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  1. Supreme™ - High-Fashion Streetwear Clothing

    We have recently acquired new blood.  Welcome one of our new Merchandise Associates, @Indevious. Welcome to Supreme.
  2. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing

    Congratulations, IndeviousYou have been accepted to join our Retail staff as a Merchandise Associate for Supreme Clothing in IdentityRPG.Welcome to Supreme.
  3. FAQ Extended

    There will be main servers at Identity HQ, and on each server you have an entirely different character
  4. Identity referral program

    This should work as long as it's not ridiculous.
  5. Homeowner pass why dirt bike and not car?

    Honestly, I questioned this decision as well. Most likely, the dirt bike is more fuel efficient and is better overall than the rusted car.
  6. Hello Identity!

    Welcome to Identity~!
  7. Hello!

    Welcome to Identity!
  8. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing

    We'd be more than happy to comply with whatever requests you have.
  9. Supreme - Coming Soon.

    Supreme is a clothing line opening shop in Identity.  You can find more information about us on our website:
  10. Supreme - Coming Soon.

      Credit to our Chief Design Officer (CDO): @Zebra
  11. Supreme™ - High-Fashion Streetwear Clothing

  12. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing

      Credit to our Chief Design Officer (CDO): @Zebra
  13. Delete this thread please

    Hey @LoneWolf1557, We here at Supreme would appreciate it if you wouldn't copy our thread format for Supreme Clothing for your thread post. There are an infinite amount of ways in which you can truly express your brand in your post, but we feel that it is in both of our best interests if you would kindly not use our format. Even though we are flattered that you find our format nice, please respect our request for you to either take this post down or to edit it extensively for the sake of originality and credit to the people who spent a lot of time making our thread. This is pretty non-consequential, but just note that this isn't a good look for your brand when you do things such as this. When people think of your brand, you don't want the first word they think of being "fake" or "copycat".   Also, I plead for you to change your website a bit. It seems like you took heavy inspiration from our website, and I ask that you do something different for the sake of originality.   No hard feelings. Hell, we can even collab sometime! But, we just ask that you respect our requests.  Thanks, Supreme Clothing
  14. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing

    Supreme x Ice COMING SOON.
  15. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing

    We have recently acquired new blood.  Welcome our new Chief Design Officer (CDO), @Zebra Welcome to Supreme.