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  1. Dark City

    Simms looks at his phone and hits the end call button. "What the hell? Does this clown think I am going bad just because that crazy ass White Mask killed my family?" He shakes his head and slides off the roof of his car. He grabs his pistol and places it in the back of his jeans. He pockets his phone and walks to his car. He climbs into his car and hits the gas heading towards where the man on the phone told him to meet. About 20 to 40 minutes later Simms stops his car and gets out. He looks around and then over to his trunk, and pulls out a Blaser 93 Tactical rifle all decked in black. He would sling his German made rifle over his shoulder and heads towards a building. 5 to 20 mins later he unslings his rifle and sets it up pointing it towards the 711 where he was suppose to meet the man on the phone. He pulls up a chair,fixes the curtains so there is no glare no nothing that can pin point where he is. He rest his rifle on the table and sits down in the chair snuggling up to the sniper rifle and flicks the scope caps up. He reaches into his pocket and places his phone on the table and then grabs his bluetooth earpiece and places it into his ear. He knows he can not call the guy who called him back so he will wait and have him call him to see what he really wants.
  2. Dark City

    Simms phone vibrates in his pocket. He slowly sits up reaching into his pocket. And places his pistol next to him. He then pulls his phone out of his pocket and tries to focus on the phone number. "Uhhh...what the hell.." *Hiccup* "What the hell time is it?" Simms would burp and then spit. "ugh" He looks at his watch for the time and shakes his wrist. He then focus in on his watch and then puts it up to his ear to see if it was ticking. He then looks at his watch at the time. He then looks at his phone and then pretends to throw it into the ocean as he wasn't ready to talk to anyone. *Ring Ring Ring* He sighs and accepts the call. Simms places his phone to his ear "Detective Simms.." Simms closes his eyes as he still sits on the hood of his car. that is parked on the beach looking over at the ocean.
  3. Dark City

    Simms is sitting on the hood of his 1969 Pontiac GTO matte black. He is parked in the sand on one of the beaches looking over the ocean as the Sun begins to set. Simms is wearing a pair of torn wash blue jeans and a black tank top. He appears to be holding something in one hand and in the other a bottle of wild turkey that is half gone. Simms look down at his picture of his wife and daughter . A single tear falls from his eye lid on the picture, he wipes the tear with is thumb and sniffs. He the raises his bottle of wild turkey and takes a swig from it. Simms would set the picture down next to him and reaches behind him pulling his pistol. He would take another swig from it he bottle of wild turkey and then places his pistol to his head. Simms would breath heavy, his eyes blood shot in rage, spit and snot dripping from his mouth and nose as he places his finger on the trigger. "AHHHHHHH!" Simms yelled pushing his pistol in to his head. He stops and lowers his gun into his lap. 'Fuck" he would look at his bottle and take another swig then he would wipe his face off and take another swig but this time it was long. He would stop and look at the bottle once again and then seeing it is almost empty he tossed it into the ocean and then layer down on his hood holding the picture tight in his hand and have his pistol rest on his chest. As he passes out.
  4. Dark City

    "Susan!" Explosion was heard as he laid on the ice with his hand out reaching out to her. "No!" He lowers his head as a tear fall from his eye. " monster!" "No no names White Mask...but thank you for the compliment." White Mask Laughs walking off the ice with Bob the Butcher. Simms yells in rage and slams his fist down on the ice getting to his feet. Breathing heavy Simms stands there looking at where his family once ways, he then turns around Seeing the two criminals make their way towards the exit. White Mask would turn around and wave by towards Simms as Simms reaches into his shoulder holster pulling his pistol and aiming it towards White Mask. White Mask tilted his head looking at Simms and then quickly jumps in front of Bob the Butcher way as Simms pulls the trigger back sending rounds down towards White Mask. Walking towards them Simms keeps pulling the trigger as the bullets blast into the back of Bob the Butchers back. White Mask would hold Bob up like a shield taking all the bullets that flew towards him. 'Click, click, click, click, click, click' Bobs body would go limp from the many gun shots to the back. White Mask would let Bobs body go as it falls to the ground. As White Mask stands there watching Bob lifeless body lay on the ground and then over at Simms. "Damn Rambo!" Simms would Yell and tossing his empty gun towards White Mask's head but he would duck out of the way watching the gun past him. "Nice throw Nolan Ryan!" He laughs turning back towards Simms only to see him charging at him."AHHHHHH!" Simms yell but White Mask would quickly run and head upstairs to the nose bleed section on the ice arena."There no place to run or hide anymore White Mask. The SWAT team is here and your ass is MINE!" Simms ran after White Mask but of course White Mask would just laugh as he ran. They reach the top of the nose bleed sections only to see White Mask run back to the seating area of the arena. Simms would give chase watching him where he went, but he was still feeling the affects of the baseball bat to the knees. Simms walked to the top of the stairs standing there not seeing White Mask anywhere by the seats. "Where did you go?" White Mask appears behind Simms. "Poof here I am" Simms would turn around just in time as White Mask would tackle him down the stairs. They tumble down the stairs all the way down to the front row as the railing stops them. Both of them are tangled and laying on each other but of course that crazy ass White Mask just laughed laying there. Simms got to his feet slowly grabbing White Mask by his collar jacket as he sat there laughing. Simms grabbed the mask and ripped it off his face tossing it over the railing. He pulls his arm back making a fist and then slams his fist into his face repeatedly. "You" He slams his fist into his face again. "Killed" and again "my" again "Wife" and again "My Daughter" again and again. White Mask would just laugh the whole time as his face was covered in blood. White Mask would just laugh spiting up blood. Simms picked him up and held him against the railing. The SWAT team finally reached them surrounding the stair ways with their guns drawn. Simms would turn around and lets go of White Mask, finally seeing the SWAT team here. He smiled and turned around the bloody White Mask started to climb over the railing. Simms quickly grabbed him as he started to fall but misses. White Mask laughs as he falls but his foot gets caught between the railing and hangs upside with his foot caught. Simms grabbed his leg as the bloody White Mask hangs laughing. "Your Not getting away that easy." Simms says pulling him up, and tosses him back down on the ground. the SWAT team moves in and handcuffs White Mask. They would lift him up and escort White Mask to paddy wagon and off to jail, as a few other SWAT members would check out Simms making sure he is ok. A few minutes later the EMTS are wrapping White Mask face up with bandages. Simms looks over at the hand cuffed White Mask sitting in the back of the ambulance as SWAT surrounded him. White Mask looked over at Simms leaning against the squad car with a blank around him and a ice pack on his head. White Mask would give Simms a slow clap as best as he could being handcuffed. Once the EMTS were done with White Mask he was escorted to the paddy wagon and then off the Jail. The beat down Simms watched the paddy wagon leave and then lowers his head tossing the ice pack to the ground. He removes the blanket around his shoulders and walks to his car. He climbs in and turns to see Tommy Two times getting put into a squad car. He then looks down at his badge and pulls it off his belt and looks at. A tear falls from his eyes as he flicks his badge into the passenger side of his car and takes off into the night. (Hey Thanks @UnknownX for helping me write this it was cool to talk to you and work this SL out. can't wait to see what we can do next and also thanks for helping my Char. development. Im sure we will cross paths soon thanks again bro.)
  5. Dark City

    (Yup it looks like it just me and you White Mask) Radio Chatter " Simms, Sanchez, Where the hell are you?" Sanchez picks up the radio and presses the button on the side. "Sanchez here, with Simms go ahead." He lets go of the button. "White Mask has been see at the Hockey Arena." Simms presses the gas petal down to the floor. "Ten four Simms and Sanchez in route How long til SWAT is ready?" Sanchez lets go of the button once again. " They will be ready in Five but it will take an hour for them to reach the arena. over" Sanchez: "So I guess we are going to the hockey arena?" Simms: " Your damn right" Simms leans over to his radio turning it on and turns the dial to the sports station. "Now we will have a play by play on when the White Mask will make himself known." 30 minutes later Sanchez and Simms pulls up to the arena. With 5 minutes left into the game, The Ice Sharks score. making it 3 to 0. Simms and Sanchez get out of the vehicle making their way into the arena. They both flash their badges to the security guard. Sanchez stays back to talk to the security guards letting them know whats going on. Simms walks down to the ice. The fans were loud, the players checking each others against the wall made them even louder. "Where are you White Mask?" Simms said to himself looking around the arena. Sanchez walks up behind Simms and stands next to him as he also looks around. " 3......2.....1.." The Buzzer goes off and a blast of music plays as the ice sharks win the game. Fans starts to bang on the glass, clapping and screaming. "Alright if that son of bitch is here he should make himself kno....." The lights in the arena go out. White Mask is seen on the video above. The Fans are screaming and running to the exits now, as so is the hockey players. "know...there he is he is here...go stop that feed." Sanchez pushes himself through the crowd to make his way to the video area where the video feed is. ( Hey White Mask check your PM I want to make sure we are on the same page for this.)
  6. Dark City

    Simms and Sanchez are outside of the police station. Simms reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pack of smokes. "Hey man its cool we will get him don't worry there is no where to run on this island." Sanchez said as Simms lit up a cig. "I don't know Sanchez this guy is different. This guy has a purpose on this island." Simms says blowing out the smoke from his nose. He looks around and looks over at his 1969 Pontiac GTO jet black. He looks over at Sanchez and takes another hit from his cig. "Sanchez you want to go for a ride?" Simms says looking over at him and then flicks his cig away. "Dude you know we can't go after White Mask I know that is what you are thinking." Simms smiles. Another officer walks outside towards them and stop. Officer: " He got away." Simms: " I told you guys that he is always one step ahead of you guys. Thanks Frank." Frank nods and walks away to his squad car. Simms raises his eyebrow and looks at Sanchez. "Soooo want to go for a ride?" He smiles as he pats Sanchez on the shoulder and they make their way over to the 1969 Pontiac GTO. Sanchez and Simms take off to the streets. "We have to think where he is going to be next" Simms says. Sanchez turns on the police scanner to see if there is anything going on. He turns it down just a little and then grabs his cell phone. "I will make some calls someone should have seen him by now." Simms nods "Good Idea." Just then Simms phone starts to ring. Simms reaches into his pocket and places it by his ear. "Simms here." He looks over at Sanchez and mouths "My Daughter" and points to his phone. "Hey how are you and mum doing?" "Good good" "Yep, I will be there" "Yes I will bring you a cake" "With barbie on it yes." "Alright love you too, tell my mum I will call her later ok love you" Simms hangs up his phone and tosses it into cup holder. Sanchez gets off the phone. "Alright check this out they ditched the red car and got a new one in a parking garage. Of course the cops didn't see them leave but they must of left because there is no trace of them. But good news is that I have an informant on the streets that saw White Mask stopped and got a hot dog and then took off. after that he stopped at the bank, and then they pulled into a warehouse where there was a shoot out. There was a black SUV that left but thats all I know let me make a few more calls and we will find him." Sanchez gets back on his phone as Simms smiles and grips the steering wheel. "Your going down White Mask."
  7. Dark City

    Barrett is sitting in the PD station doing paper working wearing his black suite, white dress shirt and a grey tie. He types a few thing here and there and then would right a couple things down. One of the officers would turn the Tv up. Officer: "Hey everyone shut up look!" The Officer points to the screen as everyone in the office stops and looks up to the tv. Barrett would not look up as he kept typing and doing his cop thing like he was told to do. The officers turns the tv up a little bit more so that they can hear the News chopper guy. News Guy:" I...I can't believe what I seeming, are you getting this on camera Frank? Ladies and gentlemen if you are watching this you can see that this is real and that it looks like the Man in the White Mask is back. Look at him just standing out from the sun roof and holding his arms out like some kind of...I wont says god, but I will say a crazy person." Simms drops his pen. it rolls off the table and hits the ground Simms slowly looks up towards the tv. It was him, It was the Man in the White Mask. Barrett's clinches his fist 'He's dead.....he has to be dead I shot him, Anderson shot him...He has to be dead." Barrett's thinks to himself. All the other officers turn and look at Barrett as he stands up his face getting red with angry. "only that cocky son of bitch would do something like's him..." he thinks to himself again. The Chiefs door opens and looks up at the tv and then everyone looking at Simms. The Chief points to Simms. Chief of Police: "Simms!" Barrett shakes his head and slams his fist down on his desk "I need to get this guy and end this once and for all!" Chief of Police: "Sit your ass down you are under orders to sit down and do your job. We have it under control, he is not going anywhere." Barrett looks over at the Chief "Chief he is playing with you guys look at him!" he points to the tv. "He is reeling you guys in like a fish. Don't you think he has a master plan on how he is going to get away?!" Chief of Police: "Sit your ass down Simms or..." Barrett pushes his paperwork off his desk making a mess. "Thats it Simms one more out burst out of you and your.." Barrett raises his hands "I am what? fired? demoted?" Barrett shakes his head "Sanchez take Officers Simms here out for some fresh air before his mouth gets him into anymore trouble!" Officers Sanchez walks over to Barrett and puts his hand on his back "Come on buddy" Sanchez says but Barrett jerks away "Alright alright I'm walking.." Officer Sanchez and Barrett walk towards the front door to get some fresh air, and to calm down. (I am trying the color thingy too now guys )
  8. Dark City

    Simms is on the road still in his black SUV until he gets a call. He picks up the phone. "Agent Simms." he says "What?" "Well yes sir that was my call to go into the bank." "Yes sir the men followed my orders.." "But...alright..." Sighs " Yes Sir...I understand sir.." "Can I make a request?.......The team had nothing to do with it, it was my call and my fault for leaving the fire...So please give them a pass?" "Thank you sir...ok...Yes Sir I will report to the Police HQ...Yes Sir...Thanks for letting me keep my job well sort of" "Ok no problem...its ok love you too Dad..I'll talk to you later, bye" Simms hangs up the phone. He then reaches into his pocket and tosses his DEA badge into the back see. "Looks like im part of the PD now for the screwed up island I decided to come to help with crime..Oh least im still a cop.
  9. Dark City

    The rest of the DEA agents after a few drinks peace out on Barrett at the bar. Barrett walks up to the bar and orders another drink as he belly ups on to the bar. He nods to the bar tender tossing a few bucks on the bar as he takes his beer bottle and takes a swig of his beer. He looks around the bar and then up to the tv watching the news which was on behind the bar. His cell phone rings. He sets the beer down on the bar top and then reaches into his pocket pulling out his cell phone and answers it. He then walks out of the bar In to his SUV as he takes off down the road. ( sorry for the short post. Been working a lot but I'm still here )
  10. Dark City

    Simms and a couple of his DEA aget buddies walk into the same bar that heist guys were at. Of course the would not know it was them since they were wearing mask, and the 3 of the DEA agents are just wearing normal wear, like they are off duty or something. Simms and his two DEA buddies belly up to the bar ordering a couple cold ones. Simms looks at his fellow DEA agents. "Man what a crazy couple of months huh guys?" Simms says taking a swig from his beer. "yeah boss the city is finally getting back together" Johnson says raising his beer up to the guys and he knocks his beers with the others. "Well even though we didn't catch the bank heist guys atleast the crazy son of bitch man in the white mask is gone." Simms says leaning back against the bar. he other DEA agents nod taking a swig. "I wonder who he was I mean Agent Anderson isn't talking she been in the hospital since what 2 months now? Man did he mess up her head." Agent Cole says. taking another swig from his beer he look around the bar. "yeah something like that." Simms takes another swig from his beer. "Hey a table just open up lets go take a seat" Cole says as the 3 DEA agents make there way to the empty table by the door. they all sit down and start to talk to one another. (season 2!! Woohoo!! I talked to @UnknownX he said that we are taking place 3 months after the season 1 so I hope I did it right )
  11. (bravo you two bravo!)
  12. "Move in move in." DEA agents move into the build. Simms see the three guys running in the back with bags of money. "Shit they are moving to the back. Go go go...FREEZE!" two the DEA agents run after the heist guys from the back. Simms points to his other DEA to clear the area. Simms starts to check the doors and then see a blood trail. He slowly moves with his gun up and follows the blood trail that leads to a door. Blood all over the door handle and door. Simms stacks up on the door and kicks the door wide open. The door swings open he see the man in the white mask dressed up all in white sitting at the desk across from him hold a shotgun pointed to the door. With out a beat Simms opens up fire hitting the man in the white mask sitting the chair with a 3 round burst to the chest. "Holy shit..." Simms looks down and see the Bank security guard on the ground slowly moving. "Hey buddy you ok!?!?" Swings his M4 to his back and kneels over the guard seeing that he is bleeding from his gut, puts pressure on his wound. "Hey buddy you will be ok! Mark call wagon we got a down officer here! " he yells as the power in the whole city turns back on and the bank alarms starts to go off. The other DEA agents that went after the heist guys come running back in saying that they did not catch them. one of the agents gets on his radio since the power is back on and starts calling for an ambulance. 10 to 15 minutes later the ambulance drives up to the bank and quickly goes to work on the down security guard getting him prep for the ride to the hospital. Simms looks at his other agents and shakes his head.."Its not over yet...guys now we have a Heist team to go after.." looks at his watch seeing that the sun is about to come up. "Well lets get to work we have to find that the man in white mask is dead we can work on some real criminals. (Thanks for @UnknownX for letting me put him in my Season 1 final script. I have a feeling that I did not kill him....seems to easy.... Can't wait for Season 2!)
  13. Three black SUVs pull up to the bank. They all park in away like a line so that they have covers. Agent Simms climbs out drawing his m4 seeing that a Van has crashed through the bank and a man standing on the counters swing his shotgun around, talking to someone. All the agents line up behind cover of the SUVs and point towards the bank. Knowing that they heard the sirens and now can see the lights. Simms grabs a bull horn from the back of the SUV. "This is the DEA you are surround, come on out with you hands up!" *BOOM BOOM BOOM* A shotgun blast sprays the SUVs as the agents duck. "Rules of engagement?" One of the agents say, looking at Simms "Fuck it, to much shit is happening tonight... return fire!" The agents stand up behind cover from the suv and open fire into the bank. Simms pointed his m4 right at the man in white mask and starts to lay into him. The man in the white mask would get hit falling down to the floor. Even though we can see past the van he knows he hit the man in the white mask from the blood spray when he got hit, Plus he is wearing white so you know he knows he hit him. The agents stop shooting into the bank. "lets move in.... go slow" The agents and Simms stands up walking around the suvs and walk slowly up to the banks front door. They would split up into 3 teams heading to the door. 2 agents go left and 1 with simms go right while they leave one guy back by the suv to cover them. ( I want to thank @UnknownX for letting me shoot him lol..I have a bad feeling about what he will do next.)
  14. Running towards the chemical fire plant Simms stops. Seeing the street lights going out. He looks behind him and see more lights going out. "what the?" Simms pulls his Air mask off. He looks back towards the fire and then back to where all the lights are going off. "Damn it what a perfect plan..." He turns around and runs back to his DEA unit removing the fireman gear and dropping it to the ground. "Boys Rally up we need to hit the streets this is a distraction!" One of the agents hands him his bulletproof vest. He slides it back on and takes his m4 back. All the agents are hoping into the two SUVs as so does Agent Simms. The SUVs roar out of the area of the fire to hit the streets "Radio check" Simms says as he shakes his head and forgetting that the power is out. he grabs his cell phone and dials the SUV infront of him. "Guys Comms are down but phones lets think...powers out what are the bad guys up to?" Agent 1: "steal cars?" Agent 2: " break into the mayors place?" Agent Simms: "Steal money from a Bank. Car one head to the nearest bank in a 25 mile radius." The Suvs hit their lights and go screeching down the road heading towards the bank. (just and FYI there are 5 DEA agents 3 in the lead SUV and 2 in the second SUV. sorry for it being so short)
  15. Agent Simms was already on the scene of the chemical fire. Simms and the rest of his DEA task force agents where not too far from the tent that Agent Anderson was in talking to Hank. All of his agents and him already where wearing gas mask and tactical gear standing around not really knowing what to do. Simms was leaning against black SUV his m4 dangling around his side with his arms cross. Hearing his other agents in his ear piece he just shakes his head and then hears the explosion as like everyone in the are seem to duck quickly. Simms: "holy shit, it getting bad over there." Simms looks around and see agent Anderson running behind a firetruck and then a firefighter suddenly appears a few seconds later. Simms: "Hey guys" The agents move over to Simms. He hands his m4 over to one of the agents and also his bullet proof vest. Simms: "Im going to get closer and see what I can do you guys stay frosty and make sure everything is under control, DO NOT let that white mask guy any where close to here, look for cameras he likes to watch. keep me updates. The agents all nod. Simms takes off into the direction where he saw Anderson do her clothing switch. He too would put on the fire suit. a tank of oxygen and change out his mask for a firefighters mask. Simms would also place his glock behind his back. He then grabs a pick or poker stick and see that everyone is running towards the fire. Simms would follow from behind and try to find out where agent Anderson went so he could follow her, since she knows more about the the man in the white mask then anyone else on this island. ((Awesome I don't know what to expect next but this should be fun. whoever wants to go next the ball is in your court))