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  1. I would like to have my own garage to do custom work. Take an ordinary car/truck and pimp it up. Not sure the car thing is happening any time soon though.
  2. This probably contradicts what the game is about but sometimes I like doing stuff by myself, like exploring and looking around. I hope that we will not be tied too much to the jobs side of things like if you work for someone.
  3. Hi all. Just joined the forums and pledged also. This game is looking awesome with so many possibilities I can't wait! I am of the female variety! But as always I will be playing as a male, I don't know why I just always do. My career path I am hoping it will be something to do with motors. Not sure if it's part of the plans but would love to do like custom work and custom paint jobs on cars so if the Devs are looking for ideas, well here is one! I would be eternally grateful haha.