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  1. World Boxing Association (WBA)

    Will there at least be karate? To like, improve yourself, rather than for sports.
  2. As long it gets out soon, it's fine by me.
  3. Fashion Boutique - Stylist

    I kind of can. I can't own a bar or casino. So we'll see.
  4. Requirements

    As of right now, there is no minimum, but if you tell me your specs, I can get a pretty good insight whether or not you'll at least be able to run it.
  5. If you're worried about if you're going to not be able to run the game, I can take a look at your specs for you and take a good guess. Well, partially a guess. I got some insight from devs and most intel on game GPU's and processors.
  6. Identity should be a third person game

    I'm sorry, but i want my 3rd person for my RP aspects. I wanna see my character. I do understand your point however, and consider it entirely.
  7. I agree with this but if they also go to court again for trolling, and he's found guilty, then the next one should be a ban. If it happens in the same month.
  8. Hoping to be able to have jail guards, then I can presuade them to let me go if I do a job for them.
  9. Refund process not working at all

    Hope you look into this in the future!
  10. Make sure it's a private message, and not a public message! @NanoSpace @Entryx
  11. and if they aren't, there are mods that are active. As well as the community Manager.
  12. GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME Can I put logos on it?
  13. Waiting for a server where everyone has 1 unique ability. Hehe. Supernatural of course.
  14. Cinema Copyright

    Ooo... This is getting interesting. My my, keep this up!