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Found 2 results

  1. So I'm a little lost. Is there anything where it's more than just text (which tells us nothing) to show exactly what we're getting for each pledge? For example - the difference between just getting an apartment in the game and getting the Pledge Apartment, or Pledge vehicles as opposed to ones bought in game? Because it's too difficult to pledge when I can't find exactly what it is I'm getting for the cash I spend.
  2. Account Support FAQs

    Hi folks. For both new and old users alike, the Identity Shop may be a confusing thing. Thus, I have devised this elegant FAQ article, with the aim that I should be able to solve any problem you may have, without you needing to post a help request. Info for Kickstarter and Old Site backers. If you purchased your pass on either Kickstarter or the Old Site, then you will need to claim your purchase on this page. In order to do so, you will need to create an Identity Shop account, which logs your backer details, rewards, amount pledged etc. Q: I'm being asked to create an account when I try to claim my pledge, yet I've already created an account for the forum? What gives? A: Though it may sound counter-intuitive, your forum account and your Identity Shop account are two wholly different beasts. You will need to create separate accounts for both - however, you can still use the same username/email address. Q: I have created my Shop account and have inputted my email address into the "Claim" box but no claims have been found? Why? A: As the little error box already says, this might be because the system auto-claimed your pledge for you when you created your Shop account. This only occurs when your Shop account email address is the same as your Kickstarter/Old Site email address. If you are still receiving this message, yet no claims have been registered on your account, then you may be using the wrong email address. Ensure that your Kickstarter/Old Site email address is the same one you want to use. Q: What about me exclusive Kickstarter backer's hat? A: Fear not. Any rewards - including the backer's hat, beta access, free motorbike/apartment etc are all tied to your claim. You will receive them when you get your access key. Q: I originally pledged $25 in the Kickstarter campaign, yet this price has risen to $30 on the new site. Do I need to contribute a further $5 to receive my rewards A: Nope, the $5 price bump is simply a short rise in price (caused by inflation and the conversion from Kickstarter's US Dollars to Identity's Canadian Dollars) for new players. You do not need to give any more money to receive your rewards. Info for New/Potential Backers Thanks for backing the game! Depending on the extent of your pledge, you will receive your rewards upon the launch of the game. Q: Is there any benefit to backing the game now, rather than buying it at release? As an exclusive backer, you not only receive nice rewards (depending on your pledge) but also a hefty price reduction, compared to the retail price of Identity upon launch. Q: I claimed my pledge - what now? A: Wait patiently. You will now receive email newsletters from the Identity team informing you of game progress until eventually, you will be sent your access code. Depending on the level of your pledge, this may either be for the beta, or the game's full release. Q: I donated money for one reward but have decided I now want the tier above it. Can I upgrade? A: Yes! If you log into your Shop account, you will see that all prices have now been discounted to different degrees, depending on your original pledge. If you want to upgrade, merely pay the difference between the price of your original purchase and the next tier up. E.g. You originally paid $15 but want the $30 pledge. This pledge has now been reduced by $15. Be sure to log in first though! Q: Where can I track my backer info? A: On this handy page here. There, you can access the details of your pledge (including rewards), as well as change important account info, like your password, date of birth or name. You will also be able to opt out of exclusive backer email updates too. Most importantly, you can link your forum account with your Shop account. That's it, folks. If you have any other questions, feel free to post them in the comments - I'll be sure to answer them as soon as I can! Thanks! Felix