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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, Identityrpg is live on twitch right now with a hinted release date drop!
  2. Asylum Gaming Hour?

    What has happened to the gaming hour on Twitch last week? There was like no streams what so ever? There's no update on Twitter either, about why there wasn't stream.
  3. Identity Twitch Channel

    Is this the correct channel for the official Twitch Stream? If so, why is it that it only shows gameplay of PUBG and Rocket League, but no Identity content? ,
  4. Any chance we will have jobs we can play in the game like being a youtuber or streamer.
  5. Identity's development has been moving at a pace we've never experienced in the past. With added full-time programming and art talent, we've been able to produce more content in a shorter time than expected. With all of the base features of Town Square in place, we've now been building up the supporting systems; the menu interfaces, server selection systems, character creation and more are well underway now. You'll get a good preview of the character customization soon! Ridable bicycle; work in progress Some exciting progress is also being seen beyond the Town Square! Our vehicle systems are starting to get fleshed out. We found the integrated Unreal Engine vehicle subsystems to be inadequate for the realism and fidelity we seek, so Identity will run on an entirely rebuilt vehicle physics engine. With this you can expect extremely realistic handling of bicycles, cars, vans, motorcycles, semi-trucks and more. We've got the Twitch Game development is an exciting career that many gamers aspire for. Just a couple of weeks ago we had test run streaming our development live on Twitch. In our first stream, our character artist Miroslav added different eyebrow varieties to Identity character head models. These are some of the eyebrow options you'll be able to choose when creating your characters; get an inside look at the work which goes into even a small detail as this. While the task Miroslav had at the time might not have been the most exciting, we're in the process of setting up a schedule for very regular streams from a variety of development departments. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for stream time announcements. Click the preview below to watch the recorded stream. It runs at just under an hour in duration. Identity's first Dev Stream: Miroslav's Eyebrows You can find our Twitch channel at Follow us there to get notified when an Identity developer starts streaming! Path to the Town Square Town Square early revision; work in progress A lot of Town Square work has been accomplished since the last dev blog! From interface to animations and more feature polish, the Town Square is shaping up into a genuinely interesting social environment. We've been making everything we can in the environment interactive. If it looks like it would have some sort of purpose in reality, we're making it useful (or at least entertaining) in Identity, too! Grab a newspaper for the latest happenings, toss a coin into the fountain or grab a can of soda from the machine. Visual dynamics have been added as well. Simple things bring immersion to the environment. The clocks on buildings and towers show the real in-game time, the cinema marquee sign shows the movies playing with real times (which can be adjusted by owners of community servers in retail Identity) and more. We're making the Identity environment, and thus that in Town Square, feel alive and interactive. A hotel lobby at night -- John VanderZwet
  6. Since you already can watch in-game people playing identity. What if identity paid players an amount of in-game cash for their # of views. This would be cool since it is similar. This would be also beneficial to the devs because it would be an incentive for people to advertise the game. Of course, there should be caps on the amount of money paid so people like PewDiePie can't stream a session of identity and make a million. This doesn't seem like a difficult feature to implement and it would be very very cool.
  7. Video Advertisements

    I think it would be cool to have a way for content creators to use in-game currency to purchase television, radio or billboard time/space to promote their youtube or twitch channels. I would suggest an in-game threshold of achievements or experience to allow players to spend in-game currency to submit specifically geared advertisements to be used in-game. Maybe requiring the video ad to be recorded using in-game footage or audio recordings or billboards that would all require mod/admin approval. Games have always done better than expected when a live streaming or youtube community is supporting it, on top of the support they already have. Allowing dedicated players to earn their right to show the community their content would encourage more creators to use the game for even more future content. The only issues would be the potential for the "youtube" effect where over time real advertisers begin mucking up the lighthearted point of promoting the games own community. This would probably fare well for the dev team and could help expand the game even more, but is just something that could happen if the game impresses the amount of people a game like this should. Another issue would be larger youtubers from doing the same thing, but in the long run it would help the community more. I'm just rambling by this point. Just my suggestion, not something that I have thought about too deeply or would feel inclined to press the idea. Just a random idea I thought would be neat, to go along with the already shown TV system.
  8. edwired's introduction

    Hi everyone, edwired here with my introduction. I'm really looking forward to the launch of the first module and later the game. I find that multi-player online role playing games are what I really like to play, and also watch the most. I play games, and usually stream my game play on Twitch a couple hours a week, but I watch streams even more than that. It's easy to multitask while watching, versus playing. It's my hope that some of the excellent role players I've seen in other games will find their way to Identity, and also that other folks, like myself can improve our RP skills while using them here. I've not decided in detail what my character's back story will be, but I can say that I will be one of the players who isn't a typical cop or criminal type. I'd like to find a job/career type of role in one of the business or industries in game, and spend my time on the fringes of armed conflict, instead of in the middle of it.