo shops are available in a free update. Please find me something what says the barber and tattoo shop are included in post launch updates from when the website launched, not recently in the gameplay videos. Now listing false features on the TS page. They should go back and edit that page as its very misleading. No where on that page does it say "barber shop and tattoo parlor will be added in later updates" It is displayed to be in from the start.
  4. What is this shit

    @Kellog Alot of people feel like this
  5. What is this shit

    @Paratus sure i can go watch that video but in 2 years i thought you would have maybe done something else with the customization. Polished the UI?. Added more Patterns, Added more stuff we can customise. @LuckyDuck wasnt the tracker supposed to give us an up to date view of all that stuff, If there seriously not adding things because the community gets a little mad then the task tracker doesnt give us a true perspective of what needs doing.
  6. What is this shit

    Sorry my bad. For some reason i thought it was coming with TS. Still all the stuff what still needs doing doesnt equate to 1 task in gameplay 'testing'
  7. What is this shit

    1 Gameplay task 'testing' ? library is not done and the and the coffee shop? Is the fixing broken legs and arms user interface or gameplay??? This task tracker is complete bullshit. About the broken arms. Look in the recent gameplay video and look at the ai where he goes to buy drugs and his arms are missing and legs? these guys are big on the talking but short on the doing Show literaly no gameplay. Talking so much about doing all this shit but dont show it? Why dont they show more stuff you can do. Go to the apartments and customize it? or find some uncopyrighted music and show if the karaoke actually works fully. Maybe go to the tattoo shop and put on a tattoo? oh wait they cant because none of its done. MonkaS. Town Square defo not coming out this summer. They plan doing another video and releasing a website before the TS comes out. It took them another month to do this most recent video. Let me guess another month for the 3rd 'Gameplay' Video and then another month for New website? ARMA 4 will be out before this and just play the new RP on that than this shite. Also that running animation has been the same since the apartment video 2 years ago. in the tracker the entire BUG TRACKER has been completed but in the recent video i still see so many bugs. Also the gameplay video they showed a while ago which was the cars and the gunplay showing to rv van. Remember that?. None of that will be in the town square, Instead of focusing on that stuff why not focus on polishing and releasing the TS???? I could say so much about this but im ending it here.
  8. Exactly what title says. MonkaS
  9. Could i get a refund?

    Could i please get a refund for the Founders Pack, im going to buy it again when it comes out, just need the money right now!
  10. 15 Task's left!!

    When do y'all think town square is releasing?
  11. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    if you wanna join PM Don Kevin
  12. No longer taking money for citizenship?

    you make two account's for this website, one for forum and one for the purchasing. Also the 15 dollar pass doesnt get you into the module's. You'll need to get the 30 dollar one to participate in April. EDIT: you dont login on the website with your forum account. Forum account is only usable on the forum's
  13. Alright, I'm out.

    lets wait until The Town Square video. If that's the same quality of this one then you can go
  14. dev blog tonight lads

    As Quoted from HairyGrenade "There will be a dev blog tonight that will either show the video or address it, If there is no announcement, tweet or link, then nothing has changed. Please be patient".
  15. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    Honoured to be a part of this family,