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  1. What's the status

    They need a real community manager if this game is always in development
  2. What's the status

    I am not in the staff team, but indeed there is no progress in the development. And the staff team will never say it. They will just say that the game is in the development phase, even if they themselves do not know ...
  3. Identity was a Cashgrab

    At first, I thought the team had just had bad communication, now I think it's a fraud. I call on all donors to get closer to the legal services of their country in order to recover their money to put an end to this scam
  4. Town square release tracker

    They wait the new website in HTML6 and CSS7 ?
  5. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    France with 2 stars
  6. most violent game

    Hatred with FPS view <3
  7. Peoples Coumputer Specs

    GPU : KFA2 GTX 1060 6g EXOC CPU : i5 6600K 3,5GHz -> 4,4GHz RAM : 16Gb ?
  8. Game Requirements

    Yep ? But the 1060 6gb (i have this one) seem good
  9. Bonjour de France !

    Hi everyone ! I am papy, 28 yo, and very excited by this game ! I hope this module release soon for gaming with you and discover this ludic world created by love ^^ Just to know : How many French are there ? (montrez vous les français )