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  1. Motorbike models poll Identity.

    I would love to see ninja 636 or cbr 1000rr replicas
  2. How can we expect updates to come out? For example like Battlegrounds which has monthly updates, etc. or like Gta Online where there is a huge update after a long period of time? Also how indepth will customization be for motorcycles?
  3. Devs Just Did a Very Informative Stream!

    See thats the thing with people like you, they show you something interesting and give people what they've been asking for, yet here you are complaining. People like you will never be satisfied with anything. Be happy that instead of doing the gaming hour they took that and show some game development because thats what the people were asking for.
  4. unreal engine GTA ? looks like this raw view

    You also gotta remember that Gta 5 was probably finished somewhere around late 2012 but yea it definitely looks good
  5. New Devblog

    If you go on the second page of the forums then you'll see the new dev blog which Luckyduck posted
  6. Town Square Cars

    Actually Paratus said on stream like a month ago that adding a car to show off might happen. It wouldn't be functional but would be in for example a parking spot for players to look at.
  7. how big is town square

    Town square isnt the main area of the map. Its the main area of the city ash hill.
  8. CanĀ“t see Devblog #5

    Im guessing its 2 devblogs in 1. The email and a dev blog containing info about the video and module
  9. :)

    RP Name : Zayne Northwood Forum Name : Indevious Age : 15 but in-game 19 Why do I want to work for Supreme? I gotta look fresh and I need those employee discounts you feeeeel me. Also I would enjoy interacting with people while working in a store thats going to be popular and I'll hopefully be paid well. What area are you looking to work in? Retail What position are you applying for? Merchandise Associate Do you have a working mic? Of course. History of Supreme: The first Supreme store opened in Manhattan 1994 and it was made in mind for skaters. The store had a unique design which made it able for skaters to ride around inside the store.
  10. Create Your Identity

    Name : Zayne Northwood Age: 19 From: Virginia, USA Appearance: Male, 5'11, slim. Attire: Wears designer (supreme, gucci, bape, etc.) and dresses for style and looks. Job: Currently unemployed but might be selling drugs for quick cash. Detail of House: 2 bedroom apartment with (hopefully) parking garage. Vehicle: Is all about the bike life. Owning either a ninja 636 or gsxr 600 possibly 1000cc later on. Main transportation and will not be stopping for cops. Will be referred to as a "squid". Personality: Has great confidence and a sense of humor. Down to earth, laid-back and usually high. Backstory: Typical and normal life as a kid. Wanted to live his life and have fun. After graduating high school saved up cash to move to a new place with new opportunities. Still stays in touch with parents and siblings. Looking to be successful in Identity Island and meeting the biker community on the Island.
  11. Supreme - Coming Soon.

    Definetly not a hypebeast
  12. park ranger/police cars

    Actually Paratus was talking about how they working on some type of police jeep during HairyGrenade's stream today somewhere around the 30 minute mark.
  13. Video

    They also posted 3 new screenshots today on twitter
  14. Identity Dev Blog Update

    The townsquare module percent also moved from 76% to 89%
  15. bike variation ideas