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  1. [Closed] IdentityRPG Discord Server

    Server Was Closed Due to In-Activity. I believe there is a Team-speak server someone made!

    I don't think it will be to long now, like he keeps saying, he is the Community Manager & Dev as well, so hes trying to do both. But I'm getting the video & Module will release it quite close together
  3. New Video Hype

    I'm starting to get a bit salty and depressed that this video hasn't been released yet... Maybe this new video is actually a Town Square Trailer with a release date at the end of it...
  4. Video Hype (Not coming out this week)

    Oh sorry dude! Point still stands Yeah neither can I!
  5. Video Hype (Not coming out this week)

    Its not that simple... Remember they pretty much have to create everything from the bottom, scripts, textures, models, sounds, animations etc. Arma already has alot of this stuff already in place. If you disagree. Please go again and start making a clone to this game then? If you fount this answer helpful, please like the post!
  6. Video Hype (Not coming out this week)

    Why? Just because there is less devs. Doesn't mean they dont have as much potential as the big AAA devs. The only difference is time. Im sure, these are working hard as possible. The HYPE TRAIN will carry on! All theeee wayyyyy to release! Thank you
  7. Video Hype (Not coming out this week)

    Haha, Yes. I certainly agree!
  8. Video Hype (Not coming out this week)

    Yes, that would be amazing. Yeah. SoonTM is becoming to common. It bugs me...
  9. Video Hype (Not coming out this week)

    Its ment to be out this week. Basically it will (I guess) real time footage, of them walking around an apartment, customizing it. Such as the walls, furniture, beds, etc. Cant wait to see it!
  10. So, "where" is everybody from?

    I seen it on Kickstarter, then wanted to pledge straight away but didn't have any money! But I soon pledged on the Website! Cant wait
  11. Modules

  12. Hard Work

    Im pretty sure it wont be "Real Time" day & night. Most likely 2-3 hours of day then 1 & half of nightt
  13. What is your concern about Identity.

    I didn't say that whole game... I'm saying Work In Progress Screenshots of a half finished car, building, bus stop, even a god dam sign... I think you read it completely wrong.
  14. What is your concern about Identity.

    They said a video/Trailer is Coming "Soon" but the problem is. When you don't give people regualar screenshots/videos. Everyone starts to get Nervous... Like me. I think this game is happening, But they are really busy at the moment. But... It quite litrually takes 2 minutes to upload a screenshot of a Work In Progress or Finished Asset. So it bugs me how we only get these small things like "Books" & "Dress" every month...
  15. What is your concern about Identity.

    I don't want any negativity on this game. Because I really think this will be a amazing game. But... My hype, and hope is slowly dieing because of the lack of Screenshots, videos, etc. Even if its half finished. Its stuff to keep people entertained, Keep the hype going etc. So... Hopefully soon they will start releasing Screenshots & Videos. I would be very pleased