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Found 31 results

  1. Plans for Steam release?

    I was wondering, if there was any plans on putting this game on Steam Store in the future (probably after release)? Not that I'm a huge fan of Steam, but it does make it easier to download PC, MAC, LINUX games etc. A bit off topic, but how likely that this game will be finished and not abandoned/incomplete. It's a pretty huge risk to support a product that has been in development for so long. Althouh 2y for this project is a short time and a pretty good progress has been done for a small team (I assume). I'm not really familiar with this game project, I just came across this recently, but it seems freaking awesome.
  2. Steam?

    Hi, Just want to check if this will be available on steam. If so will we be able to activate it on steam if purchased from the web store?
  3. Steam?

    Will it be out on Steam and how much will it be for the base game?
  4. Steam Beta?

    I read somewhere the full game will be on steam and I have seen the steam greenlight page, but I was wondering if the town square module/beta will be on steam. I'd like to pledge to the game with my bank account.
  5. Where will this game released? I whish steam but I dont know.
  6. I see that you have a Steam Greenlight page, I was wondering if you was going to update, make sure people know its still alive, that don't know about the new website etc. ** BUG REPORT ** When using forums, the "About" sub menu does not work Thanks