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  1. Dark City

    Barrett and Ghost duck down and lay in the snowy grass on the hill looking over the Secure Zone of the Order. Barrett removes his backpack and grabs the binos to see what he can see from the hill top down to the Orders HQ area. “Well good news is, Is that they have a huge ass fence with barbwire on the top that we can’t climb over. Also there is two fences…one is for the outside and then another right behind it so that vehicles, guards and whatever can walk around the compound.” Barrett says looking over at Ghost. Ghost looks through his scope of the hunting rifle. “Yeah there are guards walking around it for sure and then guard towers at every corner.” Ghost says as Barrett looks back through the binos. “Yeah this place will light up like a football stadium at night too, they have tons of spot lights and just big ass lights everywhere…..wait look at the park area.” Barrett says as he points to where the park is. “Shit is that a prison camp?” Barrett says, as Ghost moves his sniper rifle to the location. “Yeah it looks like that. Place is covered in mud and ice from all the snow.” Ghost says. “Yeah and they are living in tents, that shit can’t be good.” Barrett says as he lowers his binos getting the big picture of the layout. Ghost would lower his rifle and pull his black book out to start drawing the layout of the area. “Well the good news is that there are people walking the streets, but there is also no cars but only Cop cars with the Order logo on them.” Barrett says looking at Ghost. “We need to get in there somehow and start talking to the people to see what is going on. But how…” He raises his binos up and looks around. “There is a lake that isn’t frozen over it looks like there is a sewer drain or pipe that we could probably get into and see if that gets us into the city.” Barrett lowers his binos and points to where Ghost is drawing where there point of entry could be.” Ghost would nods. “Alright lets head down there to that drain pipe see where it takes us. And see if we can get into the city and find out a few things.” Ghost says as he puts his binos away and starts to get up swing his backpack on ready for the hike down. “Let’s also make sure those damn Drones don’t see us either..” Barrett says as the two start heading down the Hill slowly and carefully not to be seen or heard making their way to the drain pipe that goes out to the lake.
  2. Dark City

    Barrett looks at Ghost. "I think we need to get eye on the city. look for the weak points, watch the guards timing, and find the big dog whoever is in charge of this take over." Ghost would nod as Barrett gets up and walks over to a dresser and pulls out a map of the city where The Order has taken over. He then hangs it on the wall so the two can look at it. "Alright If I were them I would take over the Police station in the city maybe make it a strong hold. but as far as an HQ goes I would make it the city hall." The radio would go off as a report from the Order would go off. "Curfew is now on. Anyone caught outside during Curfew will be arrested on the spot, and sent to the Camp. Everyone may go back to their normal jobs that have been assign to them starting at 7AM. The Order Police force will be out as well as drones to make sure the people of the city is safe. Thank you." The Radio cuts off as Ghost turns it down. "Alright well we can go into the city after 7am and do some scouting just have to blend in with the people you know?" 1st we need to find a way in and get in with out anyone seeing us. Then scout, then get out again with out being seen. Barrett says as they both look at the map. "So lets get some rest..and we will scout the are tomorrow to see how we can get in." They both nod Barrett would take a seat in the comfy chair as Ghost took the couch. it was not that big of a cabin and by the fire place was the warmest spot. They both keep a pistol by them as they passed out by the fire. (Short and sweet yes? )
  3. Dark City

    After a couple hours they finally reach the mountains where Barrett goes hunting. There is a small cabin nothing to fancy regular cabin. Barrett parks the truck around the back of the cabin. He shuts the truck off and grabs his jacket and slips it on since it is snowing and all. He climbs out along with Greyson. They both grabs the bags from the inside and outside of the truck and Barrett would open the door. It wasn't locked, there is nothing in here but a fishing pole and a bed and couch with a fire place. Barrett: " make yourself at home. Im going to put the trap over the truck so it can't be seen from the air. and then we can sets up and figure out whats going on." Barrett would nod to Greyson and stepped out to do what he said he was going to do. A few minutes later her returns to see Greyson unpacking the bags and wearing warmer clothes. Barrett: " Hey so we will need a few things...We have a few can foods and alittle bit of firewood but not much. So we either go cut some trees down and get some wood or one goes hunting. Your call." Barrett walks over to the fireplace and throws a couple logs into the fireplace. He then lights it and starts the fire up. "I'll cooks some of the food up if you want to go hunting. I will get us some more wood and then we can sit down and figure out whats going on...and see if there is any others like us."
  4. Dark City

    Barrett and the Rook climb into the car as Simms hits the gas and heads out towards the PD station. Barrett looks over at her seeing her name tag. "McKenzie, is your name. you ok? Looks like you had a pretty nasty wreck there." He dodges in and out of traffic passing cars and Seeing the Red Caps all over the place. "Once we get to the Police station we will figure out what is going on." After about 10 to 20 minutes later Simms stops across the street of the Police station. He looks around not seeing any Cops or anything. "Alright go ahead Im right behind you. Im gonna park the car in the garage.".McKenzie would slowly get out of the car holding her side as she limped her way to the front door of the Police station. Simms takes a breath and then looks back at her as she walks into the police station. As soon as the door closes big giant red flags with the Order logo on them hangs down the roof down the side of the police station building. Simms raises his brow as more Black SUV with police lights on them now come out from the garage area and hits the streets. Simms starts the car back up and takes off "Sorry Kid I will come back for you." Simms heads down to his house. He pulls the SUV across the street of his house and gets out, grabbing his duffle bag of weapons. Barrett crosses the street to where his House is and tosses his duffle bag of weapons in the back of his truck. He reaches into the driver side of the truck and hits the remote for his garage door opener to open. the Garage slowly opens as he slides under the door as he doesn't have enough time to wait for the door to fully open. Grabbing Camping gear like tents, backpacks, rope, etc anything you really need to camp. He tosses them into the back of his truck and starts to remove his bullet proof vest. He grabs hi pistol from his vest holster and holsters in behind his pants. tossing the Bullet proof vest into the passenger side of the truck. Simms looks at his watch seeing that he has plenty of day light left. He runs back inside to grab a backpack and fill it up with clothes and grab his hunting rifles, and ammo. Be heading for the hills. (sorry for the late post have not been feeling good so I hope this make sense lol)
  5. Dark City

    Barrett turns the corner quickly and then avoids some of the Soldiers that have hit the streets and are starting to round people up. He turns the corner once more seeing a flipped Cop car on the side of the road and stops quickly. He notices that some of the red caps are moving to their direction of the flipped Squad car. Barrett hits the gas and speeds up next to the squad car stopping. He climbs out with his pistol in hand and quickly makes his round to see if anyone is alive in the squad car. "Hello?" He looks around and see movement from the passenger side of the squad car and quickly moves to that side of the car. Barrett gets on his hands and knees and looks inside "Hey you ok?!" He yells to the Rookie. of course he knew she was a rookie from here strips and plus he doesn't know her. "Its ok im a cop you will be ok." He looks up to see how close the Red caps are and looks back down. "Come on we need to get out of here I don't know whats going on but we need to get to the police station and find out." He extends his hand to her. He looks back up as they are closer and closer, Barrett stands up and fires a couple shots down at them to slow them down. He looks back down at the Rookie . "you got to move kid come on!" He then scrambles to the back of the squad car where the trunk is open and everything has fallen out because they did flip a few times. Barrett Holsters his pistol on his chest Vest and starts grabbing boxes of bullets, more weapons that happen to be in the back and Bullet proof vests. He starts to shove them into a backpack and another gym bag that was back there and clean it out before quickly running back to the Rookie. "its now or never kid!" He opens the side drive side of the SUV and tosses the bags into the black SUV and leans down holding his hand out to her once more. ( @Norway174 come with me to the police station or stay your call)
  6. Dark City

    Simms looks at the two and shakes his head. "Really guys How about I give you......." He stops as he looks up seeing military planes that look to be C130's. "What the Hell is going on?" staring at all the planes that fly by and men jumping out by the dozen from the plane and para dropping in. He looks back at the two. "Let me guess you don't know anything about this?" As soon as he said that 2 Black Humvee's speed towards them. Simms places his hand on his chest where his pistol is holster. The Humvee's come to a stop as these Soldiers quickly come get out of the Humvee's with their guns drawn towards the three. "Down down down!" All the soldiers says as the quickly move towards the three. Simms pulls his pistol and points it at them "Whoa Whoa Im a cop put your guns down now." Simms yells going back in forth between each soldier. Before Simms knew it the three were surrounded by these soldiers with black and red on them. "Down put it down now!" a Soldier yells once again. "You put it down im a cop!" Simms responds back to them. One of the Soldiers quickly presses his chest where his radio is to relay a message. "We have a Code 2020." a soldier says and a few seconds later a black SUV is seen heading to their direction. Simms slowly moves towards his car as slowly and carefully as he can. "DON'T MOVE! GET DOWN LAST WARNING!" Simms looks down the road and whoever is in that black SUV he doesn't want to find out. "Ahh screw it!" Simms starts to fire at the Soldiers diving behind his car. The Soldiers open up fire shooting at the car and trying to hit Simms. Simms open his passenger door up pulling out his shotgun and pops up from behind the car popping shots at the Soldiers taking them down one by one with the shot gun. The Black SUV stops and out steps is a Templar with a red helmet face cover. Simms see this Templar guy walking towards him as he raises a brow..."What the hell? is going on?!?" He pulls out his pistol once again stands up and killing a few more soldiers before the Templar unslings his m4 and points it towards Simms. "Shit!!" The Templar opens fire as he dives behind the car once again to reload. "Shit Shit shit..." Simms pops back up and hits the Templar as it hits him and he stops and takes a step back from the shot. Simms notices that he didn't go down and fires a couple more rounds back into him but again he doesn't go down. The Templar stop and raises his m4 once again and fires back as Simms ducks again. Simms looks around seeing one of the these dead soldiers near him as he leans over and grabs their m4. He check the weapon and then hears that the Templar is reloading. Simms stands back up and points it back towards the Templar once again. The Templar looks up and drops his m4 reaching for his pistol. Simms points up and then to his chest and then down to his legs. He fires a couple rounds into the Templar's thigh. Dropping him to his knees. Simms quickly moves around his car with the m4 drawn as he moves over the the Templar. Simms kicks the Templar down to the ground and kicks his pistol away. "WHO ARE YOU!" The Templar does not speak. Simms kicks the Templar on the ground "WHO ARE YOU!" again the Templar does not speak. "Screw it!" Simms fires another round into the gut area of the Templar and then looks down the Street Seeing more Black Humvee's and SUV's heading his way and more Soldiers para dropping in his area. Simms looks at the other two criminals "You two are on your own!" Simms runs to his car and grabs a duffle bag of guns and then runs to the black SUV and climbs in as he steals the SUV and heads out of the area that they are at as fast as he could. ( @UnknownX I love your new Idea so far Glad we talk about what we are going to do this will be fun)
  7. Dark City

    Simms reaches into his car and calls off the backup. "Alright why don't you two have a seat on the curb then." Simms holsters his pistol which was attach to his police vest. and walks over to the curb where the two would sit down. He leans against his car and folds his arms. "Alright so Im here..why did you call me out here then?" he reaches into pocket and tosses them a ski mask " And Why did I have to bring a mask?"
  8. Dark City

    He shakes his head. "Well that isn't your car if Im not mistaking? So you are fleeing in a stolen car, wearing mask and shooting at what? in self defense?" Simms look at the two as they speak. "Hey Im talking to the driver not you so stay right there and driver keep walking backwards. until I say stop" The sirens are getting louder as they are closing in.
  9. Dark City

    Still with his gun drawn on the two men. he see the one men getting out of the car. he knew back up would be here shortly. "Alright listen to me very very closely. You Will face away from me, and two you will remove your mask and toss them aside. three you will keep your hands away from your body, any motion to your body I will shoot. Do you understand that? Simms looks around to see if there was an active shooter but kept his eye on the two fleeing the seen of the crime. "Alright as the drive walks back to my voice I want to know why are you fleeing a crime seen? Why are you wearing Mask? Who was shooting by the store?" Sirens in the distance are heard as Simms keeps his gun trained on the two. waiting for someone to respond to him to see what is going on.
  10. Dark City

    Simms pulls up behind the Pinto inside his matte black 1969 Pontiac GTO. He leaves the car running and steps out looking at the Pinto. Wearing a black long sleeve shirt, a pair of jeans and a black Bullet proof vest. Simms stands by his car and flicks the cig from his hand and then draws his 1911 custom grips pistol from his thigh holster. Simms stands behind the door of his car and points it towards them inside the pinto. "Alright give up the rest of the cops are on their way so just crawl out of that car that we both know its not going anywhere and put your hands up." Everything he said would be true. The cops were on their way for the gun shots heard. "Come on get out I already took down your Boss White Mask once..I can do it with you two as well..I promise you guys will go right to the Max Prison and not the Asylum like your nut job of a boss is. Just get out put your hands up!"
  11. Dark City

    Looking through the scope he spots the car pulling up to the 711. Simms looks down at his phone waiting for one of them to call him. BAM BAM He hears the gun shots and then quickly looks through the scope just in time to see the 2 mask men run behind the 711. Simms starts to scan the area looking for where the shots came from. He looks back to see where the two are still hiding behind the 711 and then looks down at his phone. "Hmm looks like this guys doesn't need my help." Simms leans back into his chair and pockets his phone. (Sorry for the short post but I really did not know what else to put...)
  12. Dark City

    Simms looks at his phone and hits the end call button. "What the hell? Does this clown think I am going bad just because that crazy ass White Mask killed my family?" He shakes his head and slides off the roof of his car. He grabs his pistol and places it in the back of his jeans. He pockets his phone and walks to his car. He climbs into his car and hits the gas heading towards where the man on the phone told him to meet. About 20 to 40 minutes later Simms stops his car and gets out. He looks around and then over to his trunk, and pulls out a Blaser 93 Tactical rifle all decked in black. He would sling his German made rifle over his shoulder and heads towards a building. 5 to 20 mins later he unslings his rifle and sets it up pointing it towards the 711 where he was suppose to meet the man on the phone. He pulls up a chair,fixes the curtains so there is no glare no nothing that can pin point where he is. He rest his rifle on the table and sits down in the chair snuggling up to the sniper rifle and flicks the scope caps up. He reaches into his pocket and places his phone on the table and then grabs his bluetooth earpiece and places it into his ear. He knows he can not call the guy who called him back so he will wait and have him call him to see what he really wants.
  13. Dark City

    Simms phone vibrates in his pocket. He slowly sits up reaching into his pocket. And places his pistol next to him. He then pulls his phone out of his pocket and tries to focus on the phone number. "Uhhh...what the hell.." *Hiccup* "What the hell time is it?" Simms would burp and then spit. "ugh" He looks at his watch for the time and shakes his wrist. He then focus in on his watch and then puts it up to his ear to see if it was ticking. He then looks at his watch at the time. He then looks at his phone and then pretends to throw it into the ocean as he wasn't ready to talk to anyone. *Ring Ring Ring* He sighs and accepts the call. Simms places his phone to his ear "Detective Simms.." Simms closes his eyes as he still sits on the hood of his car. that is parked on the beach looking over at the ocean.
  14. Dark City

    Simms is sitting on the hood of his 1969 Pontiac GTO matte black. He is parked in the sand on one of the beaches looking over the ocean as the Sun begins to set. Simms is wearing a pair of torn wash blue jeans and a black tank top. He appears to be holding something in one hand and in the other a bottle of wild turkey that is half gone. Simms look down at his picture of his wife and daughter . A single tear falls from his eye lid on the picture, he wipes the tear with is thumb and sniffs. He the raises his bottle of wild turkey and takes a swig from it. Simms would set the picture down next to him and reaches behind him pulling his pistol. He would take another swig from it he bottle of wild turkey and then places his pistol to his head. Simms would breath heavy, his eyes blood shot in rage, spit and snot dripping from his mouth and nose as he places his finger on the trigger. "AHHHHHHH!" Simms yelled pushing his pistol in to his head. He stops and lowers his gun into his lap. 'Fuck" he would look at his bottle and take another swig then he would wipe his face off and take another swig but this time it was long. He would stop and look at the bottle once again and then seeing it is almost empty he tossed it into the ocean and then layer down on his hood holding the picture tight in his hand and have his pistol rest on his chest. As he passes out.
  15. Dark City

    "Susan!" Explosion was heard as he laid on the ice with his hand out reaching out to her. "No!" He lowers his head as a tear fall from his eye. " monster!" "No no names White Mask...but thank you for the compliment." White Mask Laughs walking off the ice with Bob the Butcher. Simms yells in rage and slams his fist down on the ice getting to his feet. Breathing heavy Simms stands there looking at where his family once ways, he then turns around Seeing the two criminals make their way towards the exit. White Mask would turn around and wave by towards Simms as Simms reaches into his shoulder holster pulling his pistol and aiming it towards White Mask. White Mask tilted his head looking at Simms and then quickly jumps in front of Bob the Butcher way as Simms pulls the trigger back sending rounds down towards White Mask. Walking towards them Simms keeps pulling the trigger as the bullets blast into the back of Bob the Butchers back. White Mask would hold Bob up like a shield taking all the bullets that flew towards him. 'Click, click, click, click, click, click' Bobs body would go limp from the many gun shots to the back. White Mask would let Bobs body go as it falls to the ground. As White Mask stands there watching Bob lifeless body lay on the ground and then over at Simms. "Damn Rambo!" Simms would Yell and tossing his empty gun towards White Mask's head but he would duck out of the way watching the gun past him. "Nice throw Nolan Ryan!" He laughs turning back towards Simms only to see him charging at him."AHHHHHH!" Simms yell but White Mask would quickly run and head upstairs to the nose bleed section on the ice arena."There no place to run or hide anymore White Mask. The SWAT team is here and your ass is MINE!" Simms ran after White Mask but of course White Mask would just laugh as he ran. They reach the top of the nose bleed sections only to see White Mask run back to the seating area of the arena. Simms would give chase watching him where he went, but he was still feeling the affects of the baseball bat to the knees. Simms walked to the top of the stairs standing there not seeing White Mask anywhere by the seats. "Where did you go?" White Mask appears behind Simms. "Poof here I am" Simms would turn around just in time as White Mask would tackle him down the stairs. They tumble down the stairs all the way down to the front row as the railing stops them. Both of them are tangled and laying on each other but of course that crazy ass White Mask just laughed laying there. Simms got to his feet slowly grabbing White Mask by his collar jacket as he sat there laughing. Simms grabbed the mask and ripped it off his face tossing it over the railing. He pulls his arm back making a fist and then slams his fist into his face repeatedly. "You" He slams his fist into his face again. "Killed" and again "my" again "Wife" and again "My Daughter" again and again. White Mask would just laugh the whole time as his face was covered in blood. White Mask would just laugh spiting up blood. Simms picked him up and held him against the railing. The SWAT team finally reached them surrounding the stair ways with their guns drawn. Simms would turn around and lets go of White Mask, finally seeing the SWAT team here. He smiled and turned around the bloody White Mask started to climb over the railing. Simms quickly grabbed him as he started to fall but misses. White Mask laughs as he falls but his foot gets caught between the railing and hangs upside with his foot caught. Simms grabbed his leg as the bloody White Mask hangs laughing. "Your Not getting away that easy." Simms says pulling him up, and tosses him back down on the ground. the SWAT team moves in and handcuffs White Mask. They would lift him up and escort White Mask to paddy wagon and off to jail, as a few other SWAT members would check out Simms making sure he is ok. A few minutes later the EMTS are wrapping White Mask face up with bandages. Simms looks over at the hand cuffed White Mask sitting in the back of the ambulance as SWAT surrounded him. White Mask looked over at Simms leaning against the squad car with a blank around him and a ice pack on his head. White Mask would give Simms a slow clap as best as he could being handcuffed. Once the EMTS were done with White Mask he was escorted to the paddy wagon and then off the Jail. The beat down Simms watched the paddy wagon leave and then lowers his head tossing the ice pack to the ground. He removes the blanket around his shoulders and walks to his car. He climbs in and turns to see Tommy Two times getting put into a squad car. He then looks down at his badge and pulls it off his belt and looks at. A tear falls from his eyes as he flicks his badge into the passenger side of his car and takes off into the night. (Hey Thanks @UnknownX for helping me write this it was cool to talk to you and work this SL out. can't wait to see what we can do next and also thanks for helping my Char. development. Im sure we will cross paths soon thanks again bro.)