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  1. Supreme™ - High-Fashion Streetwear Clothing

    We unfortunately do not have any more executive positions available. Let me know if you have any other questions, or interests in working here at Supreme.
  2. Who's Your Governor

    In my opinion, Thomas Hetch has a better plan for stimulating the economy, and has a stronger foundation for his campaign. Thomas Hetch for Governor!
  3. Supreme™ - High-Fashion Streetwear Clothing

    Unfortunately, we already have a CFO on staff. If you're still interested in working in Finance, we still have an accounting position for you if want it. - Supreme Leader | CEO of Supreme Clothing
  4. vote me and live better

    It came from the devs in the TheDynasty Q&A  
  5. Advertising Agency

    Billboards and radio have been confirmed by the devs. I'm sure there are other ways you can advertise as well though, we'll just have to see.
  6. How Diverse is our community?

    Maybe include some Asian languages in there
  7. For in-game designs on clothing, how can we prevent other companies from copying us? Is there a way through the legal system to trademark certain logos/brand names? Also, as a company can you sue another company? Also, as a individual, can you sue another individual/group?

    I still stand by what my campaign represented, although I'm not in the race anymore.
  9. The Conservative Coalition Party

  10. Will Sports be a Job?

    There is a boxing league currently called "Born to Bleed", which can be found here:  
  11. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing

    We have recently acquired new blood.  Welcome one of our new [email protected] Welcome to Supreme.
  12. Boxing League Recruiting!

    Not quite sure why this post doesn't state it, but here it is anyways:      
  13. Supreme Corp. will be working with Aegis for our release drops. Proud to be a client.
  14. Supreme™ - High-Fashion Streetwear Clothing

    I would like to speak with you further about this. Check PM.
  15. Professional Boxing Team/League 'Born To Bleed'

    Will the prize pool money be crowd funded through bets? So for example, the winning boxer gets 50% of the bets and the other 50% returns to those who bet on the winning fighter? @Mastahakill