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  1. Are you against european union (ew) ?
  2. Engine sounds?

    Sir, you are 100% right, engine sounds in GTA IV sound like a blender, and GTA V engine sounds (and sounds in general) are a mother*****in joke. Also, I've already asked developers about the engine sounds and showed them this vid as an example on how engines should sound in a videogame. One guy, moderator I think said engine sounds will be realistic and developers will take care of it, so no need to worry.
  3. Guns

    i'd like to see the new MSBS rifle for counter terrorists, but they will probably run around with mp5's, for balance. Maybe rifles like M416, G36C, Famas, MSBS etc. will be avaliable for police if bank robbers or some other bandits will be confirmed to have heavy weaponary, if not - just mp5's and other machine guns like UMP.
  4. Witaj! Jestem zainteresowany i na serwerze głównie będę grał jako policja, chociaż nie tylko. Czy będzie można liczyć na smaczki takie jak stacja RMF-FM w radiu, polskie złote zamiast domyślnej waluty w grze (modele banknotów i monet), napis POLICJA wszędzie zamiast POLICE, polskie radiowozy, karetki i tablice rejestracyjne, Pałac Kultury i Nauki zamiast tego dużego budynku z zegarem w Town Square itd? Głównie chodzi mi o "upolszczenie" rogrywki. Byłoby zajebiście Pozdrawiam!
  5. Or at least pick some of sirens we want to have in our vehicles from a large variety of sirens developers will hopefully prepare.
  6. For players who can't afford their own apartaments yet and need a place to live somewhere.
  7. My passport has just arrived!

    Welcome. You're very friendly, I'm sure you will have lots of colleagues.
  8. New Citizen Here :D

    Welcome. That's actually a preety good idea. You will be able to write books, but creating picture albums would be great.
  9. Hey From London

    Welcome friend
  10. Police pursuit squad.

    That's a shame. I'd still like to see pursuit cars as an option when it's needed, but if you guys say so, without these cars I mentioned. Exept Dodge Charger, this thing is a must.
  11. Hello All!

    Hello, hope you like it in here. Check out latest gameplay vid:
  12. Greetings

    Hey friend. The only part left is proggraming, hopefully this will go swiftly.
  13. Anthony Smith introduction

    "Hello My name is Anthony and iam from the Smith family." idk about you guys but I already believe this
  14. Short Introduction of my character

    Check out the newest gameplay and keep your eye on the tracker, we are almost there.