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As the title suggests. I know this is quite a huge request and it isn't necessarily realistic, but I still wanted to share my idea.


Why not outsource 3D content creation to the community?


Identity will most probably be a huge success, which I have no doubt about. It might redefine MMO gaming in a  way I have always dreamed of. But take a look at the incredible, nearly immeasurable amounts of 3D content you as the developers will have to create. Especially things like

  • cars and customizable parts
  • clothing items
  • all kinds of tools/items
  • and even furniture

will require insane amounts of work in addition to the gameworld itself. I don't want to compare GTA in any gameplay-related way, but in terms of the stuff I mentioned, especially the variety of GTA Online serves as a great example for these categories, only in Id everything will be usable and cooler, of course.


My suggestion continues as follows:

1. Open content creation and -submission to the community.

  1. 2. Establish a jury among your people who will judge all submitted content by criteria like 
    • low-poly enough?
    • still quality models?
    • fits the general game art style?
    • still needed?
    • cars: enough customizable parts, enough detail, yet not too much? car licensing? (whole new topic that I don't know about yet)
  2. 3. Integrate content that matches your criteria into new game updates, somehow credit the authors.
  3. 4. If some really great 3D designers appear to get their models approved frequently by your jury and players use their stuff often in-game, maybe pay them some money or in-game currency (?) (RL-money only as soon as you're making profit with the game, of course)
  4. 5. Shorten your development times greatly by repeating 1-4.



4.1 Open calls for bids for items you specifically need 



a fan

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Hey, thanks for that! I'm by no means a Twitch regular, so this is news to me.

Has quite a hypothetical sound to it, you know? What he said translates to a "so if there might be some aspiring artists, we could probably accept one or two items into the game..."

maybe I'm taking this a step too far by suggesting a near-to-full outsourcing of most mass-3D-model-production where the developers could concentrate on crucial things like the world and such, but that's kinda the point here.

Well, I'll stay tuned for further info!


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