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I lay there in this padded room, my head/face wrap needs to be change as the dry blood on the non woven fabric is starting to become part of my face. Damn it going to hurt when they pull it off. White Mask starts to laugh, and then stops hearing his cell door being open. He would sit up still in his straitjacket looking at the door.

"Mr. Mask its time to replace your old bandages with new ones." Doctor Harrison walks in with two guards and a nurse.

"Oh the Joy I was just saying to myself 'Self! I hope they will fix my bloody rags." White Mask gets to his feet and laughs once again this time laughing and alittle bit of blood comes out from his mouth. The two guards quickly grab White Mask by the arms holding him in place. "you know I can walk right rent-a-cops?"  Harrison would nod to one of the guards as White Mask would tilt his head to one side "What the?" The guard made a fist and slammed his fist into White Mask's gut. "PFffffffffffff" White Mask lowers his head as blood drips from his mouth. " hit like your mom! " a low deep laugh is heard and then he would get another punch to the gut. "PPPPPPPPPPuuuuuuckkk............and sir...hit like his mom doing your mom.." He begins to laugh again as both of the guards get ready to punch him. "Enough! put him in the chair and strap him down." Harrison says pointing to the two guards and then the chair. "Sorry boys that was a bad joke, im sure your moms are very nice lovers...I MEAN PEOPLE!..." The guards drag White Mask to the chair and force him down to sit, and start to strap him in. "Come on Fellas.....Shit that is tight...How am I suppose to kill you two if you...." The guard places one of the straps around his throat and pulls it back tightly. "AGGGH"

The Nurse pushes a cart of new bandages and whatever else they need to fix a face to stop bleeding. She would start to undue his old bandages, cutting a few pieces here and there. "AHHHHH!" White Mask screams  the nurse jumps back a little and then White Mask laughs.." Im ok ok you just took some skin there. but im cool..carry on.." She shakes her head and keeps unwrapping his head.

"Mr. Mask are you ready to talk today?" Harrison said as he walks around to the back of the chair where White Mask is sitting. "Doc listen I am always ready to talk." He says Harrison looks at his clip board and clicks his pen. "Very good how are you feeling today?" Harrison says walking back to the front of the chair. "Oh doc glad you see the little green men in this cell are very nice but they keep me up all night with their music." The Nurse finishes unwrapping his face. "Oh little green men huh? what kind of music are they playing." Harrison says looking at White Mask's messed up face. "They love that song where they are like I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa Da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa, da ba dee da ba daa...but they are GREEN! it makes no sense what so ever." White Mask says with a smile looking at Harrison. "Mhhmmm ok" He would start to write something down on his paper attached the clipboard. The nurse starts to wrap his face and head with new clean bandages. "Alright Mr. there anything else?" White Mask eyes narrow. "Why yes there is I have a....headache.." The Nurse finishes up and collects her things and pushes the cart out. "You have a headache you say?" Harrison says as the guards start to unstrap his neck and the other one  starts to working on his chest straps. "Yes you can say its a.." With that and the unleashing him from the neck strap White Mask slams his head on top of the guards head who was doing his chest straps knocking him to the ground. "Splitting Headache now!" He laughs as the other guard tries to restrain him but can not as White Mask was to quick to get out of the chair and some how gets his arms free from the straitjacket. "Ta Da!"

"GUARDS!" Harrison would yell towards the open cell door. and looks back seeing both the other guards pull their nightsticks walking up behind White Mask. He turns around just in time using his straitjacket as a weapon and smacks the two guards across the face with his long straitjacket arms. He would laugh and slowly turn towards Harrison blood starting to show on his newly wrapped bandages. "Anymore Questions Doc?" As soon as White Mask took a step more guards ran into the cell. "Ahh Come on...." White Mask lowers his head as the guards tackle him to the ground and starts beating him with the nightsticks just like last time. "That is it! I want him chained to the wall so he can not move!" The beating continued as White Mask just laid there laughing once more.




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The man on the other side of the phone has a voice distortion device and is using a VPN. When traced or called back the number goes to a Hispanic sounding lady.

Hello Agent Simms. I have a request, a deal if you may. This of course regards the white mask. I've heard about your loss and I'm terribly sorry. I think you know what has to happen. but first, some ground rules

refer to me as "Not Here"

refer to my assistant as "Red Army"

when you meet us you will be searched for wires.

and most of all be willing.

meet us at the 7/11 near the burned warehouse.

bring a mask

the man hangs up

camera cuts to Marco

Okay, D you wanna come with?

Nah man I'm gonna sleep

Alright Jack come with me. We need a car with fake plates, Suarez you still got those?

Sure do boss

Okay get them onto the a getaway.

who we meetin M

Hopefully a fed who was at that bank.


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Simms looks at his phone and hits the end call button. "What the hell? Does this clown think I am going bad just because that crazy ass White Mask killed my family?" He shakes his head and slides off the roof of his car. He grabs his pistol and places it in the back of his jeans. He pockets his phone and walks to his car. He climbs into his car and hits the gas heading towards where the man on the phone told him to meet.

About 20 to 40  minutes later Simms stops his car and gets out. He looks around and then over to his trunk, and pulls out a Blaser 93 Tactical rifle all decked in black. He would sling his German made rifle over his shoulder and heads towards a building. 5 to 20 mins later he unslings his rifle and sets it up pointing it towards the 711 where he was suppose to meet the man on the phone. He pulls up a chair,fixes the curtains so there is no glare no nothing that can pin point where he is. He rest his rifle on the table and sits down in the chair snuggling up to the sniper rifle and flicks the scope caps up. He reaches into his pocket and places his phone on the table and then grabs his bluetooth earpiece and places it into his ear. He knows he can not call the guy who called him back so he will wait and have him call him to see what he really wants.

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A white van with ‘Fred’s Plumbing’ slowly comes to a stop on the side of the road infront of what appears to be an affluent house.  Time of day is approximately 9:00PM with moderate cloud cover. The man in the driver seat puts the van in park and flicks off the lights.  The man reaches into the inner pocket of his coat pulling out a small piece and a photo to verify the address of the residence he parked infront of.  “Michael O’Rourke. Bonus if it’s slow and painful”.  The man checks the magazine of his pistol placing it back into the shoulder holster.  He reaches behind his back under his coat and taps his knife.  He pulls a black half mask up that has a dark grey skull design over his nose and mouth.

”Too easy.” He says.

The garage door opens of the home as a Mercedes pulls in from the street and into the garage.  A man steps out of the car that matches the picture of Michael O’Rourke.  Garage door begins to close as the man and the van exits and walls up the driveway using the shadows to hide himself from the unsuspecting eye.  Moving swiftly around the house the man notes the general out lay of the house. The nice fall weather had provided an easy entrance into the home as majority of the windows remained opened to let the crisp air blow through the house.

Mr. O’Rourke went up stairs and the man seized the opportunity to cut the screen and enter the home.  Silently he moved upstairs, as he listen for footsteps or any other indicators of Mr. O’Rourke. A toilet flushed and then the sound of shower started.  The man moved into the master bedroom and into the closet which was direct across from the bathroom Mr. O’Rourke was in.  The man slipped the knife from its conceal location and remained crouched and unmoving waiting for the time to strike.

Minutes go buy when suddenly a the man feels a buzzing sound in his coat pocket.  Quickly reaching into quiet the sound he pulls out the phone looking at the message.

“818001 10k. ASAP”

The man scowls at the phone as he quickly shealthes the knife and stands in the closet just as the shower was turned off.  The man removes the pistol from the shoulder holster as he exits the closet just the bathroom door opens and Mr. O’Rourke walls out in a white bath robe. Mr. O’Rourke lets out a terrified scream at the sight of this ghostly figure emerge from the dark closet.

The man gave to quick trigger pulls aiming center mass at Mr. O’Rourke instantly dropping to the ground.  The man walks to the side of the now deceased Mr. O’Rourke and fires one more shot into his forehead.  Holstering the pistol, the man takes a picture of the body and then puts the phone to his ear as he walks out.

A female voice on her phone says, ”Good job Ghost, the money will be wired to your account. No bonus for this one. Rough night?”

”Yeah, emergency job came up just now Denise” Replied Ghost.

”Have fun hun.”

”Always do.”

Ghost gets to the van, hoping in and taking off down the street.  Sirens could be heard a short distance away.  A short time later ghost pulls into a back alley has he quickly hopes out of the van and removes the magnet sign of advertising plumbing and replaced with ‘Tim’s Electric.”

Back in the van ghost slides out an iPad that was under the driver sweet and enters the code 818001. Maps and building schematics pop up on the screen.

”You got to be shitting me.”

Ghost throws the van in drive and speeds off into the night.

[I’ve been following the series since Season 1 and love everything that everyone has created and had to join in this epic story!]

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Chain to the wall like an animal. He hangs there like he was on the cross or something. His bandages had all dried blood on it once again but this time he didn't care it was only his face, his money maker, his meal ticket thats all.

"Im Blue.....daba dee....daba doo.......Im blue......dee dee river....daba dee...doo..I'm Blue."

His cell door is heard unlocking, White Mask raises his head looking up towards the door and smiles.

" the hell are you?"

Harrison walks in by himself today. "Mr. Mask I am well how are you?"

"Oh you know me just hanging around." He laughs and quickly moves towards Harrison but the chains are nice and tight and he doesn't move too far. Harrison stepped back and held up his clip board like a shield to his face. He then see that White Mask can't move that far so he smiles and fixes his glasses. "Good your not going anywhere I Tricks Mr. Mask just me and you talking that is all."

White Mask rolls his eyes and lowers his head. "Listen Doc." Harrison walks closer to White Mask "No you listen Mr. Mask I ask the question you answer my question and we will get through these little visits so that I do not have to come see you every day." White Mask raises his head looking dead in the eyes of Harrison. " May I ask you one question before we start?" Harrison sighs pushing his glasses up his nose once again and sighs." Very well Mask go ahead." White Mask spreads his fingers  apart and leans forward closer to Harrison. "How long have I been here?" Harrison shakes his head and looks through  his notes.  "Uhhhh well looks like a couple weeks or five? why?" White Mask eyes gets bigger and he starts to twitch a little. "Wait......what? Five weeks? five? One two three four FIVE!?" White Mask starts to struggle with the chains. "UH shit...ummm shit shit shit..oh freak a leak " Harrison raises a brow. "Calm down Mask or I will have to calm you down." White Mask looks at Harrison again "No no you do not under stand...oh god..." Harrison sighs reaching into his pocket pulling out a needle with some calming juice in it. "Alright Mr. Mask time to take a nap" Harrison Walks over to the struggling White Mask sticking him with the needle in his neck. "But.....But...I feel your presence amongst us" White Mask takes a deep breath trying to stay awake. " You cannot hide in the darkness........... Can you hear the rumble?...........Can you hear the rumble that's calling?" Harrison looks at White Mask shaking his head. "Goodnight Mr. Mask..see you in the..."


"He's Here......" White Mask starts to laugh more of a low laugh because he is about to pass out from the drugs that the doc just gave him.



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an orange Pinto rolls up to the 7/11

Not Here and Red Army put their masks on

Remind me why we're doing this N

I feel like Walt is going more psycho than usual, they got him up in that asylum. But that shouldn't hold him long.

So after he's out what?

He's a liability, sure he's good at distracting but, the cops came anyway. And he's a clear anarchist, in order for there to be banks and jewelry shops to turn over, there needs to be a government.

So... we kill him.

there's a short pause

Not Here says casually


they step out



The two run behind the 7/11

Not Here grabs his phone


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((sorry about being away, I think I should be able to be a bit more consistent now))

Kevin watches the Cadillac drive off, leaving two bodies on the ground. He starts the engine on the Mustang and begins the long drive back to Roseport. After several hours driving (and several back roads), Kevin finally pulls up outside of his shop. Kevin heads inside and opens the garage door, bringing the Mustang inside. Kevin opens the trunk pulling a duffel bag out containing the promised money.

"Well he didn't lie"

Kevin grabs a screwdriver, removing the plates from the Mustang. Next he grabs a car cover, tossing it over the car. Kevin flops down on the couch, the full weight of the last two days finally washing over him. Just then Kevin's phone rings.

"What do you mean you got it?"

"Well that is great news, drop her off at the shop, I owe you big time"

Kevin flops back on the couch, staring into space for a few minutes before his sight focuses once more, this time on the bag of money. He jumps up and grabs the bag, heading into the shops small office space. Kevin opens a small safe under the desk, and starts to place the money inside. As Kevin locks the safe, he hears a knock at the door. He opens it up and sees a old friend of his.

"Jack, good to see you buddy!"

"Just because I saved your car from being crushed is no reason to act like this"

The two men stare at each other for a few moments before bursting into laughter and giving a large bro-hug.

"For real though, good to see you. Open up one of the bays and I will tow her in here"

Kevin opens a garage door, and Jack backs his flat bed with Kevin's destroyed 240sx on top.

"Fucking hell, I was in that shit"

"I took a look at the frame, and it is properly fucked"

"Shit, that was a clean car when I bought it too, cost me way to much money to wreck it that fast. Fuck, I was supposed to go and do some show drifting this weekend"

"So whats the plan? I know you, your bound to have another car you can take somewhere"

"I guess I could break the E30 out, I haven't driven that little beast in a while"

 "And this car?"

Jack points at the ruined Nissan

"Strip what I can off of it, most of the powertrain should be recoverable"

"Alright man, need a ride anywhere?"

"Thanks for the offer, but I need to take the Bronco back to storage anyways"

"Okay then, have a good night man, get some rest, you look like shit"

"Fair enough, see you around"

Once Jack has left, Kevin locks the shop up and heads back to his apartment in his Bronco. Kevin parks outside and heads up to his apartment on the third floor. He tosses his plaid jacket onto the back of the couch and heads into his bedroom where he flops down on the bed. Just before passing out Kevin notices his clock reads 2:30 am.

Kevin wakes up the next morning at ten, grabs his hat from where it fell off his head in the night, and grabs his coat off the back of the couch and heads down to his truck. He drives across to the city outskirts into a fenced off property with the only building being a large barn. Kevin stops in front of the barn, and opens the door, driving the Bronco inside. Kevin parks, hoping out, and heads to a metal box on the wall. He opens the cover revealing several rows of single keys. He hooks the Bronco's key onto a empty hook, and scans the rest of the keys, eventually grabbing a single key with a red tag. Kevin then flips on a light switch, revealing a row of covered cars stretching through most of the barn. Kevin walks down the row, stopping mid way down, and pulling the cover off, revealing a lowered red 1990 BMW E30 M3 with gold rims. Kevin unlocks the door and sits down, memories flooding over him. He shuts the door and fires up the engine, letting it idle for a few minutes while he got a sense for the old cars condition. Once satisfied, he sets off, locking the barn behind him.


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The white van is racing down the road and Ghost is on the phone.

“Thank for the assist Denise, take 5% off my next assignment for your help” Ghost says.

“Anytime Ghost, good luck.”

Ghost hangs up the cell phone and grabs the iPad from the passenger seat. He looks at the map on the iPad and  drives off following the moving red dot.  Minutes later Ghost finds himself trailing behind a vehicle he was tracking on the iPad.  He turns off the screen on the iPad as the two vehicles approach a stop sign.  The vehicle infront of Ghost comes to a complete stop and Ghost taps the bumper of the vehicle. The man in the other car puts his car in park and gets out throwing his hands in the air.

“What are you drunk asshole!” Screaming at Ghost in the van.

Ghost reaches between the seat grabbing a bottle of clear liquid and a rag. The man walks quickly to Ghost’s driver side. Ghost opens the door and exits it.

“Hey asshole are you blind!?”

Ghost lunges forward surprising the man, placing the rag over his nose and mouth, his other hand grips the back of the mans head tightly, keeping him from pulling away.  The man’s eyes roll into the back of his head and becomes limp. Ghost quickly drags the man into his van as he strips the man of his janitor uniform and badge.  He then tosses the man into the trunk of his car and Ghost goes back to his van and moves it from the roadway.  Ghost returns to the man and ties his hands and feet up from inside of the trunk. He then slams the trunk closed and jumps into the vehicle speeding off to the target location.

Moments later Ghost approaches the large gates of the asylum and slowly comes to as stop grabbing the access badge that was hanging on the rear view mirror and swipes it at the access panel. The guard in the guard shack peaks out the window recognizing the vehicle and quickly returns to playing on his phone.  The gates open and Ghost pulls through and quickly finds a parking spot and parks. Ghost exits the vehicle as he hurried into the employee entrance that is clearly marked swiping his badge for easy access. He looks at his watch and opens the door. The time read 11:00PM.

There was a guard seated playing on his phone next to a metal detector. Ghost sighed as he walked toward the guard.  The guard perked up and stood as Ghost approached disguised in a janitor uniform.

“You don’t look familiar.” The guard said.

“It’s my first day, and I think im late.” Replied Ghost.

The guard looked at his watch. “Cutting it kinda close don’t ya think? It’s cool man just empty your pockets and step through.” Ghost put his cell phone and keys on the table as he stepped through the detector and it immediately went off.

“Double check man, it’s probably loose change.” Said the guard.

Ghost sighed. “I don’t have time for this.” The expression on the guard changed to a more serious tone. “Excus...” Ghost slammed his foot into the side of the guard’s knee, buckling his legs and throwing him off balance.  Ghost followed up with a open hand strike to the man throat, silencing his cries of pain to a grueling sound.  Ghost used his momentum and palmed the side of the guards head and slams it to the concrete wall numerous time knocking him unconscious.  Ghost takes off the janitors uniform and pulls his mask over his nose and mouth.

“Screw it.” Ghost said removing the pistol from his shoulder holster.  He looked up at the security camera in the corner as the red light on it turned off.  Ghost began moving through the corridors of the asylum carefully as the security cameras in the halls he was in were being disabled remotely, Letting Ghost only having to worry about was avoiding patrols.  

Minutes later Ghost makes it to the maximum security wing undetected. He hurried down the long hall silently when all of a sudden his phone vibrated in his pocket.  He looked down at his phone and the message said “Behind you.” Ghost spun around as a guard rounded the corner and froze for a second as a ghostly figure in black stood there.  The guard dropped his coffee as he reached for the radio on his belt. 


The guard crumbled to the ground as the bullets struck center mass.  Ghost went back to his phone and replied to the message “0” and continued down the hall.

The facility went dark for 30 seconds and then the backup generator kicked on providing emergency power and lights.  Dr. Harrison looked up at the single light in the room as the power kicked back on.  White Mask was asleep and remained chained to the wall.  A shadow figure rose up behind the Dr. Harrison as he was writing the time on his clip board of when he injected White Mask.

“Shh...” was whispered by Ghost standing behind the doctor.  Dr. Harrison froze as the hair stood up on the back of his neck and goose bumps ran down his arms.  He pistol whipped the doctor on the back of the head dropping him to the ground.  Ghost removed the doctors keys from his belt and pulled out a syringe jamming the needle into White Mask outer thigh.  He unlocked one of the hand restraints, and looks down at his phone as a message comes in. “Police notified, closest unit 3 min.” Ghost pockets the phone and smacks White Mask across his bandage face.

“Wake up asshole.”

[Thanks for giving me this opportunity @UnknownX aka Mask! I PM’d you again.]

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Did I just get smacked? Wake up Asshole?

*blink Blink blink*

White Mask opens his eyes seeing a dark ghostly figure standing above him. "God...they called you!?!" White Mask says. Ghost bends down picking up White Mask by the shirt. "No not God...." Ghost says holding him up against the wall and hands him the pistol. "We got 2 mins to get out of here before the cops are here we need to move." Ghost says turning to look at the door. White Mask takes the pistol "Wait hold up!" White Mask says..."Two things...." Holds up a finger. "One What took you so long?" Now holds up two fingers" Two did you just smack?" Ghost turns around looking at Mask and points to White Mask. "its been like a week and you missed your call in, and two." Smacks White Mask across the face again. "Yes twice now lets move!" White Mask gets smacked the second time. "A simple yes would of been nice."  Ghost moves to the door and look down the hall way. He then grabs White Mask by the shirt again pulling him as they move down the hall quickly. They turn the corner as they run into two guards. Ghost tosses White Mask into the guards to separate them. White Mask stumbles onto one of the guards pushing him back as Ghost moves towards the other one. The guard swings at Ghost but he ducks the punch and uppercuts the guard. He then grabs his arm spins the guard around with his arm to his back and slams him against the wall. Ghost Looks over at White Mask as he lays on top of the guard and slowly gets to his feet. White Mask points his gun to the guard. Ghost quickly grabs the guard that he his against the wall and slams his face into the wall knocking him out. He then moves over to White Mask and places his hand ontop of White Mask's gun. "No.." Ghost kicks the guard on the ground in the across the face knocking his ass out again. "No? Nooo? Bitch ass you know who I am" White Mask takes his gun back from Ghost's grip swing the gun around looking at Ghost. "Huh do you?" Ghost looks at White Mask and punches White Mask right square in the face hoping to knock his ass out. White Mask takes a step backwards looking all wobbly. Ghost sighs once again grabbing the gun from White Mask and holsters it behind his pants. He then grabs White Mask and slings him over his shoulder "Oh can carry me like they do in the love movies." White Mask Passes out from the punch.

Ghost carries White Mask to the front of the asylum and quickly moves to the car. Ghost pops the trunk and tosses White Mask into the back with the other person in the trunk from before. He slams the trunk as a squad car is seen pulling into the asylum parking lot. "This is not worth 10K." Ghost says pulling the pistol from his back of his pants. The Squad car stops and pulls it side ways blocking them. Ghost points his gun to the cop getting out of the car but then shoots the front tire and then the back tire. Ghost climbs into the car and takes off ramming the squad car and knocking the cop out of the way, heading down the road.

About 20 mins later the car stops and Ghost gets out walks to the trunk and pops it open. He then makes his way over to where he parked his white van. The trunk swings up as White Mask quickly pops up and of the trunk as fast as he could. "Ahhh What the Hell MAN!" Ghost opens the side door of the van grabbing a old looking shot gun, a M16 and a pistol. He then makes his way back to the car. "Did you put me in the trunk with a dead man?" White Mask says pointing to the trunk. Ghost stops by the trunk and tosses the weapons into trunk with the owner of the car. He then grabs the owner and drags him to the front of the car. "No..hes not dead.." Ghost tosses his badge into the passenger side of the car. He then starts to remove the janitor onesie and puts the close back on the man. "Oh you nasty." White Mask says and then laughs and claps. "But I like!" Ghost picks up the man and places him into the drivers seat. He then walk back to the back and closes the trunk and walks past White Mask back to his van. White Mask then follows Ghost to his Van. "So....we are done yes?" Ghost looks at White Mask and then leans into the van once again handing White Mask two Pistols and then a white mask. His eyes get big with joy. "Oh Ghosty you shouldn't have...." Ghost look over at White Mask and points to the man in the car. White Mask does a double take and smiles. Then makes his way to the car. He places one Pistol right down in his pants in the front and holds his the other pistol. He makes it to the drivers side of the car and raises the pistol up pointing it to the mans head.


White Mask laughs with joy and tosses the pistol into the car. He then leans in and places the white mask on the dead mans head. "Looks good on yea!" He laughs once again walking back to the van. Ghost is waiting as White Mask gets in to the passenger side and they take off. "I am dropping you off in the city Probably Roseport since its closer." Ghost says as they drive to Roseport. "Fine fine fine" White Mask crosses his arms and sits there waiting to get dropped off. White Mask then leans over and smacks Ghost in the back of the head. Ghost quickly slams on the brakes and  looks at White Mask as White Mask quickly points to Ghost...They stare at each other and starts to laugh together as the both give dabs and Ghost takes off towards Roseport once again.

( @GhostMerc awesome we will have to do it again. soon. I promise I wont miss my call in next time. I will PM you for another Idea soon.)

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Looking through the scope he spots the car pulling up to the 711. Simms looks down at his phone waiting for one of them to call him. 


He hears the gun shots and then quickly looks through the scope just in time to see the 2 mask men run behind the 711. Simms starts to scan the area looking for where the shots came from. He looks back to see where the two are still hiding behind the 711 and then looks down at his phone. "Hmm looks like this guys doesn't need my help." Simms leans back into his chair and pockets his phone.


(Sorry for the short post but I really did not know what else to put...)

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Time: 7:00pm

Location: The Police Commissioners House


"Can you please pass the gravy?" Commissioner Baron passes the gravy to his son, and smiles. Commissioner Baron sits down and looks at his wife, his son and then over to his dog.  The Dog seems to be staring at the door as Baron shrugs it off. He then looks back and grabs the carving knives standing back up over the turkey banging the knives together. "Well tonight I want to give thanks to my family for ......"

*Knock Knock Knock*

The commissioner stops and looks to the door. He sets the knives down and walks over to the door opening it. "hello?" The Commissioner opens the door. A man wearing a buckled hat, and a pilgrim outfit stands there with his head lowered. "Umm hello?" a low laughter is heard coming from the man in the pilgrim outfit.Barons dog runs outside quickly barking into the night. The Commissioner eyes widen and his mouth drops as he takes a step back slowly. "Hello Commissioner did you miss me?" the man in the pilgrim raises his head reviling that it is the one the only White Mask. He laughs and steps into the house closing the door behind him staring Baron right in the eye as he steps back into the dinning area where the rest of the family is.  "Please please have a seat Commishy." Baron walks back to his seat and sits down. His family move to his side as he wraps his arms around his son and wife. " What a beautiful house! WOW! Commish you make that money!" He points to the family "And you got a nice lookin family too there"  White Mask pulls a chair out for himself. "Please please sit sit lets eat this looks soooo good!" Baron looks at White Mask and then nods to his family to go sit in their chair. White Mask removes his pilgrim hat and tosses it to the side, and then removes the other pilgrim outfit tossing it to the side as well. He is now wearing his Black suite, with his white mask "Alright lets eat!" Baron grabs the knives and slowly stands up. His hands shaking as he cuts the turkey.

"I Would like the dark meat please." White Mask says placing his hand on the table and his fingers start to tap on the table. Baron starts to pass out the turkey to the family and his guest of honor. Once the food is all past out Baron sits down. White Mask grabs his dark turkey with his hands and is about to stuff his face. "Excuse me....we need to say grace..first." said Baron's son. White Mask stop holding the turkey as he was about to lift his mask up to take a bite. "OH MY GOD..... my bad..where are my manners!" White Mask drops his turkey as Barons son reaches for White Mask's hand. He looks at the son and reaches his hand out to his and holds it, he then reaches his hand out to the wife's hand. She looks over at Baron. White Mask makes a fist and slams his fist on top of the table making a loud bang. The wife jumps in fear as tears start to come from her eyes. Baron nods to his wife as she takes White Mask's hand. "I will say grace......please lower your heads..................Grace" White Mask takes his hands back and grabs the turkey with his hands once more and lifts part of his mask up shoving it into his mouth. With his mouth full. "Eat..go ahead." The family in fear but not the boy, start to eat their food.

After 20 to 30 mins later White Mask leans back into the chair placing his hands on his belly. "Boy am I stuffed..." The family was barely eating White Mask looks at them. "You know, it's funny. This reminds me of a joke. ok, ok, stop me if you heard this one. There were two guys locked in a lunatic asylum alright got that? ok, one night...they decided they didn't like staying in the asylum five start hotel anymore. So they decided to escape. So, they made it up to the roof right, they move just across this narrow gap, they see rooftops, stretching across town, stretching to freedom. Now, the first guy, he jumps right across, no problem like he is a superhero or something. But his friend, was like, no way, cause he is afraid of falling. So, the first guy has an idea. He says, "Hey, I got this flashlight. I'll shine it across the gap between the buildings and you can walk across the beam." But the second guy says, "What do you think I am, crazy? You'll just turn it off when I'm halfway across!" White Mask pauses and looks at the three and the burst into laughter slamming his fist on the table laughing like a crazy man. The commissioner Baron looks at White Mask "So how does that remind you of a joke in our current situation?" White Mask stops and shrugs "I dunno I just thought of a joke I heard from a famous person that's all" Baron shakes his head. White Mask watches Baron shake his head and then looks up at the time. "Ok times up..." White Mask stands up and walks over to Commissioner Baron by the collar and lifts him out of the chair. White Mask looks at Barons wife and nods " Thank you for a lovely dinner, but I need to borrow the Commissioner for a little bit." He pushes Baron towards the door and then stops and reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a candy cane. "Hey kid" He tosses the candy cane to Baron's son and then turns around again pushing Baron out of the door. As they stand outside White Mask grabs the Commissioner by the head "By the way, who the hell have thanksgiving dinner at seven at night??" He holds him by the head and guides him to the car to get him in. "And Im the weird one I eat dinner around one or two and this clown is eating at seven...gah..loco!"


( Alright this is my thanksgiving post, you guys have a good one and I will post part two after thanksgiving sometime...)

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Brazil. South America to many. But to the people who live there, it’s home. A home with drugs, disease and criminals spreading like a wildfire. But that’s everywhere right?

Upon the 30th floor of a office building were two people, one a married man. The other a hooker that he paid to give him herpes, except he didn’t know that. The blinds were slightly closed, the light barely shining through. The loud moans of the hooker could be heard throughout the entire floor. But nobody was there so it didn’t matter. 

Você é uma vagabunda naughty não é você?“

And a faint voice from the darkness.

Não, mas você certamente é. Uma esposa, filho e uma casa de três quartos.“

The man walks out from the light. His face was white with black paint acrossed his eyes that looks like it was scratched out. 

“Unfortunate for you.. Isn’t it?”

He grabs the man by the back on the head and drags him towards the window. The mans pants still at his ankles and struggling to get away. 

“Hope you can fly.”

The man is flung out the window as the mysterious man watches. The hooker ran to the elevator pressing the down button rapidly. Suddenly the elevator cables snap sending the elevator freefalling, killing the women instantly.


The mysterious man walks into his hideout where a small boy is sitting in his makeshift kitchen.

”Go home.” He says softly and quietly.

O que? Eu não falo inglês.“

”Sorry, um. Ir para casa. Sua mãe deve estar preocupada.” He pours himself some whiskey imported from America.

Não, ela tem o amigo do seu amigo.“ 

The man takes a sip of his drink and sets it down. The problem with the boys mother has been growing worse and worse. She sleeps with men for money to support her child. He gets up and walks over to his wall. 

“Give this to nobody. Fuck. Dê isso a ninguém Rosendo. OK?“


The man opens his wall exposing money. Worth at least 2,000$. He gives it to Rosendo and explains to him what he needs to do. The child asks the man where he will go. He points to the bottle and says. 


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One week after breaking White Mask from the city asylum.  Ghost is exiting the city park headed to his van, which is currently marked “Ron’s Landscape.” Ghost puts his phone to his ear as he climbs in and drives down the road.

“Good work Ghost. I’ve got a bunch of assignments pending, ‘‘tis the season for hits.” Says Denise.

“Actually I’m going to take the season off, let the amateurs work and I need to wait for the heat to die down since I helped White Mask out of the nut house. I really didn’t want to do this one but wanted to make sure you got paid before I went on vacation.” Replied Ghost.

“Aren’t you so thoughtful. Well your client must be crazy if he wanted that psycho out. Have fun and call when you want another job.” 
Ghost replies “Will do.”

Ghost hangs up the phone and pulls under the freeway in a abandon lot that contains trash and junked cars. He gathers the tools of his trade in a duffle bag then wipes down his finger prints.  He scatters a mix of gas and diesel around the interior of the van then lights a box of matches and tosses it through the open driver side window.  He grabs his bag and walks off down the road. The van is quickly engulfed in flames and the fire destroys any remaining evidence in the van.

A few days later, Ghost walks into his favorite local bar “The Watering Hole.” The bar is occupied with its typical crowd, a few bikers and a couple of old guys drinking at the bar.  Ghost makes his way to a small table in the corner carrying a newspaper. The female bartender sees Ghost and brings him over beer as he takes out the crossword section of the paper and a pencil.

Two men enter the room and head straight to the bartender. Ghost perks up as his eyes scan over the new comers and notes they are out of place.  The men reach the bartender and begin talking to her, Ghost takes the opportunity to slide his pistol out of its concealment placing on his left thigh and flicking the safety off. He returns to the crossword but watching the bartender and the men.  The bartender pours a shot and heads over to Ghost at his table placing next to his beer.

“What’s going on Shelly?” Ghost says to the bartender.

“I know you’re on vacation but these guys said they’re ghost hunters and they are going to the old Strongow mansion later.” Shelly replied.

Ghost sighed, “Send them over.”

Shelly spun around on her cowboy boots and went back behind the bar and spoke to the two men.  The men walked over as Ghost places his paper down on the table and motioned for them to sit.

Man 1: “I...”

Ghost interrupted. “Shh..just tell me what you want. No story..go.”

Man 1: “I..uh...”

Man 2: interrupts the first man, “We need muscle just incase the deal goes south. Our boss, Steph, specific wanted your help because of your reputation. The job pays $25K, and all that’s required is to be present and ready to act if the buyers attempt a double cross.”

Ghost takes a drink of beer. “Half up front since I’ve near heard of your boss “Steph.”

Man 1: “Not a problem.” He reaches into his coat pocket. Ghost grips the pistol and positions the pistol on his lap toward the man reaching into his coat as he places his finger on the trigger. The man slides out an envelope. 

Man 2: “Boss expected as much so here is the down payment in full.” Ghost opens the newspaper on the table as the envelope is placed in the middle and Ghost closes the paper concealing the money.  He rips a piece of the paper off and writes down his burner phone number.

“Call this number in 5 hours with the location and any special requests” says Ghost. He holds up his shot, “Deal” and shoots it back. The two men smile as they take the paper with the number on it and exit the bar.  Ghost goes back to his crossword puzzle and drinking his beer.

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As the Island goes to sleep after the rain fall from earlier in the day, the man walks down the long road to the Asylum. Heavy security for something as simple as a mental institution? The man knew something had happened and it was just his luck. As he sneaks past the orderly’s he enters the building through a grate on the side of the building. He snuck into the main office of the warden at the facility. Hopefully he was still there.

As he opened the door slowly he noticed nobody was in the room. The man looked around silently and placed his gun on the table. Then for the next several hours he stood in the corner awaiting the arrival of the warden.

After what seemed like three hours the sun was finally rising to the sound of workers leaving for the end of their shift. The man was still awaiting the warden to enter his office when suddenly the door opened. Unfortunately it wasn’t just the warden. He brought along one of the doctors with him. 

“Why the hell is there a gun on my table?” The warden picked it up as the man grabbed the doctor and knocked her out. The warden, stunned and shocked, backed away from the man. Trying to hide the gun while acting afraid.

”Another one? Jesus how many of you people are there?”

The man stands quietly as the warden aims the gun at him. The man looks surprised and afraid while kneeling to the ground.

”Please! I’m sorry!”

”Oh yeah? Now you’re sorry. Now that I’m gonna have the upper hand.”

”Please I was just trying to find someone. Don’t kill me!”


”White Mask. I was told to try and find him and kill him.”

”Who would pay to have that man killed? It’s not worth the risk.”

”Gene Smith. He wanted him dead for never returning a call or something.”

”Well he escaped. Gone with a couple bodies lying dead. Nobody knows where he went.”

”Damn! I should’ve never taken this job!”

”That’s an understatement.”

The warden pulls the trigger only to hear the click of an empty gun. The man looks up at the warden.

”I thought you were supposed to help crazies, not kill them.” The man pulls his hair back.

”I’m supposed to treat them!”

The warden throws the gun at the man and reaches for his knife. The man grabs his arm and snaps it backwards before covering his mouth. He leans to his ear.

”Put me on the list of another problem. Call me Wanderer.” Wanderer throws the warden into the wall before jumping out of the window.

It was time to be reacquainted with an old friend.

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"Whats that muffled music in the background?" he opens his eyes, still a bit blurry from passing out. He looks around trying to find his surroundings. He spots a man in an all white suite.

"it's beginning to look alike like Christmas....." The music starts to come in clear and his vision comes back.

"Where am I" Police Commissioner Baron starts to struggle in his chair and looks down as he is wrapped in a rope with garland that is red and green wrapped around the rope. "What the hell?"

White Mask turns around and raises his arms up "Yay! you are up Commiss!" White Mask is all decked out in white, White gloves, White mask of course, white slacks, and white shoes. but he also is wearing a Santa hat and a black vest that has Christmas lights attached to it. and yes they are blinking. White Mask skips over to the tied up Baron and gives him a hug. "Merry Fucking Christmas Commiss!" he lets go of him and stands in front of Baron. "How do you like my Vest? doesn't it just scream Christmas????????!" He claps his hands together. "Oh shit I forgot I got something for you!" He turns around and then back sticking a candy cane in Barons mouth. "Perfect right?!" White Mask turns around and skips and claps his way towards what looks to be a tree, with Christmas decorations on it but it was a dead tree..hell it looked like a branch that he buried into the pot of dirt sticking up, it had lights and one Christmas ornament hanging from a small twig on the branch. Baron looks around and see a TV that is showing 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.'  Baron eyes narrow and then see his dog. 

Baron spits out the candy cane. "Spike?" Baron says looking at his dog that is now wearing another branch that is tied to his head. "Spike? Spike? ummmm excuse me his name is" White Mask says "that's my dog" Baron says as he struggles in the chair. White Mask storms back to Baron and smacks him across the face and points at Baron "His name is MAX" he touches Barons nose "Boop" White Mask says and then laughs turns around and heads back to his branch Christmas tree.

"We break this Christmas movie special with a important news bulletin." White Mask stops dead in his tracks and looks at the TV.  "After the escape of the Notorious Villain White Mask." White Mask perks up and looks at Baron and points to the TV. "heh...Notorious." He looks back at the TV. "The Asylum was broken into yet again this time attacking the Warden. Here is what the Warden had to say."

Warden Doctor Allen: "Tonight a man that calls himself the Wanderer came into the asylum looking for the man I have been treating name only as White Mask. This man tried to kill me all because of White Mask escaping the asylum."

White Mask kicks over the TV. "What! Who is this man the 'Wanderer' the 'Wanderer' does he wander around selling cookies? does he wander around selling Meat door to door? piss on his head now I must find out who she, He HE IS" White Mask puts his hands on his hips and looks over at Baron. His Christmas vest blinking with Christmas joy, as he thinks. "Alright time to go meet a new fan." White Mask walks over to Baron, removing his Christmas vest and tossing it to the side. He then removes his Santa hat placing it on top of Barons head. "Keep that warm for me would yeah brother?" He then reaches down grabbing a big bow and smashes it on Barons chest. "Alright me and you are not done you and Max play nice listen to the music and I will be right back"  White Mask smack taps him across the face and then punches him across his face knocking him out so that he would not scream. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge.." He shakes his hand out and makes his way out headed to the park. Where he will wait for this man called Wanderer.


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5 hours later...

Ghost is in his apartment at a small table cleaning his pistol.  The table has a few boxes of ammo along with his cleaning gear.  The apartment is nearly bare as aside from a table and one chair there is only a bed in the corner of the room.  The cell phone rings as Ghost picks it up. 

“Go ahead.” Says Ghost. “Midnight at dock 7 in the port.” Replies the voice on the other end. Ghost hangs up the phone and assembles his pistol and performs a function check. Then inserts a magazine and racks the slide back letting it slingshot forward seating a round in the chamber.  Ghost places the pistol in his shoulder holster then takes out a new pistol he picked up that day and strapped it to his left ankle.  Ghost grabs his mask and knife then heads out door.

Its about midnight and Ghost atrives at the designated location. There are 3 guys standing at the end of the dock talking and clearly armed.  Ghost slips his mask over his mouth and nose as he approaches them.  One of the guys sees Ghost coming toward them.

Man 1: “Look it’s Ghost.”

The rest of the crew look up and one of them speaks up, “You sure that’s the Ghost?” The first guy responded back “I’d say so, he’s wearing the mask.” Ghost makes it to the crew as the lead guy speaks up. “Just a quick run down Ghost. Boss will be coming by boat with the hardware, just help us unload the boat since we are a man short tonight.?The Chinese said they’re only being 5 guys to the swap, shouldn’t have a problem especially since you are here.”  Ghost nods at the men and positions himself at the corner of the dock and crosses his arms.

Moments later a 2 black sedan pulls up to the dock and 5 men gets out of the vehicles with one carrying a silver brief case.  The group of men, all dressed in suits, make their way down the dock and stand before Ghost and the three other men.  Eyes dart back and forth as both crews size one another up. In the distance a low rumble can be heard as a boat can be seen headed toward the dock.  One of the Chinese gang speaks up.

”I see you hired the Ghost, your boss expecting trouble?”  The first man replies, “No just insurance for our first transaction.” The boat gets to the dock as one of the men  ties the boat to the dock.  The boss steps off the boat. “Unload the crates.” The leader of the Chinese gang says “Nice to finally meet you Stephanie.” The woman gives a smile toward him as the engage into small talk.

Two of the men head to the boat to grab a crate. The third man says to Ghost “Give me a hand Ghost with the second one.” Ghost walks over to the boat and grabs one end of the crate as the man grabs the other side.  The man says to Ghost “Easy with this one it has the big hardware” and winks at Ghost. The two move the crate next to the other one and slowly place it on the ground.

Ghost stands up straight again as all of a sudden he feels a barrel press against the back of his head. Ghost looks at the guy he help move the crate as he pulls out his pistol and aims it a Ghost.  The other man from Stephanie’s crew is standing off to Ghost side with his weapon already drawn and aimed at Ghost. Stephanie turns around with a wicked smile on her face.

Stephanie speaks sternly “His pistol is in the right shoulder holster and his knife is on his back.” The man directly behind Ghost removes his knife as other one takes the pistol from the holster. 

Chinese Leader “This is just business Ghost, we needed the weapons, but you are basically a ronin, and expendable.”

Stephanie says “But it’s personnel for me, give me the knife.” The man with Ghost knifes hands it to the one with the pistol as he keeps his trained on the back of Ghost’s head.  Stephanie takes the knife and examines it. “It’s been years since I’ve seen this...yet I see it in my nightmares every night.” She pulls down her turtle neck revealing a huge scar that goes across her throat. “I never forgot that day Ghost, as I’m sure my father was just another hit for you!” Stephanie stepped forward as she plunged the knife into his right shoulder then jerks the knife back out stepping back.  “And I just accidently walked in on the great Ghost and cut my throat, but you didn’t confirm your kill that time. How poetic your mistake 5 years ago will be your death.”

Stephanie holds up a pistol “I doubt you have anyone to even miss you.” Ghost moves his head to the side while ducking and spinning around the man behind him. Stephanie shot strikes the man in chest, causing him to squeeze off a single round toward her that whizzes over her head forcing the Chinese gang and Stephanie to duck down. Ghost grabs the pistol out of his ankle holster. The Chinese gang pull out their weapons and begin firing toward Ghost. Ghost jumps backwards kicking the man Stephanie shot launching himself toward the boat as he returns fire, Ghost is struck once in the side and another in the thigh before landing in the boat.  He then kicks the throttle forward to the max and fires a round to snap the rope holding the boat to the dock. The body of the man that he sprung off of smacks into Stephanie knocking her to the ground and losing her gun as well.

The Chinese gang and two remaining men continue to spray bullets toward the boat as it speeds away. “No! He’s not getting away!” Stephanie flips open the top of the crate and removes a RPG launcher and a rocket loading it quickly. Ghost looks back Just in time to see the flash from the launcher go off, the sudden blast has the men duck for a short duration as none of them were expecting it.  Ghost runs to the front of the boat and dives off just as the rocket strikes the rear of the boat exploding it into a million pieces. Sirens are heard in the distance.

Chinese Leader “Jeez lady! Grab the hardware boys lets roll the cops are coming.”

Man 1: “Boss we got to go! Cops will be here soon!” Stephanie replies “I need to make sure he’s dead!” The 2nd man pulling on her arm says “He’s dead no one could survive that explosion, and if he did he was shot a few times and stabbed he’ll bleed out!” The first man chimes in “Plus he will freeze to death in the water, it’s the middle of winter!”

The Chinese gang return to their vehicles and speed off as Stephanie and her crew get into the car the men arrived in and take off as well.  

Ghost breeches the surfaces as he floats on his back, he was shivering all over trying to stay awake. A fish boat passes near him as a life preserver lands next to him tied to a rope ghost grasps it as he is pulled on board and instancely falls unconscious. 

“Captain we got him and are taking him below deck.  Should we alert the authorities?” The Captain replies “No. The fellow is wanted dead and we aren’t going to witnesses are caught up in that. We are headed out to do our season if he lives great if not, we’ll dump him out at sea, no one will know.”


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The Wanderer was sitting in a tree awaiting the arrival of The White Mask. Reminiscing about times before he disappeared. After reading about himself in the paper The Wanderer was rather displeased, the less people know about him the better. It’s easier to do his job when nobody is waiting for him. 

As The White Mask approaches the park The Wanderer drops down from the tree standing still.

”You’re a difficult man to reach. And trust me, I had to learn a entirely new language for my work so that’s saying something.”

As the cold air blows a light snowfall shrouds the two men in the open park.

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White Mask enters the park as snow flurries begin to drop from the sky. Still wearing his stylish all white Suit from head to toe.

“Well isn’t this lovely…Snow falling from” The Wanderer jumps out from the tree right in front of White Mask. The most girly scream sound comes out of White mask’s mouth and jumps back holding his chest. “What the hell is wrong with you?” White Mask walks back up to him Wanderer. “Man your boy here is all dressed in white looking fresh and you jump out of the damn tree like a monkey! You Almost made me shit my pants! And I’m wearing all white as you can see! That’s not cool.”

He stands there looking at the Wanderer and folds his arms over his chest. “You know I like meeting my fans but you could have just called, or put up the bat signal or something and I would of come to you.” He laughs. “ Ok not much of a humor kind of guy I see…so where do you want me to sign my name on your shirt? Your cute little Vest here?, Or your Chest? I mean that is kind of weird but anything for a Fan. White Mask reaches into his jacket pocket pulling out a Sharpe.

(Wrote this at work on my phone  so no color sorry)

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The Wanderer pushes White Mask up against a tree. Lifting him up from the ground.

”Stop fucking around. For once in your miserable life don’t let your ego talk for you. You and I aren’t different. We want nearly the same things.”

Wanderer steps back and lets White Mask down. 

“I feel like you and I could change things on this Island. We could shape it for ourselves. With your..”

Looking White Mask up and down.

”Untapped insanity and my training I’m sure you and I could make a good team. That is if you’re not too busy kidnapping unknowns and streaming it to the internet for shits and giggles.”


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White Mask gets picked up and slammed against the tree. After the Wanderer says his very hurtful words to White Mask and lets him down. He fixes his white Suit jacket. “Man you are not a super fan..more of a stage 5 clinger..” He looks over at Wanderer as he fixes the rest of his suit. “So let me get this straight, you think me and you can be something do extraordinary things together?”

He smirks under his mask “you know I am kidda a lone wolf kind guy, I mean I clearly have fans.” He laughs a litte and then stops as a snow flake falls right in front of his face. “ohh ahh” He holds his hand out trying to catch it. White Mask twitches and snaps back to the Wanderer. “So a team you say…make it worth my wild you have 30 seconds, So I am either walking away or shaking your hand.”

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“I’m trained in psychological warfare. To deteriorate the well being of a persons mind simply by exploiting their weaknesses. As for you. You have a strange case of being egotistical. I’m sure that you do what you do for pleasure, but there’s no denying that what you do is for the spotlight. The attention when they say your name. You think everybody is a fan, well what happens when people start to not care. What happens then White Mask? The best way to keep attention, is to have little to no communication. That’s my job, I’ve mentally scarred men with simple noises and and silence.”

The Wanderer walks closer to White Mask. His white face paint blending into the snowfall with nothing but his black eye paint standing out.

”Have you ever heard a man beg for the sound of nails on a chalkboard simply because he was kept in a dark room with no noise except his breath? Begging for death? White Mask, silence is the best weapon you can have.”

The Wanderer then stares White Mask down waiting for a response.


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As the Wanderer steps closer and closer to White Mask. He stops Wanderer dead in his track by placing his finger in the middle of his chest.

"ummm ok a couple things. One I know its getting cold out here on this island but we don't need to get close for warmth. Two you see that is the differences between me and you. If you can't make a name for yourself no-one will remember you. Its like that one saying uhhh who said it best....Hero's get remembered  but Villain's never die. And 'C.' " 

White Mask removes his pointer from Wanderers chest and reaches into his suit pocket. He then pulls out a thing of Tic-Tac's. and shakes them. " I don't know what you have been eating but damn homie." White Mask stops shaking the tic-tac's and reached over slowly putting them in Wanderer's right pant pocket.

"Keep'em please..okay this is all fun and all but" He points to his invisible watch on his hand. "you haven't made a clear of your offer yet" He taps his invisible watch again. "Tick Tock Tick Tock"

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The Wanderer kicks White Masks knees out and put him in a chokehold.

”What’s the point of trying to be recognized today if you’ll be forgotten tomorrow? People don’t care about you, they care about the things you do. When someone gets a degree to a prestigious college they aren’t recognized with honor. It’s only when they start committing horrible crimes that they start becoming relevant.”

The Wanderer tightens his hold.

”People want anarchy. But they want other people to provide it. That’s all you are. Somebody who dies first so the next fool will take your place.”

And with that, he releases the hold and vanished. All that was left was his imprint in the snow and light foot prints. He was gone.

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Kneeling on the ground and checking his throat. White Mask looks behind him seeing that his number one fan was gone. He would stand up rubbing his knee caps. He dust himself off with the snow and looks around. 

"Really? Really?......Really? you are just going to be like that and leave?" He shakes his head and fixes his white suit. "A phone call would of been better maybe you would of have told me what you wanted instead of giving me the run around with words!" He holds his arms up as he talks "WHAT DO YOU WANT YOU STILL DID NOT GIVE ME THE REASON WHY I AM OUT HERE!" He sighs. "ok ok calm down let go back and see what he said." White Mask holds out his hand and then makes a one with his pointer finger. " One...Break into the asylum to get my attention." puts up two fingers. " I come to the park we have our self a good old fashion western stand off." Three fingers "The clown says you and I can make a good team" White Mask nods and puts up four fingers " I mess around like I always do he says stop we want nearly the something." White Mask starts to walk in circles now as the snow flurries fall." Five" holds out five fingers. " I get slammed against that tree." Points to the tree. " He says he is a train psycho warfare person guy." raises his other hand up and makes six." Six, he tells me that is his job I give him a tic-tac." holds up seven fingers. "Seven, I say this is all fun and games or something like that but I need to know what he wants since he said we make a good team. I mean time is running out I got things to do brah." White Mask stops under the tree and holds up eight fingers " Eight, I get kicked, and then a freakin WWE choke hold on me as he says, people want anarchy.....but they want other people to provide it. Uhh duh we know.." holds up nine fingers "Nine, The dude disappears in the snow like a freakin magician." Puts his last remaining finger up to make ten. "Ok and TEN, I stand here, still not knowing what he wanted. did he want a partnership? did he want to Start a New World Order? Or did he just wanted to talk and put me in a choke hold just because....."

White Mask shakes his head and starts walking out of the park. "Well Shit White Mask maybe know what you did...Im sooooo stupid I should of realize, he wanted an 8x11 pictured autograph of me.... so stupid well he will call if he wants to explain himself a little bit better, maybe I will call that Gene guy, I mean I did let all the murders and killers lose from the asylum once with his money I did what he wanted...I mean its not my fault that they are not killing they are their own..person" White Mask just keeps rambling on and on. Then his head twitches as he snaps. He removes his mask and placing inside his suit jacket. He then runs his hands through his hair and then places them into his suit pocket, leaving the park. He would walk down the street and cross the street to where there is a fancy restaurant where only the rich like to eat and party. White Mask walks up to the door and gets stopped but he shows his papers and the guy at the door lets him. 


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