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  1. My rant video

    Lol, I'm still chuckling about the anorexic tree!
  2. Lets be Real About the Release Date

    I'm not sure if it will come out on release date or not but if it doesn't I don't think it will be far behind. I know it's been promised and people are excited but it doesn't bother me to wait if it is late. I'd rather it was playable and not just rushed out to meet the release date just to please people and we have a bug riddled TS you can't do anything with.
  3. This Is What People Were Talking About

    When I pledged months back, I was excited for the game. As time went on that excitement faded and started to consider a refund. I changed my mind and decided not to refund and just see how it turns out. The video was ok I guess but this was the first glimpse of the game and I'm not sure why people think it's going to look like the finished product. I know it's near the first module release but what are people expecting? We are in essence the testers of an unfinished game. If you want a finished and polished game straight off the bat then why pledge now? Is it a generation thing that people just want everything done now this instant? Yes it's a frustrating wait when you have pledged your hard earned money, you want to see stuff, but at the same time it's still very early days and the whole point of pledging is to help with the development.
  4. Car Poll!

    I would like to have my own garage to do custom work. Take an ordinary car/truck and pimp it up. Not sure the car thing is happening any time soon though.
  5. What do you want to do in Identity?

    This probably contradicts what the game is about but sometimes I like doing stuff by myself, like exploring and looking around. I hope that we will not be tied too much to the jobs side of things like if you work for someone.
  6. Hi all, another one from the UK

    Hi all. Just joined the forums and pledged also. This game is looking awesome with so many possibilities I can't wait! I am of the female variety! But as always I will be playing as a male, I don't know why I just always do. My career path I am hoping it will be something to do with motors. Not sure if it's part of the plans but would love to do like custom work and custom paint jobs on cars so if the Devs are looking for ideas, well here is one! I would be eternally grateful haha.