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  1. supreme

    What we're doing falls under the category of "fan-art". We're not going to use the actual existing designs that Supreme currently has, and we're going to be creatively different in that sense. Also, due to the ambiguity of the word "Supreme", we have much more freedom in that sense.
  2. Not true at all. Just because you can't convince someone after your first response, it doesn't mean they're a "lost cause". Trying to spin having a lack of an argument to it just "not being worth arguing someone already set in stone" is a huge red flag for weakness.
  3. Some of the realest shit spoken in this entire 14 page thread. Thanks for the contribution đź‘Ť
  4. supreme

    You can look into all the different releases so far and you can see that's not the case.
  5. supreme

    Thanks for the kind words
  6. @giveausanoz Come on dude... if you're going to try and copy my company thread, you should have least tried to hide the fact... The shit even still has "Supreme" in the application
  7. election

    There is no sex in the game lmfao The only drug the governor can decide to make legal or not is marijuana AFAIK. Everything else which includes crack and meth are illegal by game design. How do you even determine who is a pedophile or not if there's no way for pedophiles to express their urges (there's no sex in the game). Ayy this is a real question
  8. Being first is very important in business
  9. merch

    Sick designs
  10. Motown is the 3D artist for the game... They dev team has made it pretty clear so far that they aren't going to try to intervene that much, and that for the most part they are going to let the game run with its own player population. Not quite sure what the significance of Motown's opinion on your campaign would be. Quite honestly, his opinion as to how the player gov. should work has no more weight than any other player, or dev for that matter.