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  1. The Moretti Mafia - RECRUITING

    You won´t stand a chance against us recruit as mas as you want
  2. German kind of SWAT

    lol als ob die sich die Mühe machen werden. Die sind ja selbst von ihrem ami trip so fasziniert...
  3. Hello Will there be weapons included in the townsquare module or is it all just safezone and nobody can damage anyone?
  4. Hitman (recruiting)

    Ich auch weißt ja schon
  5. Anthony Smith introduction

    Ja man hoffentlich
  6. Anthony Smith introduction

    What exactly is the steam approval
  7. When will the first module release?

    I hope as soon as possible!!
  8. yo was geht :D Bin so gehypet!!

  9. Anthony Smith introduction

    Hello My name is Anthony and iam from the Smith family. I have heared of this game from Sun Diego. He told us about this in our forum SAMP. Iam now really looking forward for this game, since this is an upgrade from our real life rp server based on gta san andreas. This game has so much potental when it comes out and iam so hyped and cant wait to play it. When does it come out exactly?