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  1. Supreme™ - High-Fashion Streetwear Clothing

    You can look into all the different releases so far and you can see that's not the case.
  2. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing

    Thanks for the kind words
  3. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing


    @giveausanoz Come on dude... if you're going to try and copy my company thread, you should have least tried to hide the fact... The shit even still has "Supreme" in the application 
  5. Thomas Hetch for governer

    Ayy this is a real question
  6. Being first is very important in business
  7. Crown merch merch (merchception)

    Sick designs
  8. Motown is the 3D artist for the game... They dev team has made it pretty clear so far that they aren't going to try to intervene that much, and that for the most part they are going to let the game run with its own player population. Not quite sure what the significance of Motown's opinion on your campaign would be. Quite honestly, his opinion as to how the player gov. should work has no more weight than any other player, or dev for that matter.
  9. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing

    Nothing so far is confirmed
  10. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing

    As of now, we are mainly in need of GFX/VFX artists. Is this something that interests you?
  11. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing

    Is Supreme the only source of clothing available in Identity? There are many cheaper alternatives for clothing. 
  12. Never said otherwise. 
  13. Welcome to politics. Where you put yourself in front of everyone to be judged and interrogated, until the general public weeds out the weak candidates and only one remains to be our leader. What you're enduring is actually incredibly natural if you look back historically about how human and animal societal groups decide their leader.
  14. Rivaling somebody doesn't mean you have to hate each other. It just means that at this point in time, he is your lead competitor (which he is). Also, not to mention you used many of his free market ideas when you recreated your entire campaign to leech his voter base. A little more variety would have been nice.
  15. I have no reason to vote for you if you have the capability to completely change your platform on a weekly basis. This means nothing more than that you don't hold any strong positions and that you're easily convinced via popular opinion. You have to understand that popular opinion isn't always the right one! Honestly, I don't see you having the characteristics of somebody we need in a position of political power. I've seen it first hand where you cower behind "negotiation" the moment you begin to lose an argument, rather than actually showing some confidence in your beliefs. Even though I personally agree with the positions in your changed campaign more than before, I would have honestly considered you more as a viable candidate if you at least just remained consistent. You kept absolutely nothing from your beginning campaign, and completely abandoned your grassroots supporters. To me, this shows extreme weakness and spinelessness in your ability to hold your own.