Which cars do you want to be in the game?

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In this topic we will talk a little about cars and leave all your possible suggestions about them.


We can put all kinds of cars, police, fireman, paramedics, president, etc.


Put the photo of the car as a suggestion





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As long as we have a 
All black windows and some bling rims so i can roll up on em fools.
Makes for a fast getaway as well.


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Risultati immagini per mustang gt 69 price

Mustang Gt 1969 (also rusted)

Risultati immagini per camaro ss 69

Camaro SS 1969 (also rusted)

Risultati immagini per pontiac gto 1969

Pontiac GTO 1969 (Also rusted)

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Toyota Hilux874793380_1_732x488_toyota-hilux-30-d-4d

Nissan Skyline R34lhd-conversion-nissan-skyline-r34.jpg

Toyota Supra IV851181377_10_1080x720_unikatowy-egzempla

Toyota Avensis ll toyota_avensis_2.2_d-4d_150_sol_plus_200

Dodge Charger Hellcat + police version of it2015-dodge-charger-srt-hellcat-front-lef

Subaru Impreza WRX spoiler-subaru-impreza-1-gc8-wysylka-oso

BMW M3 bmw-m3-f80-sedan-2014-c17251711201706570

Mercedes AMG C63 2015 2015-Mercedes-AMG-C63-S-front-three-quar

Honda Civic VIIIHonda-Civic.jpeg

Arrinera Hussarya 0006O41U0CSYF9Y4-C122-F4.jpg

I know developers have to change car models for all those lawsuit reasons, but R34 and Supra rear lights should remain the same or at least very smiliar to those in real life, or it will really run the taste of those cars in game. Also we should be able to create our own liveries, not to choose from few uglyass ones like in GTA Online.

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