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  1. Ummm ?

    Just because they got funded a million doesn't mean anything. It can still fail and if they don't have anything worthy of new people backing it then the money will soon dry up, if it hasn't already. A nice shiny office and some snazzy computer chairs doesn't make a game. It just gives them comfort while our money goes down the toilet.
  2. How do i put furniture in my apartment?

    I didnt get past character creation. It made my pc lock up and had to force a shut down. Not a good start.
  3. An apology to all the devs/mods

    Perhaps if people were more patient, and after all most of those who were complaining actually backed it, you wouldn't need to apologise.
  4. What is going on?

    It was always going to be a long road and it feels like it still is, but some people dont always consider what they are letting themselves in for when they pledge their money. I always say, dont spend more than you are willing to lose and if you dont want to risk losing it then dont pledge at all. Others simply dont have any patience which in reality isnt a good thing when pledging to new games. I still think it will happen but if it doesnt, well, thats the risk I took albeit a small one financially. I dont come here that often now, maybe a few times a week and thats because its always the same posts in general but I do think once there is a game to be played, that will change and the forums will be more active and hopefully less negative. On a personal level, Im not even sure the game will be my type of game yet to be honest even though I pledged, but willing to give it a go and in the mean time I play tons of other games to keep me occupied on PC and consoles so Im ok for a while.
  5. To the Devs about next weeks stream

    Lol, another person trying to justify why he pledged and why he is sticking around. You think its a scam and a joke but you pledged and now claiming you are only sticking around to see everyone else who pledged get sh*t on. Well the jokes on you too bud if thats the case because you were one of them regardless of what reason you pledged, and to say you are sticking around to watch everyone crash and burn just makes you look like even more of a troll than you do already. They are releasing the town square not the whole game. If this does not interest you then go away and come back when the full game gets released. You make out you are the clever one because you think you have sussed the devs out so you sit behind your monitor trying to be funny but really, no one is laughing with you, just at you.
  6. A slight concern

    Thats the most idiotic thing I have read. You have no interest in this game so why are you even here posting comments? You are just a troll who goes round all the forums just for kicks. Telling others to have some self respect when you are no better yourself. You are just making yourself look ridiculous.
  7. Opinions.

    Honestly, Im at a point where Im sitting on the fence with the whole thing now. One part of me thinks they will achieve what they set out to do and we should give them the time to deliver, but the other part of me thinks they have been too ambitious with their goals and the funding will dry up before they even get to release anything worth looking at. Im the same with when I come on these forums. One part of me sometimes defends what the devs are doing but at other times I think well the ones who are not happy have a right to be so even though they do sometimes come across as me me me (not the OP just in general), they do have some good points to make and rightly so. When I first came to these forums, I came because people were discussing the game and in general people were very positive. Now I just come here to read more negative posts from disgruntled backers because theres not much else to read.
  8. Everyone STOP!!!!

    This is exactly where Im at.
  9. Ive not been looking but are they still doing streams at all or planning to do any, or has that stopped too.
  10. Please tell me those aren't the final animations...

    Dont quote me but didnt he say in the stream he wasnt happy with one of the animations? It may have been the jump I cant remember.
  11. dont think this game will ever come out

    Of course mine are assumptions but yours arent, ok whatever. I have been on this forum long enough and have seen people come and go and long enough to see that many come here then post a negative post without knowing the facts because it doesn't matter to them what is happening, the just want to play right now and when they don't hear what they want to hear, most of them leave. I have never said everyone who comes here does so and if I could bothered I could find many posts just like what I am talking about but the ones who have been here a while know exactly what I mean. Most of them can't be civil without insulting or swearing. I am no fan of the delays either but like I said people did not pledge for the game, they pledge to help create the game with the intention of having one at the end. For all any of us knew Asylum could have took the money and run and conned us all but that's the risk you take and you are not entitled to anything whether you think you are or not. It's down to honesty and the promise to deliver an end product which I believe they will but were just naive in thinking they could do it in a certain time frame. So what, does that make them bad people? Untrustworthy? Incompetent? No, they just underestimated the scale of what they were trying to do. Anyway, I am done with this conversation with you now as it is clearly going nowhere and quite frankly I am tired of replying to you repeating myself. Take it as you will but I have nothing more to say to you because it's just going round in circles. Have a nice day.
  12. dont think this game will ever come out

    People arent really voicing their concerns, they are just here to bitch and moan because they cannot wait so it has nothing to do with opinions, its to do with that they dont have any patience which is what my post was about, not whining as you put it. They seem to be incapable to actually realise that they didnt buy any game in theory, they pledged to have the game made with the understanding that one day a game will get made. Its a bit like a long car journey with your kids in the back constantly saying 'are we there yet?'. It gets boring real quick hearing the same thing over and over.
  13. dont think this game will ever come out

    I'm not upset so don't put words in my mouth. I just see this forum filled with immature pathetic commenters who just like to moan about everything when they don't hear or get what they want immediately, because it's the youth culture of today to expect and want everything right now and they just can't wait for it.. People who pledged really haven't any rights so get off your high horse. If asylum wanted to shut this down tomorrow there is nothing you or anyone can do so perhaps pledging is not for those people or yourself if you can't take the delays or setbacks. If you can't be patient and afford to lose your money if it all goes wrong then just go back playing with your other toys and then buy the game when it's done.
  14. dont think this game will ever come out

    The trouble is it seems to be more than a few. I just dread to think if people act like this in the forum then playing the game with them will be a nightmare. I swear when you read some of these comments its like being on a forum for 12year olds who just dont know how to be civil and clearly have no patience what so ever. Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you conduct yourself while you are waiting. Many fall short of this unfortunately.
  15. dont think this game will ever come out

    You know what? Im actually fed up with coming here now even to the point that I cant even be bothered to actually care if it comes out or not. There are a few genuine people that make good posts but it seems the majority are just moaners who in essence shouldnt really have pledged or childish two year olds who just like to stir sh*t up for kicks.