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  1. Again Delayed huh? IDC anymore

    I upvote this thread.....Stop delaying everything. No matter what it is you guys always end up pushing it back for unknown reasons and you aren't giving us enough info to go off of.
  2. Hello

    I can't wait either....hype train
  3. Town Square module question

    Just town square
  4. Mining

    I think gold mining is In the game....not sure what elsr
  5. Steam is all that is confirmed right now I think.
  6. Hey, there!

    Well I am glad you joined the community. Hope you like it 😊
  7. From my understanding it will stay out along with the next 2 modules until the full game is released. If I am wrong maybe a mod can correct me.
  8. Forums in other languages

    I know of 1 person that has a identity community that is in German I believe. I think they will make some kind of sub forums and stuff once the game is released because it really isn't a priority right now.
  9. Is the website identityrpg(dot)net a scam?

    After doing some research and roasting a few moderators on the forums it appears they are starting up a German community for the game and will be releasing there own german server when the full game is released. So they are completely harmless and just a couple of germane trying to start up there own community. Thanks for the report though to try to keep some people safe from scams.
  10. Greetings Identity Community

    Hope you enjoy the community as much as some of us do
  11. Lock people in the trunk

    Here's a clip of one of the twitch streams. hope you find it helpful Mechanics (Can I shove kidnapped players into the trunk of a vehicle?) https://clips.twitch.tv/DarkObeseSardineGrammarKing
  12. i pm'd you with all the clips i could find to help answer most of your questions because i wouldn't let me post links here.I hope you find them helpful
  13. Cant make an account?!

    I'm not sure about the problem with creating your account. A moderator may be able to help you with that but the earliest build that you can play is coming out march 21st and it cost 30$. If you click "shop" it's the 30$ pledge package aka "Founder"
  14. Paypal Problem

    Becasue that is a visa giftcard you won't be able to use it as far as i know. The new website will have a option to pay with card. You will need a paypal account with a 30$ balance on it, cant use a visa giftcard.