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  1. I somewhat agree with you, I think many times within our history as humans we have had trouble governing ourselves but I believe that one must keep in mind that our governments are fairly new. Maybe under 10 lifetimes and many less than that for the newer ones. Ha ha, I really hope Skynet does not take over though!
  2. This is not the place for advertising your Militia, I would think that making your own forum post would best serve that purpose.
  3. Just to address all your replies in one post, let me first say thank you for keeping it civil and educated. As for what you had said concerning a market economy and individual gain, I think we can assume that most people on this forum within the podium section has had a somewhat comprehensive education on political science or at least a basic understanding of it so I do not need to get into the finer points of why I think on a fundamental level communism would not work, what I am trying to say is I already believe you know what I will say. In my opinion, yes, our government in the United States has problems and has (had) problems. Capitalism does breed greed, I do not deny this but it also creates a situation where it is in the best interest of any business or corporation to benefit society as a whole in order to gain more wealth. Before you say it, I understand that there are many many companies that have no interest in the consumers that use their products, companies that push anti consumerist policies, but that is the beauty of the system. A company cannot survive if it does not adapt to the changing tastes and environments of the whole economy than it will surely fail. In our society today I admit that there are many companies that have too much power, (like Nestle) and with that power they do horrible things like taking ownership of water supplies and pushing the absurd idea that water is not a human right but I will say that the worst capitalism has ever been will never be as bad as the worst of communism. In history communism (Pure Communism) has never worked including the other forms of socialist policies or fascist systems that claim to be "For the People". All these systems usually end with a dictator, unhappy people, and many of those said people dead at the hands of their own governments. I agree, there are some systems of communism in the world that work today like China, but even China a country for so long that held a position of being very communist has embraced capitalism for growth and overall wealth of the state. If you need to see what systems work in our world you only need to look at history and the present, we have to learn from our mistakes. Communism had its chance many times and failed, just like fascism and socialism. In the end it always seems to take the one thing every human needs, individual freedom to make bad choices, stupid choices, greedy choices, smart choices, selfless choices, "selfish" choices, choices for the those around them. This is the way it has always been, I want to live my life for myself and for those that I love. More often than the average Joe, I like to help people too but I want to do it my way. Maybe poorer countries are more accepting of communism because it offers a short term solution to a long term problem caused by their own incompetent leaders, but just because the world has suffering and poor does not mean that it is the fault of all major companies or the greed of said companies. Keep in mind this is all my opinion but I am saying this from the United States and I am proud to say that with all of our mistakes in history and the present we have made it this far and we did it for the people, and maintained national pride without communism.
  4. No real specific type of democracy. I would prefer it to be along the lines of how the governmental system is in the USA , obviously it is just a game so lots of things are not needed. I am more or less saying that communism is not necessary in identity.
  5. You are right, that is why it is best to have a hybrid government. One that uses different forms of government with oversight. Anything in a pure form usually would not work.
  6. I know I am not the only one who thinks this would be a cool idea, I am purely speaking for the future but would it be possible to add classic cars like 70s and 80s Lincolns and Cadillac's. Obviously not exactly those cars for copyright reasons but similar ones. Classic cars look very nice and could be a lot of fun!
  7. I am fairly new to this forum and have noticed that a large majority of the so called political parties who would have you vote for them present themselves under the banners of Radical Communist or Socialist ideals. I have also noticed that not many have said anything about this, though I believe someone should, so I will. (Disclaimer) To those of you whom I am addressing, I do realize that this is a game and everyone is entitled to their own opinions so please keep in mind that this is mine. Now back to what I was saying, communism is not an ideal system of governing for Identity, there are many reasons why it would not work but I will only touch on a few now. Many of these political parties claim to be for the people just as they have in history, the only issue is that there is no struggle or strife for which these radicals can prey on. The fictional universe that we are taking part of was designed as a democracy, freedom and agency to do as you please whenever you want. Communism would be contradictory to what Identity is, a place for all to be free of societal systems that bound us by a rigid system that is made in the name of the people. I understand that some of the aforementioned parties do not state they are radical (though some implicitly do) if not in a radical form there is simply no use for these pure Communistic or Socialistic systems to be in place, it would be beneficial to use what is used in modern society today, a hybrid democracy that utilizes capitalism and some socialist ideas. Allowing for free agency but also strengthening the communal aspects of society as well, ( As much as you could in a fictional world ). I guess what I am trying to say is that these parties are not necessary and I would go as far as to say that they may be harmful to the community as a whole. I have been a part of many communities like Identity and have watched radical ideals and "Clubs" ruin the fun for many. Keep in mind this is not me saying that it will happen, if you have a group or Party like this you may have only the best intentions and would never dream of letting it happen. Still, I say it is better to maintain what works, leave no room for catastrophic meltdowns of society. I do not believe when Karl Marx created his philosophy did he ever imagine the harm it would bring but nevertheless, it did. Democracy is the best bet for identity and the best method of having a great time too! P.S. Please keep in mind that these are my opinions, I reserve the right to hold them just as you are. I would love feedback and if you would like to expand on it, feel free. I am open to criticism and in fact welcome it, we would be nowhere without it. All I ask is that if you do, keep it civil and somewhat educated.
  8. [POLICE] Organization & Structure

    There are many individuals posting official guidelines for everything that is going to be in the game. Is there an official system in place that was made by the developers or is it all role-play? If so, how would one go about joining a precinct and becoming a detective?