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  1. Coast Guard?

    I know this is not police but they do deal with weapons and work in the justice system. I know there are going to be boats but will there be the coast guard or a branch of the police for the water?
  2. Hii

    Welcome and I'm really exited too!
  3. Hi, Stantain here

    there's gonna be paint ball in game and Welcome
  4. GameQuiz

  5. Is it worth the $60?

    Im going to be playing an LEO and I was wondering if its worth spending another $30 to get the rusted car and $1,000 in game cash? I already have the $30 package. P.S for anyone that doesn't know LEO means Law Enforcement Officer.
  6. GameQuiz

    You break a bunch of stuff to get more stuff so you can live longer
  7. What's your Steam account?

    rip me this will be the first pc game I've ever bought
  8. battlefield 1

    I own it on my PS4 and love it, its an awesome game and I haven't gotten bored of it so far!
  9. Music

    What kind of background/radio music is there going to be and will you be able to buy different song's in game?
  10. I dont understand something

    I think the game comes out early 2018 but Im not sure ?
  11. Love me

    I love you, not in a weird way but I'll still love you ?
  12. Acne, Sickness, ect

    This would be a fun added thing but I think you should be able to tick this on/off
  13. Anyone interested in EMS

    Im probable going to be a LEO but I want to try different careers
  14. Motor Cops

    But if a criminal is on a bike it would be hard for a car to keep up with them because of lane splitting, going through alleys, tight corners etc. But thats just my thoughts on this!
  15. DOJ

    Cant wait for the game, it reminds me of the Gta role play server DOJ check out Bay area buggs channel for that good stuff but I hope he makes some videos in this game that would be cool