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  1. Hi,

    I purchased a pledge a while ago, and I saw that I could now upgrade for a better pledge. Does that mean that I will keep my current pledge as well as get the upgrade added on to it, or lose the current pledge and gain the upgrade only?

    For example, I purchased the $60.00 pledge, but I'd like the 1 Bedroom Apartment with the Sports Car as well as keep what I got with the $60.00 pledge, like the Rusted Car. Would I keep ALL of those items from the $60.00 pledge if I upgraded and bought the pledge with the 1 Bedroom Apartment and the Sports Car?

    It would make sense if we got to keep all of the items from our original pledge because we paid for it.


    Phase1 (Brendan)

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    2. Genesai


      What @Lynnerup is saying is correct, but that was indeed not the question.
      What @Phase1 was asking is if he can keep ALL the items from previous pledged. The answer is no. Your rusted car would in this case get upgraded to the sports car. You won't get both. Even if you upgraded to the tiers with the two-slot garages. It's fairly simple actually, the items you see written down below the tier are the ONLY ones you get when you're at that tier. Some things get added, others get upgraded to something nicer.

    3. Lynnerup


      Good that you're here to clear things up Genesai!
      Atleast I tried :)

    4. Phase1


      Thank you to both of you guys! That's helped a lot. :)