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  1. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    Sweet, thanks L.D!
  2. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    I sure do like the way the inside of the studio apartment looks. Can't wait to get into the game and fix it up. Live in it for a while while I build up some cash flow and move on to bigger and better things. Now, the dirt bike.....is it going to be street legal? Also, will I be able to put a bed in the studio or will I have to sleep on a couch?
  3. New Citizen!

    Welcome to the community and there is nothing wrong with the way you want to play.
  4. Mining

    Thanks TheHolyNZF but nothing specific was named. To bad.
  5. Mining

    Well James did you ever find out?
  6. Newb

    Aren't we all Ashmaebe and welcome to the community. Be sure to check out the FAQS. Enjoy your stay.
  7. New Artist In Town

    I have no problem with that. As I said, no offense but obviously you took it that way. You can play your piano all you want, enjoy it.
  8. Mining

    Sounds good. Looking forward to learning what ores & minerals will be available for us to mine and sell.
  9. Mining

    Alright thanks James. I appreciate your time and effort.
  10. Mining

    Materials such as? Can you possibly elaborate more on the materials? Gold, silver, coal, diamonds?
  11. i dont know what im doing XD

  12. New Artist In Town

    No thanks. I prefer actual musical talent. People who play real instruments like drums, rhythm and lead guitars and bass. No offense I am sure you will have "fans".....just not me.
  13. should i upgrade

    The choice is yours to make. I put in $90 for the Home Owner package. I was only going to do the $30 but meh what the hell. It's your money, spend it how you want to spend it. Good luck to you in your choice you make and happy gaming.
  14. job / professions (voting)

    I voted for other. I would like to see player owned restaurants and bars. I think it would be cool to own and operate a steak house, BBQ joint/bar. Serving fine choice steaks with all the fixings and ice cold drinks! Maybe even get into the market and serve select cuts of meat from the kills of hunters (bear tacos, bear steak with mushrooms and rice, chili with bear, venison sausage, venison stew, venison chops and ribs etc etc & let's not get started on the fish and other game animals.) Just what I would enjoy doing and would like to see in the game.
  15. Greetings Identity Community

    You are most welcome.