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  1. Ok so were all mad

    What makes you think this is the final version of the town square? Do you not notice the other features of the town square not implemented yet?
  2. Town square

    tbh been an 80`s gamer here im used to delays. My computer was the zx spectrum back in the day and had to wait at least 40 minutes for a tape to load the game.... and would be so lucky that I didnt get "Tape loading error" at the end of it. But after all that the wait was over and it was amazing. The sound effects "Bleep bleep bloop" and the graphics were awesome!. lol even back then high definition was just a pipe dream. My point is the wait is nearly over for this game and just to hold on a little bit longer for steam to do it`s thing then you will be playing this.
  3. Where does everyone align politically?

    I don`t align to no one..... I`d rather just watch the world burn in all it`s political correctness glory!
  4. Analysis about the age of users

    I am 40 in november..... was only 12 when i first pledged though! lol just kidding devs you know i luvs ya!
  5. Release?

    I redeemed my steam key but it downloaded a wife and 4 cats to my house?!?
  6. Another Rant about time square

    I voted for after fixes because there is nothing worse than a bug ridden release of any game never mind this one! (Looking at you no mans sky!)
  7. You own it, it's all on you...

    After all the discussions on pledge ..... I think we need more. What do you think Consuela? Thats what I thought!
  8. What games are you currently playing while waiting?

    I play medieval engineers mostly also play a little of conan exiles and space engineers. I also have tertiary games for when I get bored of the aforementioned Elite Dangerous, State of Decay 2, GTAV and 7 days to die!.
  9. I chose close to the end of the month and after because of how long it has taken for the testing to decrease by 1.
  10. Hello from the UK!

    Hello all from the UK!